Mon.May 22, 2023

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How To Build Your Consulting Team – From Solo To Firm Model with Devon O’Rourke: Podcast #291

Consulting Success

Do you want to stay as a solo consultant, or do you want to bring others in? What are the risks in building your consulting firm? In this episode, Devon O’Rourke, the Founder and Managing Partner at Fluvio, provides some tips to build your consulting team by shifting from a solo to a firm model.

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The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

Rick Conlow

The quote “ The art of communication is the language of leadership” is often attributed to James Humes. He was a an author, and speechwriter for several U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan. This quote punctuates the critical nature of communication to effective and successful leadership. Why do leaders communicate poorly? Check out these eight common factors that can contribute to ineffective leadership or management communication: Lack of clarity: Leaders may fail to articulate


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What is Executive Coaching?

Organizational Talent Consulting

Most executives want more out of life and work, and businesses want to grow. The pressures of today's crisis-driven fast-paced digital workplace are immense, and leaders face many new challenges. If leaders and teams are not continuously developing, they are falling behind. So, how can busy executive leaders and businesses avoid revenue dips or wasted time chasing ideas that don't move the needle in today's turbulent and uncertain environment?

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3 Steps for Creating and Implementing a Stakeholder Strategy

Harvard Business

How leaders can overcome their reluctance and embrace a practical, data-driven approach that creates value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

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Why You Need to Use Case Studies in Sales and Marketing (and How to Start Now)

Case studies are proof of successful client relations and a verifiable product or service. They persuade buyers by highlighting your customers' experiences with your company and its solution. In sales, case studies are crucial pieces of content that can be tailored to prospects' pain points and used throughout the buyer's journey. In marketing, case studies are versatile assets for generating business, providing reusable elements for ad and social media content, website material, and marketing c

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Why Don’t You Have a Newsletter?

Action Plan

In speaking to my Getting Out There Group last week, I told them that next month we would be working on creating an email newsletter for their business. As much as I talk about Proactive Marketing – I.e., getting out there, making connections, and having conversations, my most powerful marketing tool for 25 years is this little weekly email newsletter.

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Compounding head starts

Seth Godin Blog

When a six-year-old kid beats the other kids at tennis, that kid is more likely to be encouraged to play more, or to get a coach, and pretty soon, they’re much better at tennis than the others. When a musical group has a single that gets some buzz on Spotify, they’re more likely to be able to find a producer or even a label. When a candidate polls well early in a race, they’re more likely to get donations, attract consultants, run ads and not be encouraged to drop out… Th

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Creating Psychological Safety for Black Women at Your Company

Harvard Business

What organizations tend to get wrong — and how to get it right.

Company 94
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The Case for Investing in Digital Public Infrastructure

Harvard Business

How businesses and governments can work together to build digital foundations that benefit everyone.