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Redefining the role of the leader in the reskilling era


To enable continuous learning, leaders will need to think and act differently. Insights on Organization


Why Fewer Consultants are Using Problem-Solving


The post Why Fewer Consultants are Using Problem-Solving appeared first on SchellingPoint Website. Blog Management Consulting

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Winning in automation requires a focus on humans


While organizations are often tempted to use automation to eliminate work, looking at the customer experience for growth opportunities can maximize returns on automation investments. Digital Insights


4 Organizational Design Issues That Most Leaders Misdiagnose

Harvard Business

Your problem probably isn’t what you think it is. Organizational structure Crisis management Conflict Digital Article

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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Boosting the accessibility of workplace reskilling


How can we ensure that everyone has the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century? Three experts sketch out a vision. Insights on Organization


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Managing and supporting employees through cultural change in mergers


Mergers represent an enormous operational and cultural change for employees. Culture is too often neglected. Don’t fall into this trap. Insights on Organization

Only the hits

Seth Godin Blog

The economics are compelling. Start a movie studio, a record label or a book publisher that only markets hits. No clunkers. No filler. Simply the hits. Easier than it sounds. Why doesn’t a musician go straight to a “greatest hits” record and save everyone a lot of time and hassle? Why doesn’t a salesperson only call on people who are sure to buy? Because no one knows anything. You won’t know if it’s a hit until after you bring it to market.

Are Businesses Ready for Deglobalization?

Harvard Business

Four long-term risks to prepare for. Globalization International business Managing organizations Digital Article