June, 2020

Do You Practice These 7 Tips for Proper, Consulting Firm Distancing?

David A Fields

These days, maintaining physical distance preserves your health and protects those around you. News Flash: Mental and emotional distance between you and your business bolsters your health, happiness, and the success of your consulting firm. All entrepreneurs tangle themselves in their businesses.

How to Consistently Get Consulting Clients.Even if You're Brand New and Just Starting Out

Consulting Matters

One of the biggest questions that keeps both new and seasoned consultants up at night is, "How do I get consulting clients?" The question that I wished that asked instead is "How do I predictably get consulting clients so I never had to ask this question EVER again?".

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Practice Case Interviews: How To Prepare The Right Way

Management Consulted

Practice Case Interviews are one of the most important parts of successfully preparing for a management consultant interview. If you’re looking to land a spot at one of the top consulting firms, you’re going to have extremely difficult competition. Other… Read Article.

How to successfully negotiate anything (not just your salary)

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Negotiating is something we do every day, with everyone, for everything.

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Innovation in a crisis: Why it is more critical than ever


Prioritizing innovation today is the key to unlocking postcrisis growth. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

You Don’t Have To Be A Superforecaster To Think Like One.

Markovitz Consulting

Time magazine reports that the “superforecasters” working for a spinoff of Good Judgement Open are astonishingly good at making highly accurate predictions about complex global events. They nailed the approval of the Brexit vote in 2020, Saudi Arabia’s decision to partially take its national gas company public in 2019, and the status of Russia’s food embargo against some European countries also in 2019. They’ve even been on target with epidemiological predictions about the rate of COVID-19 cases.

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4 Reasons Why Smart Consultants Hate Marketing

Consulting Matters

One thing that both new and seasoned consultants hate is marketing. It's the fog of all that marketing entails and the fear that they are going to become some slick used car salesman is what keeps smart people stuck in soul-sucking corporate jobs.

What Exactly is Fearless Marketing?

The More Clients Blog

I got so many responses from last week’s article about marketing mindsets, that I wanted to go a little deeper into the topic.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fear During Pandemic And New Normal

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Overcoming the challenge of public speaking first involves managing the stress that comes with it. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Small Business /small-business Entrepreneurs /entrepreneurs leadership

Designing An Irresistible Consulting Sales Presentation With Nancy Duarte: Podcast #140

Consulting Success

Business consultancy relies on your ability to have your audience believe that you can help them scale their businesses. An irresistible consulting sales presentation can be a powerful tool to deliver that impact.

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The 10 Most Powerful Consulting Skills for This Moment in History

David A Fields

Extraordinary times present you and your consulting firm with the opportunity to make extraordinary contributions. You can employ the toolkit you’ve assembled for consulting to support broader, deeper impact.

Open Enrollment Class for "The Conclusion Trap"

Markovitz Consulting

Do you (or people in your organization) jump to solutions? Is it hard to get people to slow down before making decisions? Do you want to get better at solving problems? If so, you’ll be interested in an open enrollment class I’m teaching at the Stanford Continuing Studies program on July 11.

Video 141

COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment


The return phase of the COVID-19 crisis is a good time for organizations to create more tailored responses to workplace challenges, expanding on the goodwill and camaraderie earned in earlier phases. Insights on Organization


2020 Study: Why Smart People Start a Consulting Business (And What Holds Them Back)

Consulting Matters

So, you want to start a consulting business? Or interested in taking your consulting business the next level? Most high-achieving professionals at some point in their career dream of ditching the pressure of the 70-hour workweeks and start a consulting business.

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Deep Dive into Customer Segmentation (Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 7 minutes. This is a continuation of Part 1 where different types and benefits of customer segmentation were introduced.

Mastering The Fundamentals Of Consulting Business Development With Jim Barnish Jr.: Podcast #143

Consulting Success

Building a successful consulting business may seem tricky for many, but that shouldn’t be the case. Most of the time, what lies behind achieving that goal can be as simple as having a good understanding of the fundamentals.

The Success Ladder: A Simple, Powerful Tool for Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

You can install a simple, powerful tool at your consulting firm that will stimulate progress toward your goals. In a nutshell, the Success Ladder captures the best of your successes and supports the process of continuously raising your game.

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"The Conclusion Trap" is Out! (Copy)

Markovitz Consulting

(Note: this is the same article from yesterday, but with a corrected link for my website.) I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my newest book, The Conclusion Trap , is now available for sale on Amazon. The book is priced to move — $7.99 for the Kindle version, $9.95

Ready, set, go: Reinventing the organization for speed in the post-COVID-19 era


The need for speed has never been greater. Here are nine ways companies can get faster. Insights on Organization

Here's a Method for Helping a Leader Hold Employees Accountable

Consulting Matters

Got a conflict-avoidant client and not sure how to help them? I want to give you some message points to help them understand why holding their employees accountable is in everyone's best interest and some ideas on how to equip them to more effective.

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The Journey to Becoming a Mentee

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 5 minutes. In my previous article, I shared my thoughts on mentorship and how to become a more effective mentor.

Thought Leadership Marketing Methods For Consultants With Simon Chadwick: Podcast #142

Consulting Success

When you have a successful consulting business, the first thing you learn is that you and your business always have to be top of mind. This is the importance of marketing methods in the way you do you work. Simon Chadwick is the Managing Partner at Cambiar LLC.

If Your Consulting Firm’s Offering Isn’t Attracting Enough Clients, Try This…

David A Fields

If your consulting firm’s offerings aren’t generating gleaming stacks of revenue, it’s time to develop a Level 3 Offering. You’re not alone if the projects that sustained your consulting business in the past have recently become difficult to close.

The Food Industry Learns the Value of Small Batch Thinking

Markovitz Consulting

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has forced businesses to adopt new ways of operating. That transition hasn’t been comfortable or easy, but it’s made the value of the small-batch mindset that we use in lean apparent in sectors that haven’t considered it before.

The next software disruption: How vendors must adapt to a new era


Over the turbulent past decade, many legacy software players proved to be remarkably resilient. Now they must adopt a new strategic playbook to weather the different challenges ahead. Our Insights

208: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram—Have You Ever Wanted To Write A Book? Perhaps The Time Is Now!

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to write a book and get it on Amazon! As an award-winning author and now having finished my second book, I know it is a tough row to hoe when you think you have something to share and want to write a book about it. You yourself might be wondering, but how do you write a book?

Deep Dive into Customer Segmentation (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Customer segmentation is the practice of segmenting customers based on common characteristics.

Life-Changing Personal Branding Tips For Consultants With Martin Lindstrom: Podcast #141

Consulting Success

A book can be your business card, your ultimate branding tool which can help you take off in your career or business. In today’s episode, Michael Zipursky and Martin Lindstrom talk about branding tips for consultants.

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How Your Consulting Firm Can Be a Force For Good

David A Fields

Today’s an excellent day to briefly remind you of the good your consulting firm does, and the importance of understanding the “Why” behind your consulting firm’s engagements.

CEO Overwhelm Video Series is Live

Markovitz Consulting

As many of you know, I conducted a study of CEO overwhelm this winter. It wasn’t entirely surprising that CEOs (and other leaders) who embraced lean habits and principles in their work felt less overwhelmed by the demands on their time and attention. In the study, I made a few brief suggestions about how to deal with the root cause of overwhelm. But the limits of a PowerPoint format made it difficult to go into much detail.

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