Sat.May 18, 2019

Asset Management – Industry Overview (Part 1 of 4)

Tom Spencer

Asset managers are institutions that ‘manage money’ on behalf of certain beneficiaries. What does this mean exactly? Well, asset managers aim to understand client investment objectives and invest client funds in a variety of financial products and asset classes.

Bo Diddley

Seth Godin Blog

In 1995, Bo Diddley released his first record. It became a #1 bestseller. The name of the track? “Bo Diddley.” ” It was a song about a singer and his work. That’s what it sounds like when you own it. When you sign your work. If you’re going to step up and create, it helps to own what you just did. You’re not simply another in a long line. You’re you


Preparation for the Case Interview:  Math, Charts and Market Sizing

Tom Spencer

Let’s face it. A major portion of the consulting case interview tests your quantitative skills. Consultants work with a lot of data and can spend a significant amount of time crunching numbers.