Sat.Sep 07, 2019

Securing software as a service


Here is how SaaS providers can meet the security needs of their enterprise customers. Risk Insights

How to avoid being blacklisted from consulting (or any other) recruiting

Tom Spencer

As with most other competitive professions, breaking into consulting roles has a lot to do with networking. Unfortunately, candidates get one chance to make a first impression. Meeting people early before you are polished will end up burning a lot of bridges.

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Global refining: Profiting in a downstream downturn


Amid long-term margin declines in the global refining market, players must move quickly to adjust their portfolio strategies. Oil & Gas Insights

Product Roadmap Explained

Tom Spencer

A roadmap streamlines business goals into strategic and executable paths. In the context of project management, a roadmap can span across multiple timelines for continuous product development. Why do you need a product roadmap?

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Going for A Drive

Alan Weiss

There are close to 50 production cars (not multi-million dollar limited run cars) on sale in the US today that cost a minimum of $100,000, from a low of some SUVs to the high of a Rolls Royce. You can see most of them on the road every day.

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One of the above

Seth Godin Blog

The easiest way to win a poll, rig a plebiscite or generally end up as number one is to have the competing votes split among many similar competitors. Bob Marley was a magical artist, but one reason he’s such a seminal figure is that most of the other musicians of his time (in the North American market) were lumped together in one or two other categories, whereas he was pioneering a new one. You might not want to play reggae at your party, but if you did, you were going to play Marley.

How to untap the full potential: An integrated—not isolated—view on cost


Consumer-goods corporations have already turned the screws on costs. To capture further potential, they need to adopt cross-functional approaches. Insights on Operations