Tue.Jul 28, 2020

Consulting Firms, Don’t Stop Saying This! (Even Though It’s Tempting)

David A Fields

You’ve told your consulting clients the keys to success, and you’ve reminded them. More than once. By the way, you’ve also made these core principles clear in your articles and webinars. We’re talking about the fundamentals you communicate to virtually every one of your consulting firm’s clients.

HR says talent is crucial for performance—and the pandemic proves it


Five talent-management practices can help steer organizations through new ways of working and into the post-COVID-19 era. Insights on Organization

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Remote Work Environments Aren’t Fair

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

Shifting to a remote work environment permanently for the foreseeable future has become a reality for many organizations. The rapid shift to remote work occurred because of the pandemic. It was a necessary response to a crisis situation that occurred quickly and without much warning.

Why now is the time to stress-test your industrial supply chain


An effective way to increase supply-chain resilience is to understand the impact a crisis could have, well before it happens. Insights on Operations

Q3 Update: New Resources, New Offers to help you Avoid the Multiple Destination Trap

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

As we move through the 3rd quarter of 2020, we thought it would be a good time to give everyone an update on what we've been up to.

European bancassurance: Impact of COVID-19 and the next normal


As customers and banks accelerate their digital transformation, bancassurers need to move digital to the core. Insights on Financial Services

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How To Find New Clients During Pandemic

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Developing strategies for an unsure future is a pretty big, and possibly confusing task, but there are experts out there who know how to adapt to a rapidly changing market.

Reimagining Capitalism in the Shadow of the Pandemic

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The U.S. has reached an inflection point. Economics & Society Government Digital Article

How to Keep Closing B2B Deals During the Pandemic

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B2B 38

Reopening the Office? Here’s How to Stymie Transmission of Covid-19.

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To stop the virus, you need to understand how it spreads. Managing people Managing organizations Crisis management Organizational structure Digital Article

Future-Proofing Your Strategy with Scenario Planning

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A conversation with consultant Peter Scoblic on scenario planning lessons from the U.S. Coast Guard. Strategy Strategic planning Forecasting Crisis management Audio