Wed.Dec 05, 2018

Career day

Consultants Mind

On the last day of class, I have career day. Double meaning – students do their course evaluations (impacting my career), and I dole out what career advice I have from the last 25 years. Caveat: 90% are blog posts that I have written since 2013.

Course 181

Building a tech-enabled ecosystem: An interview with Ping An’s Jessica Tan


A culture of innovation and failing fast drives the Chinese financial conglomerate’s expansion beyond traditional sector boundaries and its early adoption of emerging technologies. China

What a proposition isn’t. What a proposition is. With a little help from a French café or two.

The Source

It’s a cold, bright January day, and I’m walking down the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. My meeting has finished early and I’ve got a couple of hours before my next one.

The future of automated ports


The challenges are significant, but careful planning and implementation can surmount them. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Closing the Culture Gap


Are you a leader who is eager to show a commitment to culture, but unsure how to do so? Or do you see other leaders pushing for "culture change" and feel private doubt even while you are outwardly encouraging?

Somethings are Just Out of Our Control

Martinka Consulting

Two weeks ago, I received a couple positive comments about the memo sent that morning. A few people noticed it was dated September 18 and was the same content as the September 18 memo. So, I investigated. For background, my process is: Take a recent memo. Delete the content. Paste in the new content, link a different video, and change the date. Send a test message to myself and edit if needed. Schedule it.

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Future of Work Trends 2019

Cheryl Cran

What’s next for the future of work ? Take a look at our Future of Work Trends 2019. 2018 was a year of much upheaval and change in global politics and world events.

Hiring with a Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Gina Abudi

Abudi Consulting Group has been working with an increasing number of our clients to focus their hiring practices on emotional intelligence. Research has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is necessary for organizations who focus on consensus building, relationship building and collaboration to achieve goals. A study done by LinkedIn in 2016 of 291 hiring managers [.]. The post Hiring with a Focus on Emotional Intelligence appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Seeing what’s right in front you

Seth Godin Blog

When the people we serve present themselves, when they offer us their attention and their trust, we need to work to see two things: Who they are. What do they fear, what do they believe, what do they need? Who they can become. Which doors can we open, how can we support them, what will they leave behind


How to Ensure the Success of a Position Your Company Hasn’t Had Before

Harvard Business

Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty Images. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 “Future of Jobs” report, many current organizational roles are likely to be disappear as early as 2022, only to be replaced by new organizational roles.

3 Lessons for Chatbot Initiatives

1 to 1

The use of chatbots in the customer care space is at hot topic for contact center leaders. Chatbots are an essential AI program that contact centers are utilizing for simple customer tasks and knowledgebases.

Microsoft Trending Up, Apple Trending Down…? Plus, The Marriott Data Breach

Harvard Business

Youngme Moon , Felix Oberholzer-Gee , and Mihir Desai debate whether Microsoft is trending up while Apple is trending down, before discussing the Marriott (Starwood) data breach. They also share their After Hours picks for the week. Download this podcast. Some recent picks: Robert Stavins (follow on Twitter). FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data). RBG (Documentary on Amazon Video). The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Video). The Ringer website. Janesville (Amy Goldstein). Airtable (software).

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