Sun.Jun 19, 2022

The arc of history

Seth Godin Blog

By every geologic measure, modern human life is a tiny blip, a spark of static on a very long-playing record. For most of the time that life has existed on Earth, there were no humans. And when there were human-like creatures, they spent much of their time doing not much. Nomads eat when they need to, move around and hang out. It’s not an easy life, but there are none of the modern distractions or problems that urban culture presents.

A Tool to Help you Understand the Strength of WOO®

Leadership Vision Consulting

Do you have the Strengths of WOO®? At Leadership Vision, we have created a tool called a ThemePrint to help you process and understand your Strengths. Since WOO® is one of the most searched-for terms on our website, we thought we would make this ThemePrint available to download for just $4.99.

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