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The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

The whole year is open for your consulting firm to accelerate to new heights of success. Twelve full months of opportunity. How can you make the most of them? The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm 10.

For 2019, set an IMPACT goal, not an INCOME goal

Rod Burkert

Ahhh … the smell of a New Year … 365 days of nothing but possibilities in front of us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the way I start a new year profoundly influences the way I’ll end it … so I am approaching 2019 with a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Scoring under Pressure


Strategies for taking penalty kicks in soccer can provide helpful lessons for high-pressure business situations, too

How can the private and public sectors work together to create smart cities?


Smart-city experts share examples of successful public–private partnerships from around the world. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

2019 Consulting Salary Report Teaser

Management Consulted

The 2019 Consulting Salary Report is almost out! The Management Consulted report on management consulting salaries is one of the most highly anticipated and widely read articles of the entire year. Our report is the most thorough analysis of … Continue Reading. The post 2019 Consulting Salary Report Teaser appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting salaries

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How to Get Your Articles to Millions of Readers

The More Clients Blog

A couple weeks ago I did an interview with an independent professional that just might rock your marketing world. Her name is Teresa Riccobuono and she’s a business consultant and coach for financial advisors. When she explained one of her marketing strategies, I thought, “Wow, you really cracked the code on this!”. It’s very simple: Whenever she writes a newsletter article, she offers something free that people can request from her and that she can send back via email.

Zero-based budgeting gets a second look


Digitization is breathing new life into a ground-up budgeting approach that debuted in the 1960s. Here’s how CFOs and other business leaders can make it work in their own organizations. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Favorite 5 Consulting Articles of 2018

Management Consulted

Thank you for continuing to make Management Consulted the world’s most read website on all things consulting. This past year, millions of you came to us for consulting interview help, insight on the consulting industry, consulting travel tips, and more. … Continue Reading. The post Favorite 5 Consulting Articles of 2018 appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting news management consulting

Travel 100

How To Talk Your Way Out Of A Traffic Ticket

Henry DeVries

Here is a magical marketing secret with the side benefit of saving you money on traffic tickets. In marketing you often need the cooperation of others to get what you want. The path to attracting high-paying clients is paved with the cooperation of others

Understanding The Link Between Fear And Courage (re-broadcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

We’re taking a short break from new episodes of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths.

Fighting back against synthetic identity fraud


Digging deep into the data trails people leave behind can help banks detect whether their customers are real or not and stem losses from this fast-growing financial crime. Risk Insights

How to Not Lose Your Company’s Culture During Change

LSA Global

Is It Possible to Lose Your Company’s Culture During Change? Unfortunately, it is possible to lose your company’s culture during change. We define company culture as the way things truly get done in a company. It can be measured by the way employees think, behave and work on a daily basis.

The #1 Skill Leaders Need To Thrive in 2019

Cheryl Cran

Want to know the #1 skill leaders need to thrive in 2019? The future of work waits for no one and leaders must be constantly upgrading his or her leadership skills. A recent PWC report states that leaders must be able to lead in this mobility era. The mobility era is one of global workers, […].

The top 5%

Seth Godin Blog

In every field, extraordinary benefits go to those seen as being in the top five percent. One out of twenty. Sure, the biggest prizes go to the once-in-a-generation superstar. But that’s largely out of reach. It turns out, though, that if you’re thoughtful and diligent, the top 5% is attainable. The approach is to pick the right set to be part of. Not, “top 5% of all surgeons,” but perhaps, “top 5% of thoracic surgeons in Minnesota.” ” Be specific.

Make working capital work harder for you


Companies can unlock value by managing working capital more effectively. Top performers are transforming the cash-conversion culture across the organization and implementing advanced digital-analytics solutions. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Target Customer

LSA Global

Find and Keep Your Ideal Target Customer and Why It Matters. We define ideal target customers as those who will profitably, happily, and consistently buy from you the majority of the time.

Launch a Mentoring Program in 2019

Gina Abudi

Use a Mentoring Program to Engage Employees and Help them to Achieve Organizational Goals. Mentoring programs are a great tool to engage employees. Plus, they provide a number of benefits to the organization overall. From an organizational perspective, mentoring programs enable for: Attracting and retaining top talent Meeting long-term organizational goals Sharing of knowledge and [.]. The post Launch a Mentoring Program in 2019 appeared first on Gina Abudi. Human Resource

Hilbert’s list

Seth Godin Blog

In 1900, David Hilbert published a list of 23 problems that he proposed would be the important ones for mathematicians to solve in the upcoming century. That list led to a focused effort that lasted a century, and the vast majority of the problems have been fully or partially solved. Ignoramus et ignorabimus is a foolish statement. We can know, and one day, we will. Technology (the technology of connection, of devices and of knowledge) can create a surplus.

Artificial-intelligence hardware: New opportunities for semiconductor companies


Artificial intelligence is opening the best opportunities for semiconductor companies in decades. How can they capture this value? Insights on Semiconductors

Scoring under Pressure


Strategies for taking penalty kicks in soccer can provide helpful lessons for high-pressure business situations, too

Why Don’t Boards Understand Culture?

Henman Performance Executive Blog

Board directors tend to underestimate the importance of corporate culture when they should see it as among their top governance imperatives. Culture is inextricably linked with strategy and risk, and it can be an organization’s biggest asset or its greatest liability. Yet, recent studies indicate that more than 80% of directors don’t have a firm […]. The post Why Don’t Boards Understand Culture? appeared first on Henman Performance Group

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What is marketing?

Seth Godin Blog

If you need to persuade someone to take action, you’re doing marketing. If you’re looking for votes at the city council meeting, or looking for a promotion, you’re marketing. If you’re writing copy on your website, taking a selfie for your social media profile or trying to talk your way out of a speeding ticket, you’re marketing. Marketing goes way beyond advertising, email pitches or the way you do pricing.

AI for human development


While AI has considerable potential to serve the public good, key bottlenecks from education to risk reduction must be overcome, writes Michael Chui in Project Syndicate. MGI in the News

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Up Your Leadership Game in 2019

Peter Stark

As we embark on a new year, most leaders are busy thinking about organizational goals; but does your list include leadership goals? Our goal at Peter Barron Stark Companies is to help you up your game as a leader in 2019. We encourage you to be intentional about adding the following leadership resolutions to your list to maximize your leadership potential and take your influence to new heights in the new year. Serve more. Recognize that your employees don’t work for you, you work for them.

How the future of work may unfold: A corporate demand-side perspective


Ultimately, the effect on employment will depend on whether companies choose to use current forms of AI for innovation or pure automation, and whether they foresee a return from it, writes Jacques Bughin in VOX EU. MGI in the News

Testing the resilience of Europe’s inclusive growth model


Keeping the essence of Europe’s current inclusive growth model does not preclude it from adapting its current social contracts to protect its citizens, whatever the disruptions that lie ahead, write Jacques Bughin and Christopher Pissarides in VOX EU. MGI in the News


Could China turn inward?


Although tensions between the US and China remain high and they may be tempted to turn inward, there are five reasons why they would be wise not to, write Jeongmin Seong and Jonathan Woetzel in Project Syndicate. MGI in the News



Seth Godin Blog

Two dangerous uses of social media: To find out what other people are saying about you behind your back. To follow people you don’t particularly like, just to hope that they’ll mess up all over again. The thing is, people have been talking about you behind your back your entire life. Hearing what they’re saying isn’t helpful. And coming up with new ways to think less of others isn’t particularly useful either

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Installing the stupid filter

Seth Godin Blog

I’ve never once had a meeting at 3 am. Not once. My iCal is apparently unaware of this. If I type “3” into the time box on my calendar, it blithely defaults to “am” A woman left a tip of more than $5,000 at a kebab shop in Switzerland, because she typed her PIN (5650) when the little card reader was asking her for her tip instead. Of course, she had never left a tip approaching this amount before, but the device was missing a stupid filter. “Are you sure?”

You can’t outtrain a bad diet

Seth Godin Blog

It’s way easier to eat lousy food than it is to exercise it off. Your effort is undermined by your inputs. And the same thing is true for corporate culture. You can work as hard as you like to create expectations and policies. But the people you begin with–their dreams, their narratives and their habits–are difficult to transform. Successful projects and organizations require more than good intent. They require inputs from committed people who are going where you’re going.