September, 2018

The overlooked essentials of employee well-being


If you really want to increase employees’ health and well-being, focus on job control and social support. Insights on Organization


Website or No Website? Answers and Help for Independent Consultants

Successful Independent Consulting

As a self-employed consultant do you really need a website? I’m asked this a lot, particularly if a consultant gets most business from referrals or they contract through agencies or boutique firms.

Why Playing with Your Food is Critical for Consultants

David A Fields

When you stood well under three feet tall, you chortled with unbridled glee at your father’s silly faces and merrily tried to ride the family dog. You’d also play with your food; catapulting carrot sticks and fashioning finger art with your mashed potatoes. What a hoot!

4 Ways To Get Your First Consulting Client (Without Cold-Calling)

Consulting Success

Many consultants have trouble finding their first client. I want to offer you a few ideas to help you to go out and win your first consulting client. Here are 4 ways to get your first consulting client.

A Better Way to Visualize Hoshin Plans

Markovitz Consulting

The hoshin kanri X-matrix makes my head hurt. I mean, kudos to the person who invented it for creating something so incredibly compact and information-dense. But I’m not sure it’s the easiest way to convey the information in the hoshin plan.

Excel Basics – Things You Gotta Know

Consultants Mind

For weathered consultants, Excel is not new. In fact, we teethed our brain on it many years ago as analysts, consultants, senior consultants. In fact, it’s possible – just possible – that we have gotten pretty slow at it in our, uh um, old age. Please find a list of Excel tools and functions that […]. The post Excel Basics – Things You Gotta Know appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Excel

7 Ways Your Website Can Transform Your Life

Consulting Matters

Congratulations! You have taken an important first step towards professional success. Having a world-class website that serves as the center of gravity for your marketing efforts is essential. I am certain that you are expecting a number of results in return for your investment. You want to attract and retain customers/clients. You want to establish yourself as a preeminent provider in your area of expertise.

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Take off Your Happy Face! Why Consulting Clients Love Disagreeable Consultants

David A Fields

Your consulting clients walk into each engagement holding bouquets of helium balloons they want to release to the sky. Metaphorically, unless your clients are clowns.) Each balloon is an assumption, preconception, hypothesis or dream that only requires your confirmation.

5 Simple Steps to Win More Consulting Projects (Make Sales Easier)

Consulting Success

Here’s how to win more consulting sales. People often refer to it as “closing” more sales. I’m going to offer you some insights, some mindsets, and ways of thinking about this to help you actually win more business.

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Speaking the Language of Your Team

Markovitz Consulting

I started using Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata approach at a new client in NYC recently. The mechanics are young (18-25 years) old, and the education level is low. No one has been to college, and not all of them have even completed high school.

Oh, storytelling

Consultants Mind

Most everyone will agree that storytelling is important for professional success. When I recently surveyed some working professionals MBAs (read: folks with jobs), they rated it a 6.3 (out out of a 7 point scale) with a stdev: 0.7, No pushback here. Storytelling matters.

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The Four X Factors of Exceptional Leaders


All great leaders share four special factors that make them stand out, according to the authors, who identified these distinguishing traits after analyzing the performance of 2,500 senior executives over a decade.

Smarter analytics for banks


Banks have a strong foundation in using data. New research reveals how they can get even more from their analytics investments. Insights on Financial Services

The Source of Consulting Projects, in Order from Easiest to Most Difficult to Win

David A Fields

Projects could flow into your consulting firm from a slew of different directions: from current clients requesting follow-on engagements to out-of-the-blue inquiries generated by your dazzling, on-stage presence.

How To Productize Consulting Services with John Warrillow: Podcast #55

Consulting Success

To productize consulting services and build a sellable company, the ultimate challenge is to try to find something that you offer which is truly unique to what you do. It’s very likely that if you canvas your customers, there is one or two things that you do better than anybody else.

Consulting Applications – Preparation is key to success

Tom Spencer

As Alexander Graham Bell once uttered: before anything else, preparation is the key to success. The saying may sound clichéd, but there is still much truth in it almost a century later.

In memory: Lehman Brothers (1850-2008)

Consultants Mind

This week is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the global financial crisis of 2008, and the end of Lehman Brothers, one of the most storied Wall Street firms. A new play opened in London called the “Lehman Trilogy”, and there’s a great interview montage below.

Leaders: Break Through Your Learning Blockers


Spot and resist the bad habits that hinder your innovation potential


Why data culture matters


Organizational culture can accelerate the application of analytics, amplify its power, and steer companies away from risky outcomes. Here are seven principles that underpin a healthy data culture. Analytics Insights

The Effectiveness Quilt – A Surprising Way to Improve Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Good is the enemy of great.” Yes, that saying arose to justify eliminating “chocolates” made with carob. (I’m I’m pretty sure.)

Becoming A 7 Figure Consultant Through Relationships With Barc Holmes: Podcast #52

Consulting Success

Maybe it’s time to reconsider your marketing approach, particularly in your path to becoming a 7-figure consultant.

From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

As a former advanced degree candidate who applied to consulting while finishing medical school, I would like to share my experience with those of you who are in the middle of making a similar jump out of academia. As I stated in part 1 of this series , many of my M.D. and Ph.D.

Straight Talk: 30 things I told aspiring consultants today

Consultants Mind

It is interview season for consulting firms. People are writing up cover letters, fine-tuning their resumes, and practicing their cases. This is what I said to a packed room of students. It’s all about curiosity. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ” – Albert Einstein Do the homework about consulting and the […]. The post Straight Talk: 30 things I told aspiring consultants today appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

7 Steps to Getting a Great Client Testimonial

Women in Consulting

By: Judy Dang. :: You’re doing great work. Adding huge value to your clients. Now is the time to get feedback and ask for that testimonial. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ask for and craft a winning testimonial. Step 1: Invite for Coffee/Lunch. Go for coffee or lunch.

The lending revolution: How digital credit is changing banks from the inside


Faster credit decisions, vastly improved customer experience, 40 percent lower costs, and a more secure risk profile. Here’s how to get there. Risk Insights

2018 Open NYC Consulting Bootcamp

Management Consulted

Open NYC Consulting Bootcamp As you get ready for the highly competitive consulting field, do you ever wish you could just get some face-time with an expert to get all the best tips and advice about your case interview skills, … Continued. The post 2018 Open NYC Consulting Bootcamp appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting bootcamp

4 Reasons Why Consultants Fear Specializing (And Why They’re Mistaken)

Consulting Success

Let’s talk about specialization for a moment. I did a podcast interview not too long ago with a consultant, now based in Scotland who has a wonderful specialization. There are some lessons in there that I think that all consultants, including you, can benefit from.

From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Introduction. With the 2018 application cycle in full swing for a number of top-tier consulting firms, many of my MD and PhD colleagues have been inquiring about how they can leave academia, if only for a few years, and pursue a career change in management consulting.

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The More Clients Blog

What are you actually selling? Some say a concept, an idea, a benefit, or value. But one thing is for certain, if it’s not tangible, it can’t be sold. This is the second of five articles about the 5 Pillars of Marketing, my marketing model that helps get your marketing on track.

New for 2018: Silent Auction Goes Online 

Women in Consulting

By: Judy Dang. :: This year we’re introducing a new feature to the silent auction : online bidding! The catalog has also moved online. Bidding will open two-weeks before the gala. And, if you’re unable to attend the gala, you can still join us live that night for online bidding.

Universities and the conglomerate challenge


Complex business combinations have been unwinding for years. Will the bell toll for universities? Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Even Bad People Have Good Ideas

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a dramatic decline in the number of conversations that involve critical reasoning and independent thinking. I’m very concerned by this trend. One obvious place this has occurred is in American politics. I have friends across the full spectrum of political beliefs. I am shocked at how many debates devolve into arguments that involve barely any facts.

Consulting With Your Buyer: A Guide To Effective Selling with Deb Calvert: Podcast #54

Consulting Success

Recent buyer research proves that buyers respond much more to people who engage with them as leaders versus stereotypical sellers.

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Don’t Let the Numbers Get in the Way of a Good Story

Tom Spencer

Mark Twain, the fiction writer, first popularised the phrase “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. Twain erroneously attributed the line to a British Prime Minister, who in fact, was never recorded saying any such thing. It’s fitting, given what I’m about to describe, that one of the best-known claims about statistics is grounded in the absence of evidence.

A Different Approach to Goal Setting

The More Clients Blog

We all know that it’s important to set goals. Unfortunately, the way we think about goals tends to reduce the chance that we’ll achieve them or that they’ll fulfill us. This is the first of five articles about the 5 Pillars of Marketing, my marketing model that helps get your marketing on track.

Making Change Contagious


Nuanced findings in network science suggest that the conventional wisdom about diffusing new ideas may hinder, not help, their spread


Tuning in to value: How Sky redesigned its set-top box for the circular economy


An executive explains how the pay-TV company saved money and pleased customers by designing hardware for repair and reuse. Insights on Sustainability & Resource Productivity