Tue.Mar 24, 2020

10 Positive Facts Your Consulting Firm Should Obsess Over During This Crisis

David A Fields

There are so many voices fixated on the disaster unfolding around us, that you could easily be swept into a torrent of anxiety, fear and panic. In truth, there is real reason for concern and you absolutely should heed the direction of medical leaders. At the same time, you and your consulting firm will benefit … Continued. The post 10 Positive Facts Your Consulting Firm Should Obsess Over During This Crisis appeared first on David A. Fields. All Articles Consulting Consultants

Can You Lead When Your Team is in Crises?

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

With most of the country now entering the second week of voluntary or mandatory quarantine and no or remote-work status, our personal and work worlds have changed.

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Work Remotely, Are You Kidding Me?

On the Brink

These times are presenting us with a new world where most of us are working remotely or, maybe, will be doing so shortly. The pandemic crisis is here, and the best solution is to separate us all. It is an important time to have to learn new skills. And even enjoy morphing into your new daily routine. For most of us, we hate this type of crisis-induced change. behavior change culture change expert remote workforce

Adding Weight

Alan Weiss

I use a one-on-one personal trainer. Thus far, he’s legally been able to continue to work with customers in his gym, but that could end any day. I workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and this past Monday I asked what he would recommend as a “maintenance discipline” for me if he had to close. He put some of his weights in my trunk and told me what to do to keep in shape. I was impressed and thankful. What weight are you providing for your best clients?

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Should you be scared of…Transparency Lab?

The Source

Today’s clients are faced with a dizzying variety of options when it comes to buying professional services. While the industry is still dominated by a handful of big firms, they are no longer the default option they once were. This is the second in a series of blogs that explores some of the newer businesses and platforms seeking to turn the industry on its head—and whether your firm needs to worry about the new competition. Who is Transparency Lab??. Dr. Jan van de Poll is a man on a mission.

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