Five reasons some zero-based-budgeting transformations greatly outperform others


A few basic practices, as our downloadable infographic shows, make a significant difference in helping changes stick. Insights on Operations

#9: 5 Reasons To Love Corporate Politics

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Download Episode Transcript. I was asked to lead a massive initiative at Disney to help the operations executives redefine the guest/cast and cast/leader experience. I'll never forget the moment when I first fell in love with corporate politics.

How AI Is Already Changing Business

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Download this podcast. Technology Operations management AudioErik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School professor, explains how rapid advances in machine learning are presenting new opportunities for businesses. He breaks down how the technology works and what it can and can’t do (yet). He also discusses the potential impact of AI on the economy, how workforces will interact with it in the future, and suggests managers start experimenting now.

Selling to Government: Understand the basic rules of engagement

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I can download a PDF of the policy and there in the table of contents is 4.8.2 – Engagement of consultants. These sites will also have project specifications to download, and you also upload your proposal and quote. Make sure your proposal demonstrates clear understanding of the client’s operating environment. In my experience, my clients in the government sector have tended to be smart, highly experienced operators with high expectations and a take no prisoner attitude.

#8: 5 Reasons Why EVERY Consultant Needs Systems Thinking

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Download Episode Transcript. You may have found your way to consulting as a result of developing an expertise within a specific functional area like marketing, sales or operations and now are being invited to contribute towards projects that affect the entire enterprise.

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Thinking about becoming a consultant? You’ll need to get used to being outside your comfort zone

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Yes, you’re providing services within the sector/s you know; you understand the policy and operating environment and bring a wealth of experience drawn from working in that sector. Because as a consultant what we bring is expertise in solving system problems, in addressing complex issues in organisations, in the application of policy, in issues management, in strategic and operational planning. We all remember starting a new job.

How NASA Uses Telemedicine to Care for Astronauts in Space

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Astronauts, doctors, nurses, and Mission Control personnel learn to acquire good operational communication skills through classes, practice, and scenario-based simulations. Ultrasound imaging, for the time being, is the only medical visualization device that can be flown and operated on a spacecraft. After reviewing the full set of imagery (downloaded from the ISS within the hour by the BME), the radiologist confirmed the problem.

Outsourcing Matrix

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To what extent do the activities contribute to operational performance? If the activity has a low contribution to operational performance it can be eliminated, and if it has a high contribution to operational performance it should be outsourced. Operations.

Value Chain Analysis

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It can be used to analyse the cost structure of a company as part of a declining profitability case, or to analyse the supply chain as part of an operations case. For more information on consulting interviews, please download “ The HUB’s Guide to Consulting Interviews “ ].

Seth's Blog: Memo to the modern COO

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More than 3,000,000 copies downloaded, perhaps the most important book to read about creating ideas that spread. Instead of measuring the call center on calls answered per minute, he insisted that the operators be trained and rewarded to take their time and actually be human, to connect and make a difference instead of merely processing the incoming. In the industrial era, the job of the chief operating officer revolved around two related functions: Decrease costs.

Types of Consulting

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Here are five (5) of the main types of consulting that might interest you: Strategy: Think BCG , McKinsey and Bain (although it is worth noting that these firms are doing less and less “pure” strategy work and more operations, implementation and restructuring). Operations: While strategy consultants give recommendations about what a client “should” do, operations consultants help clients actually improve existing operations. (Source: Flickr ).

McKinsey 7 S Model

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For more information on the consulting interview, download “ The HUB’s Guide to the Consulting Interview “ ]. (Source: Flickr ).

The Importance of Business Acumen for High Performance

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We believe that employees need to better understand the key factors that affect a company’s operations and financial strength to improve decision-making and strategy execution. Operating income. Operating Expenses. The Importance of Business Acumen.

Consulting Firms in Old Blighty

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This week’s guidebook profiles the most prominent consulting firms operating in Old Blighty. You can download the guidebook here. Another week, another guidebook for you, dear reader. Where is Old Blighty you ask? Well, if you need to ask, then this week’s guidebook is probably not for you.

Profitability Framework

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Value chain analysis: Consider value chain activities: access to raw materials; operating capacity; inventory handling and distribution. To what extent do the activities contribute to operational performance? Operations.

Do Your Corporate Values Keep You on the Right Path?

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To operate at your peak, you need corporate values that truly define your workplace culture. To learn more about how corporate values keep you on the right path, download A Purposeful and Aligned Organizational Culture – Your DNA for Success.

How to Decrease Organizational Complexity

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Leaders are apt to consider complexity from a broader point of view – the number of employees, the number of divisions, the number of facilities, the number of countries they operate in, etc. Can you justify operating in as many countries as you currently do?

Consulting Exit Options

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Former consultants can land themselves strategy, marketing, operations, business development or management roles in large corporations like Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola or Procter & Gamble. For more information on the management consulting industry, please download our “ Guide to Management Consulting “ ]. One of the benefits of starting your career in the management consulting industry is that it provides many favorable exit opportunities.

The Power of Strategic Alignment

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Our research found that team members are half as clear as their leaders about the team’s goals, roles, success metrics and operating norms. To learn more about avoiding the traps associated with unclear business strategies, download 7 Ways to Stress Test Your Strategic Clarity.

How the U.S. Navy is Responding to Climate Change

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Forest Reinhardt and Michael Toffel, Harvard Business School professors, talk about how a giant, global enterprise that operates and owns assets at sea level is fighting climate change—and adapting to it. Download this podcast. They discuss what the private sector can learn from the U.S. Navy’s scientific and sober view of the world. Reinhardt and Toffel are the authors of “ Managing Climate Change: Lessons from the U.S.

Revenue Roadblock

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There are lots of ways that aspects of a business’s operations can interfere with the customer experience, preventing or inhibiting growth. Meet the business prevention department. It’s the place great opportunities go to die.

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4 Essentials for Leading Change Successfully

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In our experience of nearly three decades leading change projects in the field, we have observed that organizations are generally better at the tactical and operational side of change compared to the strategic and people side of change. Leading Change. It seems that change is inevitable.

To Move Faster Create Strategic Clarity “Game-by-Game”

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They can operate just the way a small boat or battleship would to dash here and there to clear obstacles in the path of the larger cruise ship. To learn more, download, Fast Track Your Leaders with Just-in-Time Leadership Development.

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Are Leadership Gaps Threatening Your Strategy?

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Bold strategies require bold leaders who operate at many levels, deliver on challenging goals and inspire the best from their colleagues. To learn more about how to beat the strategy execution odds, download 7 Strategic Clarity Warning Signs to Pay Attention To.

How to Deal with Negative Employee Engagement Feedback

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Be a grown up and remember that the purpose of the survey is to get better at what you do, how the team operates and where the company needs to improve. Deal with Negative Employee Engagement Feedback.

How to Find Weak Links in Your Corporate Culture

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Identify the cultural aspects that matter most in terms of customers, market approach, brand positioning, risk tolerance, operational variances, decision making, work atmosphere, people and results. Weak Links in Your Corporate Culture Can Derail Performance.

How to Better Handle Office Politics

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So you need to disengage from the way you feel and adopt an objective attitude from which you can operate and learn. To learn more about how to better handle workplace politics, download Top Strategies to Improve Your Organizational Savvy. How to Better Handle Office Politics.

The Consulting Value Proposition

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In an apparent attempt to stop McKinsey poaching key talent, AlixPartners sued its former employees (Eric Thompson, managing director of AlixPartners’ Hong Kong office, and Ivo Naumann, head of its Shanghai branch) on claims that they misappropriated trade secrets before they left the firm’s Asian operations. A firm may find this appealing because implementation may be a dedicated project unrelated to the firm’s ongoing operations. Why do organisations hire consultants?

How to Conduct Effective Leadership Team Meetings

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Use other meetings and other people to take care of tactical, urgent, operational, and functional items. To learn more about how to create greater levels of leadership team alignment, download How Leaders Break Down Silos and Resolve Cross-Unit Conflicts.

Consultant Ninja: Friedman Billings Ramsey and Tom Peters.

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Flash Player 9 or higher is required to view the chart Click here to download Flash Player now There is a larger lesson here. The investment bank still operates as FBR Capital Markets. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja.

Success at the Cost of Corporate Culture Does Not Work

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The only effective way to maintain a work environment where workers feel safe and supported is to hold those who operate outside of stated cultural goals fully accountable.

3 Strategic Thinking Behaviors to Better See the Big Picture

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Because they operate at a high level, executives are often better positioned to see things that are more applicable to the entire company rather than to a specific functional area or project. They understand that they don’t operate in a vacuum and that one move leads to another.

64 Proven Ways Consultants Can Generate Leads Online (Consulting Lead Generation)

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Downloadable, Educational Content. You can download my free high-converting Consultant Homepage Template that comes with my free email course on how to build a system for getting more consulting clients online. Downloadable, Educational Content. Downloadable, Educational Content.

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When Centralized Decision Making Makes Sense

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Every organization needs to operate with some common standards and procedures. To learn more about effective decision making, download 3 Steps to Set Your Team Up to Make Better Decisions. Efficient and Effective Decision Making Cultures Vary.

Differentiate yourself by taking a stand against something you don’t like about our industry

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What if you stood out by promising something different than the standard operating procedures your competition follows? Economic and industry information is often presented by just attaching the downloads as an appendix. Greetings from nearby Payson, AZ.

Sample Consulting Case Questions

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Operations. A leading financial services company is trying to reduce operating expenditures. For more information on consulting interviews, please download “ The HUB’s Guide to Consulting Interviews “ ]. (Source: Flickr ).

How to Learn New Skills Faster

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Josh Waitzkin, chess whiz, martial arts expert and author of The Art of Learning , puts it this way, “The more present we are at practice, the more present we will be in competition, in the boardroom, at the exam, the operating table, the big stage.”. Learn New Skills Faster|.