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The business value of design


How do the best design performers increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts? Design Insights

How Ed Sheeran Will Make You a Wealthier Consultant

David A Fields

Music superstar Ed Sheeran is going to make you money. Well, indirectly. Okay, he’s not actually going to make you money, but there’s a connection between Red Ed and your consulting firm’s fortunes. Channel your inner Ed Sheeran: hum catchy tunes, look soulful, and grow something scruffy.

Marketing Consulting Business Strategies with Michael Brenner: Podcast #59

Consulting Success

Life presents itself for most of us if we’re open to it. For Michael Brenner, going out on his own and become a consultant literally had people and mentors pushing him in that direction.

If You Can't Save 1/10 of a Second, You Can't Save 1 Second

Markovitz Consulting

I’m back from joining Honsha on their semi-annual Executive Development Mission to Japan. It was a remarkable learning experience — although I’ve been on two other study trips to Japan, there’s always something new to see and understand when you visit a company that has adopted (and adapted) the Toyota Production System. The president of one company we visited said something that really resonated with me: “If you can’t save 1/10 of a second, you won’t be able to save 1 second.”

Best 5 Apps For Consultant Travel

Management Consulted

Is it just us, or does it seem like new travel apps are popping up like weeds these days? We all know those no-brainer apps that are actually useful – but a majority of the time when we experiment with … Continue Reading.

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Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Last week we introduced how artificial intelligence is defined as well as how it is currently being used in the medical arena. This week, in the second installment of this two-part series, we will consider the potential future role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Introduction.

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Promoting yourself

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Promoting yourself is one of the hardest jobs in the planet (almost as hard as re-writing your CV). You want people to know who you are.

Consulting exit opportunity: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at Live Nation Entertainment

Management Consulted

Our friends at Live Nation Entertainment (yes, the same Live Nation that merged with Ticketmaster in 2010) just shared a great 6-figure job opportunity with us, and we wanted to pass it along to you! This role lies at the … Continue Reading. The post Consulting exit opportunity: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at Live Nation Entertainment appeared first on Management Consulted. Consulting exit opportunities

Blockchain Startup 101: A blue print for launching a successful blockchain-based startup

Tom Spencer

In the past few years, there has been a lot of hype around blockchain. Investors have been blindly investing exuberant amounts of money without clearly understanding the viability of blockchain based business models.

‘Superstars’: The dynamics of firms, sectors, and cities leading the global economy


Is there a superstar effect? McKinsey Global Institute research uncovers the dynamics of superstar firms, sectors, and cities in the global economy. Innovation & Growth


Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Leading a team is a challenge. Here’s a new idea: the teacher-leader. Sydney Finkelstein, a professor of management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, encourages leaders to approach their direct reports like teachers.

Change Doesn’t Come Through Anger and Hate

The More Clients Blog

These days, the political landscape is incredibly divisive. I spent some time browsing through Facebook this past weekend and was surprised to see that more than half the posts were political in nature. And many were downright nasty, ridiculing those in the opposing political party. The anger is palpable and the tone is one of righteous indignation: “We are right and they are wrong!”. And, of course, it’s not just on Facebook; it’s everywhere.

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New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape (Part 2 – Blockchain)

Tom Spencer

Blockchain – the underlying technology first used in Bitcoin – is a new type of distributed consensus system that enables transactions to be quickly validated and securely maintained through cryptography, computational power, and network users, removing the need for a trusted centralized authority.

Women in the Workplace 2018


Progress on gender diversity at work has stalled. To achieve equality, companies must turn good intentions into concrete action. Gender Equality

The Four Building Blocks of Transformation


If you are a business leader, you are probably thinking about radical change. A conventional transformation initiative won't get you close to your goals.


Aaron Artery on Smarter Data People Podcast

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Values matter: Aaron is a decision scientist, and head of Customer Crunch. He’s always entertaining and endlessly evolving and learning. Click here to listen Elizabeth Moore is a world-class leader of Insights and Analytics teams in large corporations.

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LinkedIn ROI: how much engagement do you need to make it worth your effort?

Rod Burkert

Greetings from Brentwood, TN. I am in the middle of a whirlwind speaking tour … yesterday was North Haven, CT and tomorrow will be Baton Rouge, LA. Meanwhile, Amy is holding down the RV in Albuquerque, NM, our last stop before wrapping up this year’s travel season.

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Five Fifty: Fear/fear not


The robots are coming for our jobs—that’s the widely held view. But the likely outcome is a bit more nuanced. Artificial Intelligence


How the Right Business Language Can Catalyze Change


Leaders need to use great care when choosing the words that shape companies, industries, and societies

Elizabeth Moore on Smarter Data People Podcast

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Elizabeth Moore is on my podcast this week. Click here to listen Elizabeth Moore is a world-class leader of Insights and Analytics teams in large corporations. I am honoured to have spent some time with her talking about what makes for smarter data people.

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HR’s Role in Building High Performance Organizations

Confessions of a Consultant

Ensuring HR adds real Value. Back in my GE days, the Finance Director was skeptical about the merits of the HR function which he labeled the ‘Health and Happiness Department.’ He honestly didn’t believe that HR added any value.

Closing the gender gap: A missed opportunity for new CEOs


Many new CEOs reshuffle their top teams, but surprisingly few make them more diverse. Can we do better? Gender Equality


All Strengths Have the Potential for Influence (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the Leadership Vision podcast, we’re confronting the assumption that specific Strengths are good "leadership Strengths." There’s a painful idea out there that leaders should possess particular Strengths, and if a person doesn’t have them, they won’t make for an effective leader.

David Scott on Smarter Data People Podcast

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: David Scott and his agile teams are doing some very interesting work with traffic data at RMS. The team’s stated aim is to make things better for us, the end user of NSW roads.

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'Honestly, It's Not For Everyone' Nebraska Campaign Is Marketing Genius

Henry DeVries

Honestly, the new Nebraska tourism campaign is genius and a lesson to those who want to attract high-paying clients. Honesty is the best policy

Accidentally agile: An interview with the Rijksmuseum’s Taco Dibbits


The director of the national museum of Dutch art and history describes the central role of agility in the museum’s massive renovation project—and in its drive for perpetual renewal. Insights on Organization

Agile 87

Why It Doesn't Always Pay to Be Decisive about Making Decisions


Waiting to make a choice can lead to more effective outcomes


Sidney Minassian on Smarter Data People Podcast

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Sidney Minassian is on my podcast this week.

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Do People Trust Algorithms More Than Companies Realize?

Harvard Business

Westend61/Getty Images. Many companies have jumped on the “big data” bandwagon. They’re hiring data scientists, mining employee and customer data for insights, and creating algorithms to optimize their recommendations.

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Advanced analytics can drive the next wave of growth for transportation and logistics companies


Even without perfect data, T&L companies can generate sales growth through analytics-based insights. Here’s how it’s done. Marketing & Sales Insights

A Guide for Designing a Successful Corporate Transformation


Four building blocks that are essential to every major change effort. For more insights, visit


Make no sound and feel like a yes

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: If you’re an internal consultant and your work is perceived to be free, you can have major issues with overload. You need to learn how to make no sound like yes as well as FEEL like yes. I have a program that teaches you how, and I’ve posted on this before: Do less and obsess: […]. The post Make no sound and feel like a yes appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

To Get Your Team to Use Data, Demystify It

Harvard Business

MEHAU KULYK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images. For some of your team members, the idea of using data to inform decision-making can feel intimidating. Maybe they don’t consider themselves to have strong analytical skills. Maybe they felt overwhelmed by their statistics course in college.

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Can IT rise to the digital challenge?


To keep up with core tasks and meet the demands of breakneck digital innovation, the IT function will have to step up and make meaningful changes, especially to its workforce, according to new survey findings. Digital Insights