Recruiting versus reality

Tom Spencer

Consulting firms are very good at selling themselves to potential recruits. In this post, I explore the other side of the value propositions presented by consulting firms during the recruiting process: “You will be exposed to a wide range of problems and industries”.

How to select and develop individuals for successful agile teams: A practical guide


Discover ways to identify these when recruiting and coaching your people. What personality traits and values help agile teams bloom? Insights on Organization

Recruiting Strategies for a Tight Talent Market

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If any story demonstrates how far employers will go in today’s fierce war for talent, the tale of Snapchat’s geofilter recruiting campaign is it. The fight for new recruits is intense — not just in the tech sector, but across all industries. “Feeling pinned down?”

The Barriers to Recruiting and Employing Digital Talent

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Because these firms tend to have slim margins and cannot pay Silicon Valley salaries, many have had to get creative in their recruiting and employee development. Talent development also needs to be framed in terms of the overall business strategy. hbr staff/Yury Vinokurov/EyeEm/Getty Images. Finding digital talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today.

Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting

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It suggests that Kalanick initially saw the HR function as a means of recruiting staff to support fast growth. All of this indicates that Uber leaders prioritized immediately useful services like recruitment over, for example, legal compliance systems, audits, and leadership development. In fast-growing organizations, HR is designed and staffed to deliver the “services” that are most visible to the leadership team; that usually means large-scale recruiting.

How Geography Affects Where Elite Consulting Firms Recruit

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Research has shown that attending an elite university can make or break a student’s chances of being recruited by the best firms ( whether or not that strategy makes sense for firms ). Why not just recruit the best students from all the top schools in Pennsylvania?

Simple Changes to Job Ads Can Help Recruit More Police Officers of Color

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Because of this, it’s no surprise then that police departments lean on public service messaging to recruit. Of the police forces that are running any active recruitment efforts, the majority use some version of a “service” message: potential candidates are often asked to “come serve” or “answer the call to serve.” Drew Angerer/Staff/Getty Images. The United States is experiencing a human capital crisis at all levels of government.

Why Salespeople Need to Develop “Machine Intelligence”

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Amelia, the “cognitive agent” developed by IPsoft, can parse natural language to understand customers’ questions, handling up to 27,000 conversations simultaneously and in multiple languages.

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

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In the first study, we recruited 296 people online, half of whom had lived abroad for a minimum of three months, and half of whom had not. We developed a new scale to measure these reflections, and our data showed that people who had lived abroad had engaged in them more than people who had never lived abroad. We recruited 116 participants online, all of whom had lived abroad before, and randomly assigned them to one of two experimental conditions. Fabien Butazzi/Unsplash.

Why the Australian Defence Organization Is Recruiting Cyber Analysts on the Autism Spectrum

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As the pioneering Danish firm Specialisterne showed first in the early 2000s, however, and as the Australian Defence Organization’s partner DXC Technology has demonstrated through deployments in Australia, if you manage things right, you can recruit great talent and activate it to a maximum degree from populations of autistic people. DXC developed the Dandelion Program based on this metaphor, in collaboration with a number leading universities and independent advisors.

Having a Growth Mindset Makes It Easier to Develop New Interests

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Others lean more toward the view that interests can be developed and that, with commitment and investment, they can grow over time — we call this a growth mindset of interest. They can be developed with involvement and persistence. Rafael Ben-Ari/Getty Images. [T]echnology

How Learning and Development Are Becoming More Agile

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Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. What does this mean for workforce learning and development? In particular, we see several interesting developments: Technology-supported peer learning is disrupting the old paradigm. As a senior tech leader at Wal-Mart put it, “It often just takes too long to recruit, hire and on-board full-time staff.” Development, not deficiency, is motivating learning.

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Nail Your Marketing Message in Your LinkedIn Profile

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And your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to both develop and spotlight your most focused marketing message. Uncategorized Business Business Finance business to business Economy important online tools John Nemo LinkedIn management consultant marketing next online courses Patent Attorney Personal Chef Recruitment social media Social networking services tax preparation specialist Webinars World Wide WebYour marketing message communicates to the world what your business is about.

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Can Blind Hiring Improve Your Customer Experience?

Joellyn Sargent

The idea of recruiting employees without regard for education and experience, focusing instead on skills and abilities, is seen as a way to level the field for candidates. Leadership customer experience customer focus employees hiring recruiting

How to Develop Leaders Who Can Drive Strategic Change - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM KORN FERRY

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Developing leaders to drive financial performance and operational excellence has always been important. Faced with this challenge, executives listed the need to develop leaders who can drive strategic change as the most important leadership development priority for their organizations. But another challenge emerged: Survey respondents said they were unhappy with their current leadership development plans. Image courtesy of Korn Ferry.

Dinged From MBB Consulting Firms – Now What?

Management Consulted

If you interview and fail first rounds, don’t expect to re-interview during full-time recruiting. For example, working for 1-3 years in business development or corporate strategy at Coca-Cola will give you great experience and make you an attractive candidate to MBB firms. In fact, Teach for America is considered a “target school” for MBB – so you get to go through active recruiting at top firms. consulting recruiting

7 People who NEED to apply to McKinsey in the next 8 days

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It’s no secret McKinsey recruits PhD and APD level candidates, but the process is unique compared to the way the firm hires other candidates. Instead of asking for 20 or 30 seconds of silence at the end of a question to develop your recommendation, talk through your answer to bring your recommendation together. consulting interviews consulting recruiting mckinsey interview

6 Ways to Take Control of Your Career Development If Your Company Doesn’t Care About It

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We are now in the era of “do-it-yourself” career development. During my 11 years at PepsiCo, mostly during the 1990s, “personal development” was treated as a major company initiative. In fact, Korn Ferry found that when managers rated themselves on various competencies, out of 67 managerial skills “developing others” came in dead last. In time, a mentor relationship may develop organically. Drawn Ideas/Getty Images.

Expanding the Reach of Primary Care in Developing Countries

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While advances in health care in the developed world often emphasize new technologies, in developing lower- and middle-income countries simply expanding the reach of basic primary care services is crucial to improving health. In developing countries, primary care tends to be delivered by a mix of public and private sector providers.

Why Training Matters

Gina Abudi

Training provides significant benefits for organizations including: Providing employees the skills and knowledge necessary to move the organization forward Enabling for improved recruitment and retention of top talent Demonstrating to employees that the organization cares about them and [.]. Human Resource employee development Professional Development skills development Training workshopsIt is an investment organizations must make.

Gender equality, employee experience and HCM compliance: the top-read posts of 2017

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Much attention has been paid to the study of bias (both conscious and unconscious) in the workplace, and many HCM leaders, including our own, predict that AI technology will play a larger role in removing unconscious bias in the recruiting and hiring processes in 2018.

Conversation with Accenture Australia

Tom Spencer

Georgia was extremely helpful and was kind enough to answer some questions I had about Accenture and its recruitment process. Accenture: From training courses in our regional training facility in Kuala Lumpur to on-the-job training we offer our graduates a wide range of training and development opportunities. Tom: Does Accenture use the case interview in its recruitment process? I hope you found the above information about Accenture and its recruitment process useful.

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

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3 SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Finally, you have constant client interaction which develops “client skills” – from managing client teams to running meetings to learning how to navigate different corporate environments.

Great next job? Yes, please.

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Charles Aris is a recruiter out of North Carolina that places ex-strategy consultants. EVP of Strategy & Corporate Development (Boston – PE-backed Medical Device) Our client has partnered with the Charles Aris team to identify an […].

Boardroom Musical Chairs

The Nonprofit Consultant

When we only recruit within our existing circles, we don't open up our boards to new ideas, new connections, and a broader range of experience. Local board training and recruitment programs can often be found within chambers of commerce, community leadership programs, or nonprofit resource centers. Or are you actively developing new sources of recruitment? boards of directors Nonprofit diversity recruiting

You’ve been rejected from all consulting jobs. What’s next?

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Practice will only help for future interviews or next year’s recruiting cycle. If your heart is still set on management and strategy consulting, the best thing you can do is recruit for jobs with the best combination of brand recognition and skill-development. Important disclaimer – don’t get a masters degree just for recruiting purposes. It’s an important question – and never more so than in today’s market.

HR’s Role in Building High Performance Organizations

Confessions of a Consultant

Develop a robust HR Plan — superior to anything done historically — that addresses real business issues. It’s normally some combination of remedial (tactical) fixes and longer-term development options. The Devil looked at her and smiled: “Yesterday we were recruiting.

LinkedIn Launches Board Connect Service

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It does not start when a member leaves and a seat opens up, but proceeds according to a plan that includes methods of identifying new recruits, the vetting process, suggestions for other volunteer activities until a board seat is open (non-board members may sit on committees, help with events, etc.), Consultants (such as Mr. Wyland, Ms Temkin, or myself) can help your board with both proper training on roles and responsibilities, and with creating a board development and recruitment plan.

Tips for Landing Your First Job at a Digital Agency

Tom Spencer

Every year, recruiters get hit with waves of resumes from newly graduated college students looking for internships or starting positions at top firms. Employers and recruiters will pay attention to every detail. Don’t be nervous to talk to the recruiter or company you want to work for.

Is the BVFLS niche losing its luster for the Top 100 accounting firms? Would that be a good thing?

Rod Burkert

2 – Business Development. As a result of no longer being able to count on answering a ringing phone to bring in new work, many Top 100 firms are diving into the old-fashioned work of business development. Practice development Practice managementGreetings from Colorado.

HR Leaders Need Stronger Data Skills

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” In today’s tightening labor market, HR leaders must work relentlessly to develop and recruit people who advance digital transformation across their organizations. Develop data visualization skills. Data Developing employees Human resource management Digital Articl

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How My Company Created an Apprenticeship Program to Help Diversify Tech

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At Treehouse, an online school that helps companies hire developers and designers, we’re seeing the same problem. They recruited a group of 30 individuals, ages 18-20, who expressed interest in the program. Diversity Hiring Developing employees Technology Digital Article

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#8: 5 Reasons Why EVERY Consultant Needs Systems Thinking

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People Strategy : What competencies are required; how individuals are recruited, selected, trained, recognized, compensated and rewarded; and how performance is measured, tracked and monitored. Download Episode Transcript. I have two children. When they were small, they used to go to daycare.

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Making Intel More Diverse

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Brown breaks down what exactly Intel is doing, why the corporation is doing it, where it’s going well (recruiting), where it’s not going as well (retention), and what other companies can learn from Intel’s experience. Diversity Hiring Employee retention Leadership development Audio

Fixing the Gender Imbalance in Health Care Leadership

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Anecdotal feedback suggests the program is having a positive effect on Dell’s ability to recruit, retain, and promote women and on the gender balance in male dominated divisions such as sales , for example, although the gender imbalance in leadership generally still persists.

Why Companies Are Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces

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In Grand Rapids, Michigan, for instance, Grid70 houses design, business innovation, and product development teams from a grocery chain, shoe retailer, and consumer goods manufacturer — no coding required. Workspaces Research & development Innovation Digital Article

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This Pharma Company Stays Innovative by Doing Two Things

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When one of us (Vivek) and his team launched Roivant Sciences in 2014 and began developing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease — they were determined to learn from the pharma industry’s innovation issues and build a more sustainable innovation engine. While virtually all pharma companies say they encourage risk, in reality the failure of individual drug-development programs frequently results in career damage or even job loss for the research teams involved.

Pushing Employees to Go the Extra Mile Can Be Counterproductive

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These self-starters need no external cues to help a co-worker learn a new skill; offer suggestions for process improvement; recruit a new employee; or volunteer for an assignment. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. In both studies, we observed that employees who feel compelled by extrinsic forces (supervisory demands, formal and informal norms, threat of punishment) to exhibit the admirable qualities of a team player tend to develop a sense of psychological entitlement.

If We Are Doing So Great…Why is Morale So Low?

Peter Stark

Recruit the cream of the crop. Develop a clear, positive vision for a balanced life for yourself and your team. Employee Engagement Executive Coaching Tips communication culture leadership Leadership DevelopmentIf We Are Doing So Great…Why is Morale So Low?

Why You Should Let Employees Personalize Their Job Descriptions

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In most corporate structures, today, recruitment for a position generally means starting with a formal list of tasks — the standardized job description — and hiring someone who can make a convincing case that they would perform each one. Job personalization is best applied when there are clear inflection points: when career trajectories are stalled, during corporate restructuring, or in recruiting for open positions. Developing employees Leading teams Digital Article