Mon.Dec 02, 2019

How To Be In Demand As A Consultant With Jono Bacon: Podcast #117

Consulting Success

In a growing consulting space, it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd. Founder of Jono Bacon Consulting and Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant, Jono Bacon shares wisdom from his vast experience on how you can become in-demand as a consultant. He spills some great advice. How To Be In Demand As A Consultant With Jono Bacon: Podcast #117 is a post from: Consulting Success.

The True Spirit of Mr. Rogers

The More Clients Blog

On Thanksgiving day, My wife and I went to see the Mr. Rogers film, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is one of those rare films that can create a shift in one’s perspective about life. In many movies, we experience a hero or heroine and feel inspired by who they are.

Film 72

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162: Andrea Kramer and Alton Harris—Tackling Gender Bias In The Workplace

On the Brink Podcast

Learn how to overcome discriminatory gender bias! As you may know, I am researching my next book about women and how they are smashing the myths of what they can or cannot do in this world.

How we help teams work through Conflict

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about how we help teams work through Conflict. We start by establishing some basic definitions of Conflict then we talk about how we help people understand their own responses and reactions to it.

What Makes You “Multicultural”

Harvard Business

Knowledge of more than one culture can often help you create innovative solutions. Managing yourself Cross-cultural management International business Digital Article

Deep connection

Seth Godin Blog

When someone tells you what you need to hear, instead of what you’re hoping to hear, you’ve found something priceless. This takes care, generosity and guts to achieve. When you offer this gift to someone else, it might seem like it’s unappreciated. But you didn’t do it to be appreciated, you did it because you care enough to work for a deep connection, one that makes things better. Best to devote that energy to people and causes that can run with it

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The Persistent Myth of Female Office Rivalries

Harvard Business

There’s no evidence that women are more hostile to other women than men are to other men. Gender Conflict Digital Article


Are You Adapting Your Leadership Strategy as Your Startup Grows?

Harvard Business

If you don’t, your investors might do it for you. Founders Leadership Career planning Digital Article

Tackling Leadership Struggles, Burnout, and Performance Anxiety

Harvard Business

Leading a group of people can produce chronic anxiety, but many leaders who suffer from anxiety don’t even realize it. In today’s episode we explore anxiety related to leadership and how performance anxiety can hold us back at work. Host Morra Aarons-Mele speaks with Steve Cuss, a leadership consultant and the lead pastor of Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, Colorado, about leadership anxiety and burnout.

Aging Up, Not Out

Harvard Business

As we grow older, we have to deal with not only sexism at work but ageism too. Still, age has its advantages. We talk with an expert on aging, and then we share personal experiences and answer questions from listeners. Guests: Nancy Morrow-Howell and Maureen Hoch. Our theme music is Matt Hill’s “City In Motion,” provided by Audio Network. Gender Audio