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Mastering Non-Profit Consulting with Douglas Nelson: Podcast #74

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Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to how you can master non-profit consulting is Douglas Nelson, managing director for the Discovery Group.

BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey

Management Consulted

BCG careers are distinctive vs competitors Bain and McKinsey. In this video, Jenny Rae focuses not on Bain Case Interviews like in some of our other videos, but on culture- what’s it’s like to work for Boston Consulting Group. What … Continue Reading. The post BCG Careers vs Working At Bain or McKinsey appeared first on Management Consulted. Consulting Firms consulting recruiting management consulting McKinsey Consulting

Bias busters: Resisting the allure of ‘glamour’ projects


Don’t starve maintenance projects of funds. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Top Consulting Firms

What are the Top Consulting Firms?

Precision medicine: Opening the aperture


To keep pace with the evolving ecosystem for precision medicine, pharma players must be attuned to three crucial components: data collection, individualized solutions, and supporting business models. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

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Digital peer pressure

Seth Godin Blog

“You’re using it wrong.” ” That’s how culture develops, of course. That’s why no one uses ALL CAPS IN THEIR EMAIL ANY MORE. Culture develops online at the speed of light. Every interaction tool comes with peers to interact with, and quickly, those tools establish the norms of interaction. As a result, there are a ton of rules and more arriving every day. Culture forms around us, then changes and then forms again.

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8 Things to Do Before You Run a Business Experiment

Harvard Business

Budget time, not just money. Analytics Digital Article


Leading from the front line: How airlines can boost ancillary revenues


Ancillary revenues are rising, and airlines increasingly depend on them. The next step forward: Efforts to help frontline employees collect these fees and charges more effectively. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

How Global Brands Can Respond to Local Competitors

Harvard Business

Small consumer brands are better able to create hypertargeted products. Global strategy Emerging markets Retail & Consumer Goods Digital Article

The future of manufacturing: Your people


New technologies are an enabler, not merely a goal in themselves. Insights on Operations

Working Mothers

Harvard Business

Are you struggling to balance career and family? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of career coach Daisy Dowling. They talk through what to do when you’re returning from maternity leave, planning to have kids early in your career, or debating whether to quit your job to care for your children. Work-life balance Managing yourself Career planning Audio

Bias busters: Pruning projects proactively


Companies hang on too long to underperforming assets. Continual pruning can help them avoid significant losses. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Research: Are Women Better at Leading Diverse Countries Than Men?

Harvard Business

A study looked at 188 nations over a 54-year period. Economy Gender Digital Article

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Solving the carve-out conundrum


Acquiring an asset that may remain entangled with its parent company poses a different level of complexity in assessing potential value. Due diligence on three critical challenges can help. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies

Harvard Business

Creative pursuits will open up new perspectives and boost your confidence. Stress Creativity Managing yourself Digital Article

HR tackles CX employment challenges with data-driven people strategies

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Customer care leaders are challenged with finding, keeping, and engaging employees during this tumultuous employment climate. Human Resources can be the secret weapon to help stand out among competitors.