Sat.Nov 30, 2019

Consulting Case Interviews at Non-Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

Consulting-style case interviews are highly effective, and the same format is being adopted more and more widely.

How To Build A Brand To Attract Your Dream Clients

Henry DeVries

Your brand is how you distinguish your service from others who are also seeking to attract the same type of client. If you can’t communicate a brand, you are offering yourself as a generic commodity and that is no way to attract high-paying clients

Rola agregatorów w sprzeda?y ubezpiecze?


Agregatorzy podbijaj? rynek sprzeda?y y ubezpiecze? w Internecie. strategi? powinni obra? tradycyjni ubezpieczyciele? Our Insights

The transition to leadership

Seth Godin Blog

The flawed theory is that A+ students become good leaders. There’s no reason to think that this should be true. Doing well on tests, paying attention to what’s being asked, being diligent in short-term error correction–these are three hallmarks of someone who is good at school. None of these are important once you’re charged with charting a new path, with figuring out what to do next. In fact, they get in the way.

The Surprising Effects of Business Vs. Leisure Travel

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