Sat.Jun 08, 2019

Introduction to Case Interviews

Tom Spencer

If you’re applying to a consulting firm, be ready to get acquainted with case interviews. Almost all consulting firms include the case interview as part of their recruitment process. In fact, it can play a huge role in deciding if you get the job.

But what is this question for?

Seth Godin Blog

If you are asked a question in a job interview, on stage or even on a date, there’s probably a reason, and the reason might not be because the person asking wants to know your answer. Teenagers are terrible at understanding this. “How was your day at school,” is not a question asked to determine how a day at school was. It’s a (lousy) attempt at starting a conversation about feelings. It requires empathy to answer a question that isn’t obviously about the answer.

Asset Management – Recent Trends (Part 4 of 4)

Tom Spencer

Asset management as an industry is becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons: The world is getting wealthier, driven by growth in emerging markets.