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Business Strategy Lessons from Mad Men

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Set in 1960’s New York City, AMC’s Mad Men features Sterling Cooper, a fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue, while detailing the everyday lives of its members at work and at home.

M&A deals – benefits and drawbacks

Tom Spencer

Many consulting, corporate strategy, and corporate development roles require the interviewee to go through an M&A case study. Depending on the firm and specific role this case could be very strategic and operational like doing a market entry/growth-type case or very technical (i.e.

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We REALLY Need to Stop Talking About Lean

Markovitz Consulting

Lean advocates—and I consider myself one—might do better if they stop talking about lean. Let’s face it: When executives and workers hear “lean,” not a lot of good happens. They think it’s yet another short-term management fad. Or a cost-cutting program that will lead to layoffs. Or some Japanese thing that only works for car manufacturers. But when you look at many of the tools and concepts from the lean playbook, they’re really just good management that any leader would want to embrace.

The mythology of the consultant

The Source

Suppose I were to tell you that there were a group of professionals out there who spent every working day travelling to clients and proselytizing the gospel of innovation and transformation.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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How Your Consulting Firm Should Deal with Clients that Cross the Line

David A Fields

When you, your consulting team and your client all stay on task and positive, consulting is a fun, challenging and rewarding profession. When consulting work veers off the rails, though, how should you respond? Lines are confusing. Let’s say you want to engage in outreach to your prospects.

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Breaking down the M&A Case Study

Tom Spencer

M&A case framework. Now that you have a high-level understanding of why companies buy each other in the first place (refer to M&A deals – benefits and drawbacks ), let’s discuss the framework you should use to analyze the transaction.

Power Outages and Mindsets

The More Clients Blog

Here I am sitting in my 54-degree frigid office, typing with numb fingers. . The power has been out since Saturday evening and we’re not sure when it will be restored.

The role of thought leadership in the client-consultant relationship cycle

The Source

Not the pithiest of titles, we grant you, but bear with us. Research we did a couple of years ago with marketers in consulting firms and the partners they worked with highlighted two areas of agreement between these groups.

The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs


The CEO’s job is as difficult as it is important. Here is a guide to how the best CEOs think and act. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

How Understanding the Employee Brain Will Make You a Better Leader - Interview with Josh Schneider

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast , we were joined by Josh Schneider , Director at the Millennial and Employment Engagement Institute.

Your report meets spec … here’s why that’s a problem

Rod Burkert

Greetings from Big Bend, Texas. The RV is parked for the winter as another travel season (our 10 th ) has come to a close. In case you missed last week: Why you should charge a price that scares you – and then add 20%.

Stop leaking leads

Kai Davis

The other day I realized I didn’t have a Standard Operating Procedure for “A Lead Appeared In Your Inbox, Kai!” ” I immediately went to work to remedy this oversight and stop leaking leads. Lead intake can be challenging and confusing.

158: Peggy Smedley—What Lies Ahead For The Construction Industry?

On the Brink Podcast

Hear how blockchain, IoT and big data are transforming our world ! This spring, I was a guest on Peggy Smedley’s ConstructechTV , a highly influential TV show about technology, blockchain and the construction industry.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

The Perceived Detour

Sometimes life throws us an obstacle. In the moment, most people’s reaction (mine included) is to get irritated at the obstacle and at the detours needed to overcome it. To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, looking back, all the “detours” (my word choice, not his) make sense in hindsight, even if they don’t in the moment. Through the arc of my career to date, I’ve come to appreciate the truth and wisdom in this sentiment.

The Business Roundtable Creates a Snit Attack

Martinka Consulting

The Wall Street Journal (and I’m sure others) sure had a snit attack last week after the Business Roundtable came out with their latest report saying companies shouldn’t emphasize shareholder return over taking care of employees, customers, suppliers, and community. Taking care of people sounds like a good subject for Labor Day week. And what the Roundtable is suggesting sure sounds like the Costco model.

Improve Your Rankings With New Google Search Algorithm

Henry DeVries

If you are an expert who wants to attract more high-paying clients, increase your credibility by following these tips


Navigating the EU rail-market liberalization


The European Union’s liberalization of the commercial long-distance passenger-rail market will have sizable impact for both operators and investors, potentially benefiting the entire rail industry. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

McKinsey International Offers

The following success stories come from readers who have successfully landed offers with international McKinsey firms. I hope that you can gain some insight from their stories if you are in a similar situation. Success Story: I want to thank you for your help. I did get an incredible job at a McKinsey subsidiary which specializes in one industry in particular, and finally got extended a job offer. My University is a "target school" in Mexico, so I got visits from all MBB.

Did the Houston Astros do the right thing, the wrong thing, or both?

Martinka Consulting

A female reporter with Sports Illustrated reported about how the Astros assistant general manager directed loud and profane comments towards female reporters in praise of an Astros pitcher whom they had recently acquired after he was on suspension for a domestic violence issue. When confronted on this the team first fought it.

The Manager Employee Retention Myth

LSA Global

The Manager Employee Retention Myth about Managers’ Importance. We’ve all heard it – the claim that disengaged employees leave managers, not organizations. But it turns out, this long-held conviction originally started by Gallup is only partially true.

The future of insurance claims


Four McKinsey partners describe their Claims 2030 vision. Insights on Financial Services

Having Flexibility in Case Interviews

Note: My current comments are included below in [ Brackets ] so you can see my latest thoughts, given how this entire conversation evolved. Reader's Email #1: I have been practicing cases for management consulting case interviews for more than a month using your videos and on your Look Over My Shoulder ® program. [ I received this email nearly a month ago, so in total this person has been practicing for nearly two months before the final round interview. there is a lesson here. ].

Trade, Markets, Tariffs, and Socialism (and Confusion)

Martinka Consulting

Could you run your business the same way matters are pointed out in the articles mentioned below? Three interesting headlines from over the past few months baffle me as to what’s going on and let me know why there’s so much confusion in the marketplace. France Teaches a Lesson in Free Markets (Wall Street Journal) Charles Koch: Tariffs a ‘Cancer,’ Could Lead to Socialism (Newsmax) The Trade War’s Winners Don’t Include Us (Wall Street Journal).

How to Better Handle Missed Deadlines as a New Manager

LSA Global

How to Better Handle Missed Deadlines. Our recent new manager training research found that deadlines are one of the biggest sources of frustration, stress, and conflict for team leaders.

Ensuring resilience and the strategic imperative: A conversation with Kevin Laczkowski


A strategic transformation that focuses on resilience will allow a company to adapt to changing economic scenarios. Transformation Insights

LEK Interview Cover Letter

Email: You might not remember me, but I must say I owe a big deal to you. Close to a year ago, I was unsuccessful with my applications for internships with consulting firms, getting only one interview and failing that too. That was when I came across your site and sent you an email on how I should write my cover letter, which you kindly replied to as well. As the full time recruitment season in Autumn 2010 approached, I returned to your site and subscribed to your mailing list too.

Communicating Well in Spite of a Difference in Opinion

Rick Conlow

Today it appears that your opinion on whatever subject, it’s either black or white and no in-between. Many of us feel compelled to tell everybody how right we are in our views. Consequently, a difference in opinion is less and less tolerated. Have you noticed that?

eBook 52

How To Leverage CRM To Find High-Paying Clients

Henry DeVries

Finding, building and managing relationships with your prospects and key referral sources requires effort