TCIP #016 – Malaysia Airlines Crisis Management with Jonathan Hemus

Melissa Agnes

How culture, both organizational and national, impacted Malaysia Airlines’s crisis communication. If you’re a regular reader/listener of mine, I don’t have to tell you what I think of this and the lack of risk analysis (or common sense) that went into this “campaign”, but that aside, as this incident happened after this podcast was recorded, we do not discuss its foolishness in this episode.

These Smart Social Media Tactics Will Help You Prevent A Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Do they understand the culture of each platform so they know what “voice” to use? These three social media tactics, anchored in a regular risk analysis can go a long way to helping you prevent a crisis. By Chris Syme. Editor’s Note: This is a great blog post that gives you an overview of what you can do, right now, to prevent a crisis.

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Make “Fairness by Design” Part of Machine Learning

Harvard Business

More recently, a study compared the commonly used crime risk analysis tool COMPAS against recidivism predictions from 400 untrained workers recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk. patients at high versus low risk of cardiovascular disease). Although the quality of annotation is adequate for many tasks, human annotation is inherently prone to a plethora of culturally ingrained biases. dlanor s./unsplash. unsplash.

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