Sun.May 21, 2023

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7 Strategy Questions to Consider

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

Hey! Let’s take a quick look at some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about your team’s strategy… Share Dave Wakeman’s Business of Value These are the kinds of questions we cover in ‘ The Whiteboard Workshop ’ and having been guiding my thinking about strategy going forward. What does success look like? This is the foundation of strategy.

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Which sort of sinecure?

Seth Godin Blog

Sooner or later, we find a place to hide. A place of security or sustenance. A place of safety. That sort of foundation can give us peace of mind and open the door to possibility. But, it’s possible that we can turn it into a trap as well. A situation so perfectly created that we’re stuck. Stuck without forward motion, stuck with a narrative of insufficiency or suffering.

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What is Your Dominant Pair of Strengths?

Leadership Vision Consulting

Sometimes the simplest questions can bring about the most profound answers. In this episode, we revisit the idea of dominant pairs of Strengths and pose questions to our community and listeners about their Strengths and dominant pairs. If you're new to Strengths or curious about your dominant pair, use the StrengthsFinder assessment to learn more about your top five Strengths.