Conversation with L.E.K. Consulting

Tom Spencer

The life of a management consultant is certainly a busy one and often involves travel. Tom: What is LEK’s travel model? For those teams that travel, typically they work on site from Monday to Thursday and return to the home office for Fridays.

Management Consulted Goes to London (and Beyond)

Management Consulted

As if traveling across the ocean on the plane wasn’t enough, we felt it necessary to use as many forms of transportation as necessary…so we took a train up to Durham University.

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Tour Recap – Day 7 (New York Consulting Bootcamp)

Management Consulted

Welcome…to the final day, the crowning achievement, of our 2013 8-day East Coast (we counted our final travel day too). As a part of the Bootcamp package, we currently offer our entire MC Book Bundle as well as a resume and cover letter edit to each person in attendance.

Conversation with 2020 Delivery

Tom Spencer

Tom: What is 2020 Delivery’s travel model? When we work with clients further afield we do travel to them, but most consultants are not away for multiple nights each week. Mike Meredith: Our recruitment process involves: CV and Cover Letter review.

7 Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Tom Spencer

When it comes to recruiting the three big criteria are: networking, application package (cover letter, resume, and transcript), and interview. DO follow-up on my replies and build with natural conversation (good topics to mention are sports, food, and travel).

Tour Recap – Day 1 (Georgia Tech)

Management Consulted

Our guidelines: 60 attendees minimum, you book the room, and we have an absolute blast for 2 hours together walking through our FREE Bootcamp Lite overview of Resumes/Cover Letters, Networking, Fit Interviews and Case Interviews. And…we’re back.

How to Transition to Management Consulting after Law School

Management Consulted

Generally speaking, a lawyer’s workload is more narrow and less diverse than a consultant’s; add that in with little to no travel and minimal exposure to different industries, and many lawyers are looking for a change. These are the professionals who will be reviewing your resume, cover letter, and application, and a recommendation from one of these consultants inside the firm will go a LONG way in securing a first-round interview invite.

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

I had a great cover letter. I had a good enough resume + great cover letter + strong networking. There is something to be said for taking the "road less traveled," and the big benefit is there is much less competition along the way. Reader Success Story: I am an avid reader of your emails. Reading your email,forms a mandatory part of my reading list, which also includes Business Week, Economist, FT, Wall Street Journal , and the Quran.

The Consulting Myth

Tom Spencer

Not the benefits, not the travel, not the prestige. The first piece of advice I was given when I started my Master’s in Management at London Business School was to beware of the mirage of consulting.

Student consulting – it does more than deliver

Tom Spencer

Some of the more competitive student consultancies have formal application processes, including a cover letter and case study interview, which mimics the application process of professional consulting firms.

Job Hub: Virgin Group Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

This group has a startling 300 companies in its portfolio in sectors ranging from travel, telecommunications, health, financial services, leisure, music, space travel, and renewable energy. The group’s travel-related operations, led by 51%-owned Virgin Atlantic Airways, are among its largest cash generators. When interviewing for a job at Virgin, you are required to travel at your own expense to interview with them.

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Job Hub: Airbnb Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

They sought to create this type of connection experience for people everywhere when they traveled, and the idea for the bigger Airbnb was born. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at Airbnb.

Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

You put in a lot of time, energy, and money (travel to interviews, taking people out to lunch, buying a new suit, prep materials, etc.) In many respects, how you apply implies information to the firm about your skills over and above the content presented in your consulting resume and cover letter. I will cover how to answer those "fit" or "leadership" questions in a future post.

L.E.K. Strategy Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Aviation & Travel. To apply for the internship opportunities, you must submit a complete application consisting of a resume, cover letter stating geographic preference, and a copy of your transcripts online or at your school’s career service office between January 1st and the end of February. are the amount of responsibility Consultant level hires are given from the get go and the low amount of travel their employees do. . L.E.K.

F1Y Success Stories

I followed your advice for cover letter and resume writing to every last word by filling gaps in my analytical work experience, getting a brand name on the resume and communicating concisely with a large amount of purpose behind each sentence and word I wrote. I skipped going out on weekends, traveling on fall break, just to focus on getting better at it. The stories below are from readers who have successfully landed their first management consulting offer.

Conversation with Marakon

Tom Spencer

That being said, the travel model will vary depending on the needs of the client. The training is generally run by the partners and principals with a few outside facilitators, and includes a one week initial induction covering introductory topics such as: What is strategy?

Reader FAQ — weekend getaway flights, new hire jitters, and the LinkedIn labyrinth

Management Consulted

A lot of these questions will be covered in our Three Month Mastery ebook coming out in the next few weeks. We cover rules for weekend flights, where to work when you’re team is split between office locations, why you shouldn’t add clients you’ve met as connections on LinkedIn (and when it is okay), and a little bit about our expertise in helping candidates apply for and secure consulting positions in specialized consulting firms or business segments.

How to Apply for a New Job After You’ve Been Fired

Harvard Business

It’s unwise to omit your previous job from your CV and cover letter because you “don’t want to leave a gap” in your employment, says Lees. ” Your cover letter needn’t dwell on your prior job either, according to Fernández-Aráoz. Omit your previous job from your CV and cover letter. ’” In addition, she got to work on her cover letter. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images.