Fri.May 10, 2019

Announcing the CEO Club of Greater Boston

Emerson Consulting Group

Why CEOs Need a “Watering Hole” CEOs are a lonely bunch, often uncertain where to turn for advice, feedback, peer support or knowledgeable coaching.

B2B 52

Accenture: Continuing to stretch the meaning of “consulting”

The Source

Watching Accenture in action is always an invigorating experience. While scale is still a key part of the firm’s narrative, the years in which Accenture offered the consulting equivalent of Bauhaus brutalism have given way to an altogether smarter approach, all agile and innovation.

4 Ways to Inspire and Empower Employees to Effect Change

LSA Global

Change in Today’s Economy. The best leaders know how to empower employees to effect change. No business or leader can survive very long these days without the ability to anticipate and accommodate ever-changing external and internal influences. Common External Influences of Change.

7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success

Harvard Business

Emphasize learning, not just doing. Leadership Leadership transitions Managing people Coaching Developing employees Hiring Talent management Digital Article

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

Time travel is exhausting

Seth Godin Blog

If you’re imagining your future and then looking back at today through a rear-view mirror, it can wear you out. Writing a book (all caps, WRITING A BOOK) or preparing for a TED talk (already in all caps) can paralyze an ordinarily productive person. At the same time, tweeting is easy for a lot of people. That’s because Twitter makes the false promise that it’s all about now. Whatever. Write what you’re doing, or feeling, or angry about.

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How Asking Multiple People for Advice Can Backfire

Harvard Business

Advisors don’t like when their advice is disregarded. Giving feedback Communication Decision making Receiving feedback Digital Article


Voice Recognition Still Has Significant Race and Gender Biases

Harvard Business

It’s both a social justice issue and a missed opportunity for companies. Technology Diversity Digital Article

Inside Mount Sinai’s Hospital-at-Home Program

Harvard Business

It led to fewer readmissions and complications. Innovation Operations Competitive strategy Business models Technology Policy Healthcare Digital Article