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One is the loneliest number


Put an end to the costly workplace isolation experienced by many women by clustering them on teams and improving the promotion process. Gender Equality


How to Tell When It's Quittin' Time


There are almost 60 ways an employee can signal that he or she is thinking about quitting, a new study finds. But by learning the behavioral patterns of employees in both good times and bad, managers can pinpoint -- and potentially deter -- employees who may be thinking of departing

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How to Unlock Your Team’s Creativity

Harvard Business

Encourage a growth mindset. Leading teams Creativity Digital Article

These 5 Reports Will Help Your Consulting Firm Succeed

David A Fields

Since you’re a consultant, chances are you’ve produced a report or two. In fact your consulting firm may dazzle your clients with artfully designed presentations and printouts, chock-a-block with clever analyses, pithy insights, and/or progress updates.

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Amazon package = supply chain

Consultants Mind

So I am very Amazon. My first order from the website was in 1998 – yes, it was this book (affiliate link) Have 2 Echos, 1 Echo dot. Yes, I own AMZN shares. So yesterday, as I was working from home, heard the doorbell / thud outside the door, saw the Echo light up with a yellow […].

Moving From Agency Work To Starting Your Own Consulting Business with Douglas Miller: Podcast #72

Consulting Success

Transitions and changes can be challenging at times. It may be a little bit rockier for a short period, but the sooner that you make that transition toward the better, the sooner that you will reap the rewards.

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The ethics of artificial intelligence


In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with MGI partner Michael Chui and McKinsey partner Chris Wigley about how companies can ethically deploy artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence

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SOW: How detailed?

Consultants Mind

The post SOW: How detailed? appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consulting Clients

Distinction Is Your Consulting Advantage with Scott McKain: Podcast #71

Consulting Success

Any successful business has one thing and that is they stand out from the crowd. To put a better word, they are distinct. Diving in deep into why a distinction is your next consulting advantage is Scott McKain.

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 4)

Markovitz Consulting

“Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good. But when it comes to internal operations at least, disruption is often both bad for business and for employees, because it causes unevenness in work.

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How a healthcare company is pursuing agile transformation


Roche’s head of talent innovation discusses her company’s global leadership initiative. Insights on Organization

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How To Become A Consultant From A Legal Background

Management Consulted

How to become a consultant from a legal background – our explainer video – will show those who have been in the legal field (either in law school or as a full-time lawyer) how to transition to management consulting. There … Continue Reading. The post How To Become A Consultant From A Legal Background appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting recruiting legal consulting

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The seven habits of highly effective professional firms

The Source

Thirty years ago, Stephen Covey published a book that went on to be—and remains—an international bestseller.


The Fearless Marketer. A New Focus.

The More Clients Blog

After 20 years of sending out my weekly, eZine, More Clients, I’m making a big change. It’s still a weekly eZine about marketing your professional services, but with a new name and focus. The focus will be on what I call Fearless Marketing. But what exactly do I mean by that? Fearlessness is not an attitude, a feeling, or an action. Fearlessness is who you are. You were born fearless, that is, without fears. You were born aware, here, now, and open to whatever came to you.

Discussions in digital: Coping with the new normal between marketers and marketing agencies


Changing consumer behaviors and the ever-shifting digital frontier are demanding new marketing capabilities and new ways of working with agencies. Marketing & Sales Insights

Who Are Your Company's Keystone Employees?


Your organization, much like a natural ecosystem, relies on a complex web of interrelationships to survive and thrive. And just as in nature, there are a handful of keystone workers who facilitate those relationships. To find your keystone employees, look beyond titles and paystubs, and consider who fosters the most significant interactions between your stakeholders

Risk Exposure vs. “Good” Outcomes

If you jump off the roof of your house and survive uninjured, was that a good decision? Or phrased more appropriately, was it a risk-free decision? Intuition would tell you that you were exposed to risk, even if you didn’t get hurt. I first learned about risk from McKinsey’s Financial Institutions practice. I spent a lot of time in risk-management-based businesses such as insurance, re-insurnace (the insurance companies used by insurance companies), and subprime lending.

This simple hack will make your phone’s hotspot a hot spot for your practice

Rod Burkert

I hope our last conversation caused you to reduce or remove the number of BVLFS services you say you can do from your website. Because no one believes we can do it all.

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Developing Africa for the next horizon of growth


Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank, discusses the potential for agricultural industrialization, energy inclusion, and infrastructure upgrade to drive prosperity growth. Middle East and Africa

Understanding Strengths Within the Context of Marriage

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the Leadership Vision Podcast, Sara Schlipp-Riedel and Nathan Freeburg discuss how to utilize Strengths in the context of marriage. They share examples from their own marriages about how they utilize the language and philosophy of Strengths to better understand their partners.

When Selling, Ask Questions, Rank Your Prospects … and Listen!

Emerson Consulting Group

By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his column on Money Inc. Asking questions is critical to succeeding in selling your product or service or your business in general. Too often otherwise good sales reps fail because they just haven’t learned to stop talking and start listening. They want so much to tell a prospect everything they can possibly think of about their fabulous product or service that they refuse to let their prospect get a word in edgewise. This is many times a fatal mistake.

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6 Ways to Change Your Organisation: A Menu of Choices

Confessions of a Consultant

“Without the spur of a crisis or a period of great stress, most organisations — like most people — are incapable of changing” John F. McDonnell. In a recent project, we worked with an executive team to develop a range of ‘future options’ for their manufacturing business. There were a number of constraints… Simple Roadmap : The project had both organisation and HR elements, including strategy creation, revising the structure, recruitment impacts and so on.

Ten trends for the fashion industry to watch in 2019


What issues matter for brands and retailers most in the coming months? Retail Insights

Time To Declutter Marketing That Doesn't Spark Joy Per Marie Kondo

Henry DeVries

Is it time to apply the Japanese art of tidying up to your marketing? My advice is to take Marie Kondo’s declutter-the-home approach and go through your marketing tools and tactics. What sparks joy in you should be kept, and what does not spark joy in you should be thrown out

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Using Nudging to Change Workplace Behaviors

LSA Global

Nudging to Change Workplace Behaviors. The idea of nudging to change workplace behaviors has been gathering steam.

How to make a compelling case

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Here are some essential communication skills for making a compelling case. You probably spend a large chunk of your life getting others to things for you. Persuading your boss to give you time off.

The Western Union Way of digital transformation


Western Union uses a central team to build new capabilities across the business. Digital Insights


10 Strategies to Increase Retention and Engagement

Peter Stark

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only two ways your employees can leave an organization. Sometimes it is physically, as in moving on to a competitor, which is manageable; at least you know the employee is no longer on your team.

4 Tips to Keep Your Team Engaged

LSA Global

Keep Your Team Engaged. Engaged teams advocate for their companies, outperform their disengaged peers , and intend to stay for the long term.

Time To Seek Out Criticism As A Marketing Strategy

Henry DeVries

The path to retaining high-paying clients is seeking out criticism and doing something about it

Ten trends shaping the Internet of Things business landscape


Experience working on the Internet of Things indicates where the value lies. Digital Insights

What PwC Learned from Its Policy of Flexible Work for Everyone

Harvard Business

Working parents aren’t the only ones who need flex time. Personnel policies Organizational culture Work-life balance Digital Article

Top 4 Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

LSA Global

Top 4 Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid – Complex Sales Can Be Complicated. In some respects, selling solutions is pretty basic. You have a product or solution; you find a likely prospect that appreciates your offering; you add value; and you negotiate the deal.

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Selling Services To Sophisticated Clientele

Henry DeVries

“Sophisticated prospects make a series of decisions in buying services, but the first decision is to buy from those who can solve problems,” says business development thought leader Scott Love