Tue.Apr 09, 2019

A Hidden Resource Your Consulting Firm Underutilizes

David A Fields

Ron “Cherry Top” Ronson, CEO of HunkaChunk Chocolate Company, wants to hire your consulting firm to work your magic, but you’re hesitating. Because you’re already busy. Beyond busy. As a firm you’re running flat out and working overtime. On one hand, you fiercely want the HunkaChunk project.

How to Find the Grit Passion for Winning at Business and Life: Interview with Dave Saliaris

Consulting Matters

Interview Transcript: Betsy Jordyn: Well hey there, it's Betsy Jordyn and I am so excited to interview our latest Consultants Institute grad, Dave Saliaris, who has his own consulting group that he is launching officially. So welcome.

Best Airline for Consultants: Delta or United?

Management Consulted

Delta and United are two of the largest airlines in the world. The debate about which of these U.S. legacy carriers is the best airline for consultants continues to rage. To put that discussion to rest (or add some fuel … Continue Reading. The post Best Airline for Consultants: Delta or United?

Consulting Cover Letter


11 Tipsfor thePerfect ConsultingCover Letter with an Example (2019 Update). Between a resume and cover letter , most job applicants will tell you that the resume is more important.

Winning in a world of ecosystems


For traditional firms seeking to elevate their digital footprint, ecosystems represent an opportunity to boost growth, performance, and outshine competitors. Here's a look at what ecosystems can offer. Insights on Financial Services

Ugh. Corporate Politics


When most people hear the words "corporate politics," it’s usually perceived as a negative. I think this isn’t the right way to think of politics. It doesn’t matter if corporate politics is good or bad. What matters is that no regardless of your view on it, it exists and must be managed in order for you to manage your career effectively. I encourage you to think of corporate politics in a different way.

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A job without a boss

Seth Godin Blog

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur? It’s not simply semantics, your answer changes everything. Freelancers get paid when they work. We’re not focused on scale… and we’re not tiny versions of real entrepreneurs. Freelancers do the work for clients who need them.

Video 32

5 Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job

Harvard Business

Your first few months can determine whether you succeed in the role. Professional transitions Managing yourself Digital Article

Rare QA video, a new workshop, and a path forward for entrepreneurs

Seth Godin Blog

It was 100 degrees outside, and far hotter inside the barn (which had no air conditioning.). But SwissMiss invited me, and I’m glad I followed through. Watching this video a year later, I’ve realized I have very little recollection of what happened in that jam-packed barn, so I’m thrilled that Kertis Creative captured the day. You can rewind for a very kind intro from Tina.].

When Employees Feel Grateful, They’re Less Likely to Be Dishonest

Harvard Business

According to new research. Ethics Organizational culture Digital Article

4 Ways Working Dads Can Make More Time for Family

Harvard Business

The little things matter. Managing yourself Work-life balance Digital Article

Why People — and Companies — Need Purpose

Harvard Business

Nicholas Pearce, clinical associate professor at Kellogg School of Management, says too many companies and individuals go about their daily business without a strong sense of purpose. He argues that companies that are not simply profit-driven are more likely to succeed and that the same goes for people. He says individuals who align their daily job with their life’s work will be happier and more productive.