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Top Ten 2020 Consultant Marketing Trend Predictions

Henry DeVries

If you are a consultant who wants to attract more-paying clients in 2020, what are the top ten trends you should have on your radar

What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity

Harvard Business

Don’t let the weight of your job squash your sense of self. Work-life balance Stress Digital Article


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The Amazing Fable of Bubble City

The More Clients Blog

There once was a magnificent city named Bubble City. It was a wonderful place. Everybody knew everyone else. And all its inhabitants felt familiar and safe. It was a bustling city full of life, energy, and businesses that met their every need.

Stronger for longer: How top performers thrive through downturns


Resilient companies enjoy gains that last long after an economic crisis has passed. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Three Important Buy-Sell Lessons

Martinka Consulting

This is something I sent to our clients recently and realized it has good lessons for all. I’ve been involved in a real estate buy-sell transaction as over the last 18 months we’ve been trying to sell our family cabin in the Midwest. In this part of the country it is not a red-hot real estate market, with only one exception and the exception is places on a chain of lakes, which our place is not. Bottom line, it’s been slow.

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Your Consulting Firm’s Most Important Gifts

David A Fields

Millions of people give gifts on the day of this article’s publication. Forget the millions of people, though. You know who’s really interesting?

Precision fisheries: Navigating a sea of troubles with advanced analytics


Advanced analytics may help struggling fisheries thrive while simultaneously protecting endangered ocean resources. Agriculture Insights

How to Transform Positive Thinking into Positive Living

Rick Conlow

Life has the habit of wearing us down. Positive living is hard to do. Will positive thinking really help us in defeat? Rejection? Frustration? Setbacks? Illness? Or, critics? Unfortunately, we all are confronted with these kinds of challenges in life. It’s part of the human condition.

How to Get More Client Referrals Like A Pro

Henry DeVries

You should want to be at your best when it comes to referrals. For attracting high-paying clients, referrals are a critical part of the game. Are you getting coaching and practicing your referral skills

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

Is Anyone Home?

Alan Weiss

People take some days off for the holidays, but they don’t go on sabbatical! If you decide to stop marketing for the month then stop wondering why your sales pipeline is dry during the first quarter of 2020. Alan’s Thought For Today Business of Consulting

Sales 52

Accelerating plastic recovery in the United States


Plastic waste is a critical issue of our time. Effecting change will require an integrated approach. Chemicals Insights

Signaling Effectively

I’ve always been fascinating by turn signals on cars. It’s such a simple thing. You make the left light blink on the rear of your car to signal to others your intention to change lanes or make a left turn. I’m fascinating by the dynamics around what happens when signals aren’t sent or when others don’t like your signal. In a traffic jam, signaling your intention to change lanes often causes adversarial drivers to close the gap, making it impossible for you to change lanes safely.

The Secret Sauce - Top 4 Consulting Firm Requirements for Success

Management and IT Consulting

60% of small to mid-sized firms cite “differentiating our firm from the competition” as a top priority, but how exactly is that accomplished? Read on to learn the secrets to how some firms are able to achieve more than 20% growth year over year

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

No Floundering Here; Only Great Insights

Martinka Consulting

On October 23 we had our 12 th annual Getting the Deal Done Breakfast Conference at the Bellevue Club. As always, our sponsors and expert panelists (beside myself) were PRK Law (Greg Russell), Hutchinson Walter (Marc Hutchinson), Columbia Bank (Bill Barclay, and Chinook Capital Advisors (John O’Dore). Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our ~175 attendees (I don’t have the exact count yet, but Jessica told me she counted three empty chairs).

How traditional companies can overcome legacy obstacles to business building


Supporting start-ups in a legacy business requires changes in both skill sets and mind-sets. Digital Insights

How Leaders Can Remove Barriers to Organizational Change

LSA Global

The Challenge of Organizational Change. Change management consultants have long sought to remove barriers to organizational change. With change a constant for most companies, flexible and agile organizations that can adapt to new challenges and new constraints will succeed in the long term.

Agile 36

Re-Release Applying Strengths to Family of Origin (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

This is a re-release episode where Brian Schubring and Nathan Freeburg talk about how to take our origin stories and frame them in ways that put them in their rightful place. To do this, we share five steps that will help us acknowledge the role our past has played in shaping our present and future.

Toward peace

Seth Godin Blog

Peace might not mean getting everyone else to do what you want them to do. Instead, it might involve understanding that people don’t always want what we want and don’t often believe what we believe. Everyone has their own narrative and is struggling with their own fears. We can begin there. Most of the time, people want to be seen, understood and appreciated. And if we can offer someone dignity, we give them a gift that’s difficult to find


Economic Conditions Snapshot, December 2019: McKinsey Global Survey results


Respondents’ views on the world economy and their countries’ conditions turn somewhat brighter. Trade tensions remain the most-cited threat to global growth, while social unrest climbs on the list of concerns. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

How One Person Can Change the Conscience of an Organization

Harvard Business

These four mindsets can help you transform the culture. Leadership & Managing people Motivating people Organizational culture Digital Article

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tom Spencer

Wishing you a happy holiday season! Thank you for being a reader of the Consulting Blog. We look forward to sharing with you more insights on consulting, strategy, and innovation during 2020. Christmas is a time of year to eat, drink, and be merry! Hopefully you will be able to take a break from your busy life, and spend a bit of quality time with friends and family.

Is optimal the point?

Seth Godin Blog

As soon as competitive people start to measure something, there’s pressure to make it better. And once better reaches the maximum level, it’s optimal. But perhaps that’s not really the goal. What about resilient? Or perhaps we could value delightful, stressless or reliable instead. Optimal is ultimately sterile. It leaves no room for much of anything else, including joy


OFSE quarterly: Revenues slip, but margins show some gains


Here’s what you need to know about developments in the oilfield-services-and-equipment sector, which continued to face challenges in the third quarter of 2019. Oil & Gas Insights

How to Ensure Your Health Care Innovation Doesn’t Flop

Harvard Business

Aim for incremental improvements over breakthrough inventions. Innovation Healthcare Digital Article

Do Not Virtually Assist Me

Alan Weiss

I received an angry letter this morning from a “virtual assistant” who took umbrage (I must buy stock in umbrage, it’s used quite often) with my writing somewhere in one of my books (I write a lot of stuff) that virtual assistants are not necessary for independent consultants and can even be a negative.

The real scam of ‘influencer’

Seth Godin Blog

Is popular the same as good? Is popular possible? Is popular your goal? There are tens of thousands of humans spending their days trying to be popular on Instagram, buying outfits, wearing hats and seeking their version of cute. People from all backgrounds and genders, hoping to be the next Kardashian. Facebook is filled with anonymous bots seeking to be popular. The highest-paid YouTuber this year was an 8-year old kid.

Defending Southeast Asian consumer-company value in a digital age


Consumer expectations and new technologies are rapidly changing revenues and profits in the consumer-packaged-goods market. Incumbent companies can prepare by adjusting their business models. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods

How Kaiser Permanente Prepares for Disasters

Harvard Business

Lessons from two devastating California wildfires. Managing organizations Crisis management Operations Digital Article