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How to avoid being blacklisted from consulting (or any other) recruiting

Tom Spencer

As with most other competitive professions, breaking into consulting roles has a lot to do with networking. Unfortunately, candidates get one chance to make a first impression. Meeting people early before you are polished will end up burning a lot of bridges.

How to Make Your Marketing More Proactive

The More Clients Blog

Several years ago, I was meeting a participant in one of my group programs. We were discussing his speaking plan. Jeff, I’m glad to hear that you’re getting speaking engagements and that people are enjoying your talks. But what are you doing with the cards you collect after the presentation?”.

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How to Listen Effectively and Positively

Rick Conlow

Good communicators listen effectively. Leaders that really listen, lead better. When you listen well it projects care, concern and empathy. As a result, it helps people you relate to feel valued and important. Whether you are a manager or not, listening is the golden key to effective communication.

It’s Not Value. The Real Reason Consulting Prospects Act

David A Fields

Value. It’s the beating heart of the work your consulting firm produces for your clients, and it’s the reason you win consulting projects. Therefore, offering more value, along with chocolate-glazed pastries will enable you to secure bigger projects faster, right? Wrong.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Building A High-Performance Consulting Team with Jeff Hahn: Podcast #105

Consulting Success

Consulting is a job for the strong and organized, especially when it comes to dealing with multiple companies. Jeff Hahn, the founding partner of Apron Food PR, shares why he decided to go out on his own and start his own consulting business. He talks about how he was able to pull off leading and.

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The global case for customer experience in government


The latest research shows: when government agencies offer a better customer experience, they deliver measurable impact across multiple priorities. Public-sector leaders should pick their spots and be bold. Public Sector Insights

Product Roadmap Explained

Tom Spencer

A roadmap streamlines business goals into strategic and executable paths. In the context of project management, a roadmap can span across multiple timelines for continuous product development. Why do you need a product roadmap?

Observing the Law

Alan Weiss

The lawyers have a saying about the courtroom: Never ask a witness a question for which you don’t already know the answer. When you walk into a prospective buyer’s office, there are only six things that are usually said first (e.g., “What can I do for you?”

Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips

Management Consulted

Technological advancements have touched every aspect of modern business, and consulting recruiting is no exception. To consulting firms, face-to-face interviews are always the best way to make a final decision on a candidate. However, in first rounds, there is a … Continue Reading. The post Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips appeared first on Management Consulted.

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

Speak softly, make tough decisions: An interview with Alibaba Group chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang


The chairman and CEO of China’s e-commerce giant describes Alibaba’s approach to innovation and how he balances analytics and instinct to push himself to spot hidden opportunities. China

Groups 112

The Culture of Elitism

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cult/culture of elitism. The entire premise of elitism is hierarchy. Those who are “elite" are presumed to be better than those that are not. Those who aren’t “elite” often feel "less than” their counterparts. An Ivy League degree makes you more elite. A larger bank account makes you more elite. A more successful career makes you more elite. In my high school, college, and early career years, I very much bought into this belief system.

Can People And Businesses Really, Truly Change? Yes! Here's How

Simon Associates

Change is all around us but few of us really know how to change.especially when it means adopting new ways of doing things. Our brains hate change. It's literally pain! So why do it? Because we must. The times demand it.

Consultant Website Breakdown #2: Ascent Consulting

Tsavo Neal

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Consultant Website Breakdown. In this episode, we’re looking at a consulting firm that works with construction companies, Ascent Consulting. Their website combines solid positioning with powerful content and lead-generation focused design. Overview – Ascent Consulting. Ascent Consulting provides consulting services specifically to construction companies. As soon as I saw their website, it was clear to me that they had dialed in their marketing strategy.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Securing software as a service


Here is how SaaS providers can meet the security needs of their enterprise customers. Risk Insights

What I've Learned About Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

strategy vision

Going for A Drive

Alan Weiss

There are close to 50 production cars (not multi-million dollar limited run cars) on sale in the US today that cost a minimum of $100,000, from a low of some SUVs to the high of a Rolls Royce. You can see most of them on the road every day.

ROI 56

Demographic vs. Situational Gravitas

When I was Stanford, I took a sociology class focused on the topic of status. It was fascinating. The big lesson learned from that class is your social status determines a large part of your influence. Things like ethnicity, gender, height, and educational achievement determine how others perceive the validity of your ideas. For example, if you take two identical resumes -- one with an obviously man’s name versus one with an obviously woman’s name, the man will get more interview invitations.

How dual-career couples find fulfillment at work


When both you and your partner have demanding jobs, it’s challenging to strike the right work–life balance. Can companies help dual-career couples juggle it all? Insights on Organization

Technology is Your Organization's Superpower-Podcast with Jeff Gothelf

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

In this episode of our Strategy & Leadership Podcast , we were joined by Jeff Gothelf, author of Sense and Respond. Jeff was a software designer for over 10 years, before eventually shifting his focus to providing value to customers by redefining the way design is integrated into software.

How Can We Help Each Other?

Alan Weiss

When you walk in through the office door and you don’t consider yourself a peer of the buyer sitting in that office, you’re not going to walk out through that door with the business you deserve. You’re not in this profession to “sell” services.

Damn. Fine?

Kai Davis

If you’re looking to get a reply to your emails (to a leads, client, etc.) then include instructions on what to do next. Don’t just ask, “What are your thoughts?” and wait by the inbox.

Preparing young leaders for the future of work: An interview with Wendy Kopp


“If we want kids to have meaningful careers, what educational outcomes do we need to work toward?” asks Wendy Kopp, CEO and cofounder of Teach For All and founder of Teach For America. Future of Work

Case Interview Math

Case Interview Math is about analyzing data to help you create an informed recommendation to solve a case. You probably already know how to multiply, add, subtract, divide, and understand the concept of percentages. But, you need to understand what the math and the results mean.

Stress less

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: The post Stress less appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Manage yourself

Intentional Eventing

Kai Davis

Conferences and events suck for the most part. You’re tired, in a strange spot, meeting new people every day, and the coffee tastes like crap. It’s easy to move through an event (conference, meet-up, event, intentional gathering of likeminded individuals, whatever) on autopilot.

Global refining: Profiting in a downstream downturn


Amid long-term margin declines in the global refining market, players must move quickly to adjust their portfolio strategies. Oil & Gas Insights

Nervousness vs. Confidence in Case Interviews

Question: Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year! I have purchased the LOMS program, and I must thank you, for the videos have been immensely useful. I had a query and needed your help on that. I have been practising case interviews for over two months now, however, I always get a little tense when I am doing the cases. I actually made it to the final round with a top consulting firm but was told that I came across as a little nervous and was rejected.

The Four Social Media Horsemen Of The Scarcity Apocalypse

Henry DeVries

Are you falling into the social media comparison trap? In her research, marketing professor Kelly Goldsmith examines people’s responses to uncertainty and scarcity, uncovering and explaining seemingly paradoxical effects