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Hidden Benefits of Off-Strategy Consulting Projects

David A Fields

You’re diligently working away at your consulting practice, winning projects and creating exceptional value for your clients. Then, out of the blue, George Gigglehammer asks whether you can help him with his hardware enterprise.

5 Rookie Consulting Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Consulting Matters

After 10+ years of running my own consulting practice, you can bet that I made my fair share of mistakes. I want to share with you my top 5 mistakes so you can sidestep the agony of wasted time and resources.

How To 224

How and When to Raise Your Consulting Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client. With the new year just a few weeks away, now might be the time. This article offers ideas of how to do this, as well as some sample language to use when notifying your clients.

Career day

Consultants Mind

On the last day of class, I have career day. Double meaning – students do their course evaluations (impacting my career), and I dole out what career advice I have from the last 25 years. Caveat: 90% are blog posts that I have written since 2013.

Course 181

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Branding Tips For Your Consulting Business with Nick Westergaard: Podcast #65

Consulting Success

Nick Westergaard, consulting strategist, speaker, educator, and author, talks about strategies for branding and digital marketing.

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Getting promoted: 3 skills necessary to make it to Partner at a Consulting Firm

Management Consulted

When you sit down for an interview or a performance review at a management consulting firm, you are being evaluated beyond just your current role. In fact, you are being assessed for longer term viability – from the next level … Continue Reading.

Megadeals: How data and analytics can dramatically boost success


Megadeals are tricky and so rare that companies think there’s not enough data to be useful. But the data isn’t as scarce as they think. Marketing & Sales Insights

Data 114

How to be an Interesting Person

When you’re an interesting person, people want to connect with you. They want to work with you, hang out with you, or work for you. Candidly, being interesting is a major advantage in both your personal and professional lives. An interesting person can’t easily be categorized, stereotyped. or ignored. When you meet an interesting person, you don’t know what to make of them. You can’t figure them out easily. You sense there are facets to them that you haven’t yet discovered.

Why Your Next Deal May Be a Partnership


In response to various external and internal pressures, companies are pushing partnerships beyond their traditional limits.

A weaponized marketing asset from Chris Mercer

Rod Burkert

Coming later this month … Chris Mercer is at it again. He’s written another book – his second about buy-sell agreements – and I got to review an advance copy. There are two reasons I am doing this video about Chris’s new book, and I am not sure which one will be more important to you.

Building a tech-enabled ecosystem: An interview with Ping An’s Jessica Tan


A culture of innovation and failing fast drives the Chinese financial conglomerate’s expansion beyond traditional sector boundaries and its early adoption of emerging technologies. China

New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape (Part 3 – Cloud)

Tom Spencer

The cloud – which refers to storing, managing, and processing data via a network of remote servers instead of locally on a server or personal computer – is quickly becoming a critical source for innovation.

The most attractive consulting market in the world

The Source

Every year, we evaluate the attractiveness of each consulting market in response to a simple question: Looking at the next 12 months only, where should you invest? The results for 2019 are in, and taking pole position for the fourth year in a row is the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Been discussing buzzwords recently with colleagues, we came up with a list. In the 90’s the buzzword was empowerment. For a little while in the 2000s resilience was the word of the day. Now in 2018 the buzzword is psychological safety.

What it takes to go agile


McKinsey partners offer perspectives on the most crucial elements to become a truly agile organization. Insights on Organization

Agile 111

Healthcare Paradigm Shift: Emphasis on Outpatient Care

Tom Spencer

Over the last several years there has been an increase in the number of outpatient visits at hospitals throughout the U.S.

What a proposition isn’t. What a proposition is. With a little help from a French café or two.

The Source

It’s a cold, bright January day, and I’m walking down the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. My meeting has finished early and I’ve got a couple of hours before my next one.


Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Been discussing buzzwords recently with colleagues, we came up with a list. In the 90’s the buzzword was empowerment. For a little while in the 2000s resilience was the word of the day. Now in 2018 the buzzword is psychological safety.

The Operations 4.0 podcast: Productivity and ‘pilot purgatory’


The value from Operations 4.0 comes from how it unleashes productivity gains across a wide range of measurements. But to achieve those results, businesses must do more than launch pilot after pilot. Insights on Operations

Thought leadership – by any other name would it smell as sweet?

Tom Spencer

All organisations engage in marketing activities: you have to show your customers you have something they want, after all. For top-tier consulting firms, there are two primary marketing efforts – the first, marketing to attract entry-level recruits, is quite visible.

Workplace Romances: How should you respond?

Confessions of a Consultant

It will happen. Figure out your ‘stance’ on this in advance. You may already know this, but there are approximately 2.3 million cattle in the Irish beef herd and about 1.7 million dairy cows.

Rapport matters

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Rapport matters: what do you need to have in common with your client? What do you already have in common? Do you need to learn to play ping pong, golf or drink beer to fit in with your team, boss or client? You don’t have to be a carbon copy of them. You can keep […].

The cloud as catalyst for retail


For retailers, the cloud can do much more than reduce the cost of computing and data storage. To maximize value from cloud, retailers need to prioritize workflows that can best benefit from it. We share six opportunities for leveraging the cloud as a catalyst for accelerating delivery of business results. Digital Insights

Closing the Culture Gap


Are you a leader who is eager to show a commitment to culture, but unsure how to do so? Or do you see other leaders pushing for "culture change" and feel private doubt even while you are outwardly encouraging?

Don’t Give Up on a Great Idea Just Because It Seems Obvious

Harvard Business

AlasdairJames/Getty Images. I spent eight years failing to act on an innovative idea that I knew would work. It was an idea that had not just technological promise but also societal value. It would help people contribute to the most important, impactful charities in the country.

Somethings are Just Out of Our Control

Martinka Consulting

Two weeks ago, I received a couple positive comments about the memo sent that morning. A few people noticed it was dated September 18 and was the same content as the September 18 memo. So, I investigated. For background, my process is: Take a recent memo. Delete the content. Paste in the new content, link a different video, and change the date. Send a test message to myself and edit if needed. Schedule it.

The new CFO mandate: Prioritize, transform, repeat


Amid a raft of new duties for CFOs, our survey suggests that finance leaders are well positioned to lead the C-suite agenda by championing transformations, digitization, and capability building. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

In the future, will data & analytics take the form of a new kind of managed service?

The Source

Consulting firms are in a dilemma about how to organise their data & analytics capabilities most effectively: Should they have a stand-alone business unit, or should this expertise be embedded right across the organisation? The former has the advantage of signalling to clients that it’s an area of investment for the firm concerned, but the latter will help the firm differentiate itself on a tactical basis, by using evidence-based insights in proposals and in all its consulting work.

Data 40

Making U.S. Fire Departments More Diverse and Inclusive

Harvard Business

youngvet/Getty Images. Picture a typical firefighter. Who comes to mind? If you imagined a white man, that’s understandable: 96% of U.S. career firefighters are men, and 82% are white. This homogeneity is striking, especially when you compare it to the U.S.

Future of Work Trends 2019

Cheryl Cran

What’s next for the future of work ? Take a look at our Future of Work Trends 2019. 2018 was a year of much upheaval and change in global politics and world events.