Sat.Nov 03, 2018

New technology, new rules: Reimagining the modern finance workforce


Innovations in technology and management practice are creating new opportunities for the finance function to add value to the business. Here’s how finance teams will need to evolve to make the most of them. Insights on Operations

7 Creative Ways to Boost E-commerce Sales

Tom Spencer

Your website is live and you’re ready to sell, but you just can’t seem to attract enough customers. Even when you get shoppers to your site, they’re just not converting. Sound familiar? Don’t give up hope for a bustling business. Here are 7 e-commerce marketing techniques to boost your online sales.

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Setting the framework for car connectivity and user experience


The connectivity experience of drivers and passengers will soon be transformed, with the potential for significant value creation. Here is a framework to measure progress. Automotive & Assembly Insights

5 Soft Skills that are Critical in Consulting Interviews

Tom Spencer

Most consulting firms are wrapping up their recruitment process for this year and offers have been sent out. The hard skills help you do the analysis, but once you’ve got an answer, you need client buy in. To get client buy in, you almost always need exceptional soft skills. As a result, the consulting firms want to see strong soft skills demonstrated in the interviews. So what skills really matter? Which ones will interviewers be looking for you to demonstrate? Communication.

Digital R&D: The Next Frontier for Biopharmaceuticals


Digital promises to transform R&D productivity over the next decade. What will it take to realize this potential? Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Importance of Developing Soft Skills in Consulting

Tom Spencer

As I start my consulting career, some of the questions that I keep coming back to are: How can I stand out amongst all of these high achieving and well educated individuals, especially in the beginning? What skills do I need to develop? What are the keys to longevity at my firm and the greater consulting world? These are questions I routinely asked myself as I approached my starting date.