Sun.Feb 10, 2019

Saying Farewell to a Great Audience: The Final Blog…

Confessions of a Consultant

Saying Goodbye. I started blogging for 2 reasons. Firstly, it would act as an aide memoir – helping to capture the learning from a diverse range of experiences. Secondly, it would be a form of marketing – directly answering the question: “Is that bloke still alive?”

The Short Life of Enlightened Leadership (and How to Extend It)


Idealistic values and socially admirable practices in business are often effective, but generally short-lived. They rarely survive through more than two successions of company leadership.

The Fearless Landing

The More Clients Blog

Imagine that you are the pilot of a cargo plane during wartime. And you’re coming in to land your plane on the base’s runway. But as you approach, on the runway you see burned-out tanks, overturned trucks and crashed fighter planes. Obviously, the base has been attacked and because of all the debris on the runway, you can’t land your plane. You hail the control tower and say, “What’s going on down there? There’s junk all over the runway; I can’t land!”.

The Importance of a Descriptive and Generative Approach to the Understanding and Application of Strengths (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the podcast, Steph Wahlund and Nathan Freeburg dive into the meaning and importance of the terms Descriptive and Generative.

The Weekly Independent: February 11, 2019

MBO Partners

News and notes for independent professionals and their clients. This is the February 11, 2019 edition



Seth Godin Blog

As Close as Necessary to Perfect. The thing is, with limitless focus and energy, just about everything can be improved. That’s not the question. The question is: Is this thing you’re working on as close to perfect as it needs to be? As close to perfect as your customer demands? As close to perfect as the budget can allow? It’s not settling to walk away from something that’s CNP. It’s simply a smart allocation of your resources.