Sun.Jun 16, 2019

Elon Musk: “Walk out of a meeting. “

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In April 2018, Tesla was at a critical juncture – oh wait, that’s redundant – Tesla’s always at a critical juncture. Well, at the time, they had only produced 30K cars (as of June 2019, they’ve produced 420K+), and wanted to improve their precision, profitability, and productivity. Elon Musk sent an email out to Tesla, verified […]. The post Elon Musk: “Walk out of a meeting. “ appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Team Leadership

Consulting Cover Letter: Ultimate Guide

Management Consulted

The cover letter is often undervalued because it is misunderstood. A good management consulting cover letter can give you a small edge over other candidates, particularly because firms use it as a writing sample. And don’t forget: a bad cover … Continue Reading.

The appropriate medium

Seth Godin Blog

We spend all day communicating, and we’ve invented a myriad of ways to do it. You can buy a stamp, press a button, rent a room or use a microphone. Choose wisely. Don’t send an email when you should pick up the phone instead. Don’t send a text when an email makes more sense. Don’t have a meeting when a memo is more likely to get the point across. Don’t give a speech when a blog post would reach more people with more impact.