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Consulting Survival Guide

Tom Spencer

Congratulations! You’ve passed your interviews and you’re now a consultant. However, while you may have momentarily rejoiced and thought “I’ve made it!”, you probably quickly came to the realization that this is just the beginning. Being a consultant is a constant challenge and struggle.

Top 5 Most Actionable KPIs for the Growing Consulting Firm

Management and IT Consulting

Growth is likely one of your consulting firm’s priorities, through either acquisition, new services, repeat clients, and/or expanded projects. But what KPIs will help you determine and carry out the best growth tactics

A New Method for Handling Uncertainty in Group Decision-Making


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8 Weeks to Get Juiced – A Better Strategic Planning Process for Consulting Firms

David A Fields

If you develop an annual plan for your consulting firm, there’s a decent chance you sit down with your senior team and/or advisors for a day or two to hammer out your objectives, strategies and tactics. (If

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

The helix organization


Separating people-leadership tasks from day-to-day business leadership can help organizations strike a better balance between centralization and decentralization, reduce complexity, and embrace agility. Insights on Organization

Agile 114

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Imagination is Actually Magic. Seriously.

The More Clients Blog

What would be real magic? Making something instantly appear out of nowhere. Or disappear. And we know, according to proven scientific principles, we cannot transcend the physical laws of the universe. We can’t turn the moon into the sun with a wave of a wand and a spell. But we actually can.

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Here in the United States, we have an idiomatic expression that says to avoid “shooting yourself in the foot.”. If you’re holding a weapon in your hand, you want to avoid accidentally firing it and shooting yourself in the foot. While such an injury won’t kill you, it will most certainly be painful. More importantly, such an outcome is entirely preventable. The expression is a metaphor for not being an obstacle to your own forward progress.

Framing reinvention: What disruptive change means for business, society, and you


Global managing partner Kevin Sneader reflects on the challenges and opportunities that disruptive change presents for business leaders and society. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Outcome-based fees: Yet another reason why it’s hard to make them work in practice

The Source

Regular readers of this blog will know that there’s a disconnect between what clients and consultants say about outcome-based payment methods and what happens in practice. In essence: lots of talk distils down into a very small percentage of fees being genuinely at stake.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Precautionary Advice

Alan Weiss

A few things a client or prospect should never hear or see: • A web page that says “site under construction.” ” • A voice mailbox that says the mailbox is full and you cannot leave a message. •

Time to Reject Stereotypes Associated With Aging In Marketing

Henry DeVries

Are we in marketing guilty of being ageist? Two out of three old people say yes

Financial crime and fraud in the age of cybersecurity


As cybersecurity threats compound the risks of financial crime and fraud, institutions are crossing functional boundaries to enable collaborative resistance. Risk Insights

The One Trait that Turns Setbacks into Comebacks

Rick Conlow

We all face setbacks, stress and difficulties in life. A friend of our family returned home early from a business trip one weekend, and found his spouse in bed with another man. Consequently, he was stunned, and eventually got a divorce.

Little Things

Alan Weiss

My recent trip to Malta and Croatia reemphasized some customer service points. The server would ask if I wanted warm milk with my coffee. Why on earth would you put cold milk in hot coffee? The servers brought the credit card machine to the table, so that my card never left my possession or sight.

How do you start your workday?

Kai Davis

After a decade in the consulting mines, I’ve found that, for me, the best way to start work is to have a standard process to follow. Here’s my Start of Business Day Procedure. There are many like it. This one is mine. Get a glass and fill it with lemon water. Stay hydrated.

Realizing the value of your merger with the right operating model


Substantial changes to an operating model are often necessary to achieve an organization’s strategic objectives and deliver the promised value of a merger. Making these changes requires a thoughtful, leader-driven process to navigate the unique constraints and risks of the endeavor.

Inspiring Display

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: This is an inspiring display. Sometimes you need to just see some beautiful synchronised. The post Inspiring Display appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

Are our BVFLS organizations failing us? Or are we failing them?

Rod Burkert

In case you missed last week: Why can’t we copy Jim Hitchner? riffs on Jim’s success from augmenting his traditional 1:1 BVFLS client service valuation practice with 1:many BVFLS user products (like his newsletters and webinars). And even if you didn’t miss this last week, it’s worth another read.

Building Consensus in Professional Services

Prudent Pedal

If you find yourself in a partner meeting having achieved consensus on a strategic choice without blood and guts having been spilled on the conference table, then you have probably not made a strategic choice. Professional services firms don’t build consensus any other way. Here’s why.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, September 2019: McKinsey Global Survey results


Respondents’ views are subdued on the current state of the global economy, and on their home economies in the months ahead. Trade conflicts and trade-policy changes remain the most commonly cited threats to growth. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Establishing an Organization Design Transformation Office

Kates Kesler

Our clients typically don’t run in to issues completing the design phase of their organization transformation. At the start … Blog Design Process


How To Think Like A Thought Leader

Henry DeVries

When you become a thought leader you are a recognized authority whose expertise is sought out. If you want to attract high-paying clients, then it pays to become a thought leader

Enable for Collaboration in Training Programs

Gina Abudi

A Mini Case Study. Enabling for collaboration in training programs enables for increased interactions between participants and the facilitator and increased opportunities for learning.

Technology-enabled procurement for chemical companies


They recognize the importance of strong purchasing capabilities, but few have transformed the function into a source of real strategic advantage. Digital and analytics can help. Chemicals Insights

Growing A Solo Consulting Business with Tom Critchlow: Podcast #108

Consulting Success

Working solo can work wonders, especially if you know how to maneuver your tasks with precision coupled with the right actions.

How to Set Up Your Team for Success

LSA Global

Do You Know How to Set Up Your Team for Success? Teams of people, not individuals, most often drive results in companies these days. Teams that fail often lack clear direction, are unable to manage conflict, and have misaligned incentive systems.

Leadership Styles: Are You an Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert?

Peter Stark

When we think about leadership, the general perception is that extroverted leaders have traditionally been projected as having an advantage.

Focusing on culture to drive growth


Embracing a growth mind-set and working with customers to develop innovative new products has been the recipe for growth at Amcor. Marketing & Sales Insights

Why you should integrate personal development with professional practice

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the podcast, we're talking with Steph Wahlund about the importance of practicing the language and philosophy of Strengths and elements from our Team Engagement Series in all contexts of life.