Sun.May 19, 2019

Transition to Consulting: Military to Consulting

Management Consulted

Kate Spradley is a powerhouse, a force of nature. A woman who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, got her first graduate degree in Geological Engineering, and who spent 8 years as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Kate … Continue Reading.

Expressing the Identity of your Team Through Image and Metaphor (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the Leadership Vision podcast, we’re talking about the power of symbol and metaphor as a backdrop to helping you understand the power that can exist in a team setting.

This will take two hours

Seth Godin Blog

We have so many forms of “this will only take a minute” inputs. We have Slack, which is optimized for, “yep, I saw that.” ” We have email, which is optimized for, “I cleared my inbox” or possibly, “I’ll do this later.” ” We have Twitter, which is optimized for wasting time. And we have Facebook, which in only a few minutes, can make you feel left out.