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5 Decades of Critical Lessons for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

Can history teach your consulting firm anything? I mean, other than the importance of avoiding giant asteroids, bubonic plague and Bucky, the neighbor’s biting, St. Bernard? Maybe. I’ve cherry picked a handful of recent-ish decades and highlighted seminal (U.S.-centric)

How to Start A Podcast To Attract Money And Clients

Henry DeVries

What is the secret of podcasting success? Ask a person who has reached three million listeners

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Decision-Making Bias

Some people make decisions based on their intuition or “gut” feeling. Others make decisions based purely on the data and logic. Neither is wholly right or wrong, as both have problems with bias. Intuitive decisions are usually based on two things: 1) a mental model of the situation at hand; and 2) our emotional feelings about the situation. Sometimes our mental model is wrong. Sometimes our emotions aren’t well informed or don't consider all relevant factors.

Profitable Prospecting For Consultants with Mark Hunter: Podcast #103

Consulting Success

Prospecting, especially when you are still starting your consulting business, can be a nightmare. In this episode, Mark Hunter, the man behind The Sales Hunter, shares how he created his consulting business, how he got his notable clients, and how to do profitable prospecting for consultants.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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The road to hell is paved with metrics.

Markovitz Consulting

Michael Harris and Bill Tayler wrote a terrific article in the new Harvard Business Review on “metrics surrogation”—the tendency for people to mentally replace their business strategy with metrics. Although these metrics are supposed to reflect the company’s progress towards its goals, the focus on metrics can destroy an organization.

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Berlin Blockchain Week 2019

Tom Spencer

In my last blog post I interviewed a fellow CEMSie, who heads partnership advisory at ScanTrust by day and co-runs BerChain by night, about the potential focus areas for blockchain in supply chain and one of the world’s most impressive blockchain ecosystems: Berlin.

Developing Culture in Your Organization

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Culture is the thing that drives performance. In different organizations around the world, you may have heard about the importance of developing one. It provides a lot of benefits, such as open communication, good teamwork, and dedicated employees, which affect nearly every aspect of a company.

How to Market Without Bad Manipulation

The More Clients Blog

This past week, someone sent me this question: “Would you take some time to answer how good marketing is not emotional manipulation/controlling?”. Great question. When you really think of it, marketing is a process of getting people to respond to you favorably.

Mindset: The key to growth in the digital age


To maximize growth, leaders need a growth-focused mindset and a willingness to place bets on the future. Marketing & Sales Insights

Sales 112

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

How I Unexpectedly Ended Up in Management Consulting

Tom Spencer

When I started graduate school three years ago, I had only a marginal interests in pursuing a management consulting career. Low and behold, I’ll be starting my first day in management consulting in New York City a month from now. I sometimes chuckle in reflecting on my unlikely path into this field.

How To Communicate Like A Boss The Arthur Samuel Joseph Way

Henry DeVries

Do you know what perhaps is the most powerful and underutilized tool you have in your life and your business? Would it surprise you to know it is your voice

Tools 96

How Creative Leaders Can Grow Through Listening & Mentorship w/ Melissa McComas

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast , we're joined by Melissa McComas, the Chief Strategy Officer at Piper Mantis Literary. Melissa originally started out as a junior executive before moving into retail buying, and then into a director position. She eventually opened her first brokerage in 1997, matching buyers and users in the multimedia sector for both consumers and B2B clientele.

B2B 59

Biotech in Europe: A strong foundation for growth and innovation


European companies have an opportunity to play a stronger role in the industry by focusing on three factors. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

PM Career Paths

Tom Spencer

Being a product manager requires taking responsibility. You are the ambassador of the product. You’re responsible for it from its first fuzzy idea, to concrete concept, through production, launch, and all the way to maturity stage.

The Best Offense Is A Good Offense

Alan Weiss

Stop trying “not to lose” business. Try to win business. Even if you manage “not to lose” it, the business will be on the buyer’s terms and relatively modest, with low fees. The “prevent defense” never won a football game and lost quite a few.

Staff augmentation: Not a commodity

The Source

“Staff augmentation” has long been a dirty phrase in consulting, redolent of stacking your consultants high and selling them cheap. Clients, unable to resource their day-to-day business let alone important new projects, turn to consulting firms to provide people—bodies—to fill the gaps.

Expanding electric-vehicle adoption despite early growing pains


The latest analysis of our Electric Vehicle Index shows the global electric-light-vehicle industry continues to make solid progress. To accelerate growth further, several hurdles need to be overcome. Automotive & Assembly Insights

Fill the know, like & trust buckets with a video FAQ library

Rod Burkert

So last week, I published your reactions to me dropping my ABV credential. Then even more email came in that supported my decision. In fact, so much so, that it made me rethink my AICPA membership. And now I have dropped that as well.

Video 52


Alan Weiss

Tell your prospects after an initial meeting that you’ll follow up on a given date, at a certain time, with specific actions. Date/time/action after every meeting to move things rapidly forward.

Size doesn’t relate to complexity

Ben de Haldevang

Dear all, please see attached link to our latest piece…would appreciate any thoughts, comments as ever. link]. Transformation


How to double the odds that your change program will succeed


Large-scale organizational change is more likely to stick if executives apply equal discipline and rigor to the hard and soft elements that matter. Insights on Organization

How To 109

Are You Ready for a Storm Surge?

Martinka Consulting

I was watching a fascinating video on the Weather Channel app about Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry in Louisiana. The scene started with what looked like a grassy country road or trail, soon it looked wet, then a small creek about one foot wide was visible, and before you knew it, a torrent of water was flowing, filled with debris. These surges come so quickly and it’s one reason people get trapped; they think they have time when they don’t. The same can happen in business.

Are You an Amateur Or A Professional?

Alan Weiss

If you want to make waves and not just stick your toe in the water, you need to be bold about what you believe. I could say, “Billing by the hour or day will not generate as much revenue as using value based fees.”

The Importance of Sales Training Reinforcement

LSA Global

Sales Training without Reinforcement Should Be Unacceptable. Based upon over 800 sales training measurement projects, we know that sales training by itself – even if it is highly customized – only changes the on-the-job behavior and performance of 1-in-5 sales reps.

Enabling at-scale government transformations through partner support


Many governments are working with philanthropic organizations on transformation efforts. Both sides can take steps to assure they get the most out of the relationship. Public Sector Insights

A Summer Reflection: Part 3 of 3 (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, Sara Schlipp-Riedel and Nathan Freeburg reflect on what they have learned over the summer months.

Change, Damn It!

Alan Weiss

If someone does not want to be helped, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to help them. If you haven’t made progress in 60 days and continue to coach them, you’re simply accepting money for showing up.

The Impact of Raising Performance Expectations

LSA Global

Raising Performance Expectations Can Dramatically Increase Performance. Done right, leaders know that raising performance expectations can dramatically increase performance. When people know that more is possible, they can lift their performance to higher, and often previously impossible, levels.