Building the zero-based culture


Insights on OperationsThere’s a soft side to zero-basing. Businesses that want zero-basing’s changes to last ignore it at their peril.

Infosys Consulting Interviews & Culture

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Birthed in 2004 as a spin-off of Indian tech outsourcing behemoth Infosys Technologies, Infosys Consulting is quickly climbing the charts as an industry leader in IT Operations and Strategy consulting. IT Operations. Supply Chain and Operations Processes. INFOSYS CONSULTING.

Kalypso Interviews & Culture

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Currently, Kalypso LP operates as a subsidiary of Palladius Inc. Kalypso’s day-to-day operations are run by George Young (Chairman), Mick Broekhof (Founding Partner, Head of Kalypso Europe), and Bill Poston (Founding Partner, Managing Director). KALYPSO CULTURE. KALYPSO.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

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KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. Now known to be THE best sourcing, procurement and operations consulting firm in the world, A.T. Operations. Kearney works collaboratively with companies to transform their operations in order to gain unprecedented competitive advantage. Kearney boasts about its Fit Transformation™ methodology, designed specifically to align companies’ strategy, operating model, and people to bring lasting transformation. KEARNEY CULTURE.

7 Ways to Improve Operations Without Sacrificing Worker Safety

Harvard Business

These kinds of statements speak to a leader’s choice of values, and a failure to understand the relationships between a safe work environment and operational performance. The reality is that virtually all workplace injuries are preventable, and safety management and operational excellence are intimately linked. Improved operational performance will result in fewer injuries. But many OSHA inspections lead to substantial improvements in a firm’s operations.

The Cambridge Group: Interviews & Culture

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One problem, however, with tossing traditional practice to the wind is that it takes a significant amount of success to prove that you’re operating on more than just blind luck. When two separate and unique cultures collide there is always bound to be some conflict. THE CAMBRIDGE GROUP.

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KPMG Consulting Interviews and Culture

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However, not all of its resources are pointed towards consulting, as it offers three lines of services, Audit, Tax and Advisory, with the Advisory arm of its operations (where consulting lives) generating $9.09 Within the US, KPMG LLP operates from 87 offices with more than 23,000 employees. As growth continued, the firm sought to further to unify and centralize its operations while boosting brand recognition. Operating Effectiveness. Supply Chain and Operations.

Why You’re Struggling to Improve Company Culture

Markovitz Consulting

The new Proqis BTOES Insights report on operational excellence is out, and by a landslide margin (55% to 37%), the most critical challenge for respondents is “improving the company culture.” Anytime I read that culture is a stumbling block for companies pursuing continuous improvement, I go back to John Shook’s reflections on NUMMI. Why do 55% of the BTOES respondents say that cultural improvement is such a challenge? (This post originally appeared in Industry Week.)

20 Questions to Help You Uncover Your Client's TRUE Culture and Politics

Consulting Matters

Politics gets its bad rap when leaders operate out of self-interest versus the best interest of others. Here's 20 questions to help you uncover your client's true culture and politics (and I promise you - it's not what's posted on the organizational chart or the values hanging in the break room!). DEFINING THE REAL CORPORATE CULTURE. To win business and deliver results - all consultants MUST cultivate their political savvy.

AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

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Sean Sternbach – Director of Operations – Pet Lodge Pet Resort. ALIXPARTNERS CULTURE . The post AlixPartners Interviews and Culture appeared first on Management Consulted. ALIXPARTNERS CONSULTING. Today, we continue our Firm Profile series by looking at AlixPartners. AlixPartners is an international business advisory firm based in Southfield, MI known for its work in corporate turnarounds, bankruptcy assignments and restructuring.

6 Ways to Support Your Desired Culture

LSA Global

Support Your Desired Culture. More leaders are looking for ways support their desired culture in the wake of the recent high profile cultural derailments of companies like VW, Wells Fargo, Uber and the Veteran’s Administration. What Happened Culturally?

Parthenon-EY Interviews and Culture

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With 27 offices worldwide, Parthenon-EY is still a new venture, although it is has gained decent market share in the 2 years it has been operational. Combining strategy experience with a worldwide network, financial backing and brand-name, Parthenon-EY has grown successfully without losing the familial culture that was so important to its co-founders. The practice areas at Parthenon-EY reflect the operational nature of consulting projects at the firm. PARTHENON-EY CULTURE.

7 Big Steps to Change Corporate Culture

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Seven Big Steps to Change Corporate Culture. Just like a company’s strategy and people, workplace culture cannot remain stagnant. A corporate culture needs to constantly shift and align with the business and people strategies. Underestimating the Performance Impact of Culture.

How to Find Weak Links in Your Corporate Culture

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Weak Links in Your Corporate Culture Can Derail Performance. Is your corporate culture helping or hindering the performance of your business and your people? A healthy culture creates the foundation to attract, engage, develop and retain top talent that works well together.

BTS Group Interviews and Culture

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BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. However, the firm operates in five main practice areas: Assessments, Business Acumen, Leadership Development, Sales Training, and Strategy Execution. BTS GROUP CULTURE. The culture at BTS Group is described by employees as fun, tight-knit, and quirky. This core value has definitely permeated the entire firm culture. This setup has enabled BTS Group to create a collegial and familial culture.

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Cornerstone Research Interviews and Culture

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From starting with under 50 employees to over 500 staff members today, Cornerstone has grown successfully without losing the familial culture that was so important to its co-founders. Moving from economic consulting to a more broad-based focus may be a bit tricky, as you have superior experience in one particular facet, but minimal experience in others – and no experience in actual operational changes that are the bread and butter of most major consulting firms.

FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

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FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE. They did much of the work piecing together Mr. Madoff’s money trail and just recently flew over to Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Government, who hired FTI to improve operations of utilities and highway units (2014). FTI CONSULTING CULTURE. As we mentioned earlier, FTI’s stated corporate culture is one of a meritocracy – strong employees are promoted when they are ready and not on the basis of length of service.

Altman Vilandrie: Interviews and Culture

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Operations – Altman Vilandrie dissects the everyday running of a client’s business to see what can be done better. It’s actually quite difficult to get a job at MBB right out of most technology-focused firm because they’ll feel as though you won’t be able to see the bigger picture, but at Altman Vilandrie you’re focused on strategy and operations for tech firms, not tech work – so it’s a whole different story. ALTMAN VILANDRIE CULTURE.

Hay Group Interviews and Culture

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The Hay Group carried on growing for the next 20 years, expanding its operations and its global reach. Most tend toward jobs as an HR consultant (independent or a larger firm) or operations manager. HAY GROUP CULTURE. Applicants will be put through the standard fit interview to assess how well they will get along with other and adjust to the culture at the firm, but their interviews are often easy going. PwC Consulting Interviews and Culture.

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How Should I Adapt To Sell In Different Cultures?

David A Fields

A consultant asked me this question: Most of your business development recommendations seem very oriented toward Western cultures. I operate in other parts of the world, including Asia.

OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview and Culture

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OC&C STRATEGY CONSULTANTS INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . Known for its incredible family-style and entrepreneurial culture, relaxed work style, and long retention of employees, OC&C competes not only on strategy but also on culture. Operational Strategy.

4 Ways to Protect Culture During Rapid Growth

LSA Global

How to Protect Culture During Rapid Growth. While rapid growth companies (20%+ per year) can be very exciting and meaningful places to work, high growth puts high pressure on organizational culture. At a high level, we define culture as the way things get done on a day-to-day basis.

Towers Watson Consulting Interviews and Culture

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The practice areas at Towers Watson reflect the operational nature of consulting projects at the firm: Communication and Change Management. with over 54 offices in operation. TOWERS WATSON CONSULTING CULTURE. TOWERS WATSON CONSULTING.

Bridgespan Non-Profit Consulting Interviews and Culture

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. BRIDGESPAN INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . In 2000, the group launched its first website,, and started operations from a Boston-based office. BRIDGESPAN CULTURE . A defining trait of the Bridgespan culture is collaboration , both with clients and with each other.

If Your Employees Aren’t Speaking Up, Blame Company Culture

Harvard Business

The firm was responsible for manufacturing and sales of soaps, detergents, and other home cleaning products, and employees often encountered situations where there was compelling need to speak up about issues around current work operations. PM Images/Getty Images.

6 Ways to Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Harvard Business

Others lack the processes and operational capabilities to target them with personalized communications and experiences. But the most common, and perhaps the greatest, barrier to customer centricity is the lack of a customer-centric organizational culture. Shana Novak/Getty Images.

Seabury Group Interviews and Culture

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Founded in 1995 by former Bain consultants and headquartered in New York City, they focus on developing airline strategy and implementing major operational turnaround. SEABURY GROUP CULTURE. SEABURY GROUP CONSULTING. Welcome back to our Firm Profiles. Today, we’re going to be looking at the consulting arm of aviation specialists Seabury Group.

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Bates White Economic Consulting Interviews and Culture

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There are also several opportunities outside these tracks, available in the area of operations that span multiple disciplines to include human resources, finance and accounting, marketing, information systems and technology, administrative support, and corporate services. BATES WHITE CULTURE. Bates Whites is also deeply committed to creating an environment that fosters a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. BATES WHITE ECONOMIC CONSULTING.

Job Hub: Culture and Jobs at Google

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———— History & Culture. Google’s hiring culture is as storied as the company’s history – current team members are incredibly involved, and the process includes fit and case interviews, essays, and a hiring board review – all told, it can take 3-6 months or more, and an internal recommendation (get networking, y’all) is heavily weighted. The post Job Hub: Culture and Jobs at Google appeared first on Management Consulted.

3 Ways to Shape Culture During High Growth

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Shape Culture During High Growth. While work cultures certainly shift overtime, many leaders assume that their culture will deteriorate as they experience hyper-growth. How can a leader shape culture during high growth? Start-up Leaders Define the Company Culture.

Alvarez & Marsal Interviews and Culture

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Combining their industry experience, the pair were forerunners in what became a specialty area in professional services: turnaround management, corporate restructuring and operational performance improvement for companies and stakeholders. The work at Alvarez & Marsal is analytical in nature, which is great, and the focus is on turning companies around both structurally (which is not as relevant to consulting) and operationally (which is highly relevant to consulting).

Advisory Board Company Interviews and Culture

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The Advisory Board Company is perhaps best known for its membership platform which provides information, research and tools specifically targeted to companies pursuing operational and strategic organization improvement in the U.S. Cost and operations. THE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY CULTURE.

Competitive Advantage through Culture – How to Create It

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The Competitive Advantage through Culture. Most business leaders talk a good game about wanting to create a high performance culture , but few fully understand how to create the environment to get the most out of their people in a way that accelerates their strategy. They don’t know why or how they should create a competitive advantage through culture. But they can’t copy the culture—and they know it.” The Definition of Corporate Culture.

Different Cultures See Deadlines Differently

Harvard Business

We all have the tendency to look at other cultures through the lens of our own. In my experience working and teaching across cultures, I’ve noticed one important area where this frequently causes conflicts: deadlines. Other cultures perceive time as cyclical and endless.

Job Hub: Boeing Jobs and Culture

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———— History & Culture. While each location is different, Boeing strives to maintain a good team culture, relevant training, market leading benefits & compensation, and offers consistency yet diversity in projects. If you love to be at a desk yet want to change the world by contributing to high-intensity military operations and brand new technologies in aerodynamics, Boeing could just be just the fit for you.

The CEO’s Role in Aligning Corporate Culture

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CEO’s Role in Aligning Corporate Culture is Growing. The CEO’s role in aligning corporate culture to the strategy has never been more important. But few leaders fully understand the role the CEO can play in perhaps the most important aspect of a company’s overall performance – whether the workplace culture helps or hinders the strategic agenda. What is Corporate Culture? We define corporate culture as the way things get done on a day-to-day basis.

How to Grow Your Workforce without Sacrificing Your Culture

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A recent CEO asked me, “How can we grow our workforce without sacrificing our Culture?” ” For any leader, the risk of sacrificing your culture is real. Because a strategy, any strategy, must go through your culture to get executed.

Job Hub: Uber Jobs and Culture

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———– History & Culture. Operational worldwide, Uber offers its transportation network services in 58 countries and over 300 cities. The company prides itself on its innovative, forward-thinking culture, and believes that its work is a reflection of that culture. For positions like Operations and Logistics Manager (or something more business focused), you will have to take a 2-hour timed analytical test after your phone interview.

L.E.K. Strategy Consulting Interviews and Culture

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CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE . Operations. are operating on smaller budgets than their colleagues at MBB etc. CONSULTING CULTURE . is not afraid to share their knowledge and insights and expect employees to be willing to do the same with different personalities and cultures. . L.E.K. Today we continue our firm profile series with an in-depth review of L.E.K. Consulting.

Strong Corporate Culture: A Foundation for Accelerating Performance

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A strong corporate culture may indeed be difficult to change but, if you want to boost business and people performance, it may be just what you need to do. We define a strong corporate culture differently. A Strong Corporate Culture Defined. Can a Workplace Culture Be Too Strong?