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Three keys to faster, better decisions


Decision makers fed up with slow or subpar results take heart. Three practices can help improve decision making and convince skeptical business leaders that there is life after death by committee. Insights on Organization


McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew

Management Consulted

The McKinsey consulting case interview – there are so many things to become familiar with in McKinsey consulting interview prep. Of course, there are the basics that you have to learn. But additionally, there are things that most people don’t … Continue Reading.

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How to move fast: Innovation at speed and scale


Leading start-ups innovate, go to market, and scale quickly with limited resources. What can large companies learn from the start-up playbook? Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

The Growth of the Consulting Industry in the Nordics


Growth at its Finest. The Nordic consulting industry has experienced a drastic increase in previous years. Growing by 5.7% with a market value of €2.77 billion. Currently, Sweden has taken the lead when comparing growth rates between the four countries. Reaching a staggering 6.9%

Managing data as an asset: An interview with the CEO of Informatica


Anil Chakravarthy draws on his experience leading a data-management business to discuss new technical and organizational approaches that help companies create value with data. Digital Insights


Rick Conlow

Your success as a manager is often linked to whether you are recruiting and hiring winners. Too many managers are unaware of key good practices. Unfortunately, not all managers have complete control over the selection process. Some managers inherit the employees they oversee.

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How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

Harvard Business

Pay less attention to them and more attention to your values. Psychology Managing yourself Digital Article

Second-life EV batteries: The newest value pool in energy storage


With continued global growth of electric vehicles (EV), a new opportunity for the power sector is emerging: stationary storage powered by used EV batteries, which could exceed 200 gigawatt-hours by 2030. Automotive & Assembly Insights

Energy 112

The Stigma That Keeps Consultants from Using Flex Time

Harvard Business

Findings from interviews with 50 management consultants. Work-life balance Stress Decision making Consulting Digital Article

Addressing the social determinants of health: Capturing improved health outcomes and ROI for state Medicaid programs


The social determinants of health (SDoH) strongly contribute to variations in health status. Addressing SDoH can help ensure access to high-quality care, improve outcomes, and manage costs. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

ROI 91

Can AI Nudge Us to Make Better Choices?

Harvard Business

Machine learning, meet behavioral science. Behavioral economics Psychology Technology Innovation Digital Article

Decision making in the age of urgency


Decision making takes up a lot of time, much of it used ineffectively. New survey results offer lessons for making quick, high-quality decisions that support outperformance. Insights on Organization

The Future of Drug Trials Is Better Data and Continuous Monitoring

Harvard Business

It will help patients and bring new treatments to market faster. Research & development Technology Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Technology Digital Article

Five Fifty: Decision factories


Want to reduce the staggering cost of bad decisions? Turn your organization into a “decision factory.”. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Leading Small Teams

Harvard Business

Do you have a hard time managing team dynamics? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Facebook executive Julie Zhuo. They talk through what to do when your subordinate is bossing around others on the team, a star performer you’ve hired threatens your status, or you want to help an underperforming team member. Leading teams Developing employees Managing people Audio

Navigating a perfect storm in the Middle East’s consumer sector


Amid major shifts in the consumer and business landscape, companies in the Middle East must revamp their value propositions and relentlessly push for productivity—while investing in digital, analytics, and M&A capabilities. Middle East and Africa

Internet Trolls & Crazy Rich Asians: The Wild World of Vintage Watch Collectors

Harvard Business

Eric Wind, former senior watch specialist at Christie’s and a “watch-preneur,” reveals how you can navigate the often irrational world of collection to make money while having fun in the process. The views expressed on this podcast are those of its hosts, guests, and callers, and not those of Harvard Business Review. Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing Strategy Audio

Sales 43

Insights from McKinsey's Consumer Social Determinants of Health Survey


Survey findings shed light on how social determinants of health affect healthcare utilization rates and consumers interest in social program offerings. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

HBR Presents: Cold Call

Harvard Business

Harvard Business School’s Brian Kenny is joined by professors to distill the school’s legendary case studies into podcast form, giving listeners important takeaways they can use in their own businesses and careers. In this episode, Harvard Business School professors Leslie John and Mitch Weiss discuss a case on the city of Toronto, and how it is experimenting with various smart city ideas born of the Google spin-off Sidewalk Labs.

The minimizing coin

Seth Godin Blog

If your habit is to clear your throat, apologize a few times, minimize the quality of the work you’re about to share and in general, apologize for the assertions you’re about to make… you probably realize that this is not an effective way to give a talk, lead a class or have a strategic discussion. Consider carrying a coin in your pocket, one that’s large, or in a foreign currency.


How PXT Select™ Can Help Organizations Hire the Right People - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM PXT SELECT

Harvard Business

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