Travel, Training and Mentorship

Tom Spencer

Three significant aspects in the life of a management consultant: travel, training and mentorship. Travel. When it comes to travel, different consulting firms have different policies. Management Consulting consulting formal training mentorship travel

How to Follow Up with People After a Conference

Harvard Business

Attending a conference is a whir of activity — flying to a destination, engaging in several days of nonstop networking, and coming home to an inbox that has spiraled out of control in your absence. Almost every professional attends at least a few conferences per year.

How to Decide Which Conferences Are Worth Your Time

Harvard Business

Conferences, if you choose them wisely, can be one of the best ways to accelerate this process, since you can meet large numbers of people in just a few days. In fact, author Tim Ferriss describes attending the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in 2007 as being the “tipping point” for his best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek because he was able to meet so many bloggers who later promoted it. ” The same goes for the conferences you choose to attend.

Wine Country Conference May 1st & 2nd, 2014; Nothing Like It!


I am pleased to announce the second annual Wine County Conference , to be held May 1st & 2nd, 2014. We have an exciting lineup of speakers for this year''s conference. For speaker bios, please check out Wine Country Conference Speakers. Following a raffle in 2012, I launched Wine Country Conference to raise additional money for medical research. Last conference, we arranged wine tours. Stay an extra day and golf or travel.

Just How Bad Is Business Travel for Your Health? Here’s the Data.

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Checking into a hotel for a conference several years ago, I asked the receptionist where I could get some dinner. I went with the pizza, but my lack of choices was annoying — so much so that, when I got home, I started looking into the data on health and travel for work. According to the Global Business Travel Association and American Express , Americans took more than 500 million domestic business trips in 2016. Eric Raptosh Photography/Getty Images.

What Nursing Parents Need to Know About Pumping During Work Travel

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But if the new parent’s return involves business travel, and that parent has chosen to nurse, it’s even more complicated. While it’s common for new parents to feel stressed about juggling life at work and home, for a pumping, traveling parent the stress can be heightened. “I went about looking for how to pump and travel,” she told me. Become a Travel-Logistics Master.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Conference Call Haiku

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Conference Call Haiku. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Wednesday, February 6, 2008. Man I wish this call/Would end before the sun sets/Id fit in a run. Courtesty of Posted by. Consulting SME. 2:20 PM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Crazy Consultants. were type A (who, us?);

Tips for Helping Law Enforcement Position Itself as the Source of Trust and Credibility in a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

I recently discussed these modern-day crisis management challenges – along with some solutions – at the WINx conference in Chicago. During this day-long conference, each speaker is given 18 minutes to speak with the audience.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: More tales from the client's restroom.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

I was going to write about the guy at my client who was taking a conference call from Stall #1. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, November 10, 2008. More tales from the clients restroom. complete with cell phone, newspaper on the floor, and apparently a blackberry (from all the clicking and typing). I thought that would make the top of the list. No, the top of my list came in at 6pm on Friday. same restroom. this time Stall #2. Office is quiet, most people are gone, Im on my way out.

Behind-The-Scenes Look At How To Deliver a TEDx Talk

Melissa Agnes

This was the first step, primarily because the conference organizers over at the City of LA needed it! By coordinating with the amazing people putting this conference together, I learned that there would be a counter visible to the speakers that would count down from 18 minutes.

Used to be

Seth Godin Blog

That conference organizer used to be a travel agent. This hotel used to be a bank. This company used to make playing cards.

Newsletter or Blog: which is better?

Rod Burkert

I’m at the ASA Advanced BV conference while my wife is holding down the RV in Grand Junction, CO. She blogs three times a week to an audience of known and unknown people who want to know what we’re up to and get tips on how to travel with their pets. Greetings from Anaheim, CA.

Management Consulted Goes to London (and Beyond)

Management Consulted

For our last major tour of the year, we started our crazy adventure in Philadelphia – joining all the wannabe consultants at Wharton’s annual Consulting Club Conference (featuring Jenny Rae as wannabe suitcase model).

IoT Disruptions in 3 Industries and What You Can Learn From Them

Tom Spencer

Australia’s size and the high costs associated with business travel have long been a thorn in the side of many businesses. Improvements in both video and sound have enabled the use of virtual meetings spaces that eliminate the need for physical meetings and travel.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: We Are Now Accepting Applications.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Have you taken a conference call from the bathtub, or, perhaps, your bed? skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 24, 2013. We Are Now Accepting Applications for New Bloggers! Its time for some fresh blood. Are you now, or have you ever been a CONSULTANT? Have you ever used some form the words leverage, synergy and ensure together in a sentence? Is your writing generally fueled by complimentary alcoholic beverages on planes?

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: A Cautionary Tale

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

However, in keeping with their thrift and lack of appreciation of fresh, high quality caffeine, they proffered no brand coffee that tasted like halitosis and had the buzz factor of a conference call. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, March 14, 2013. A Cautionary Tale. Sometimes the simplest act can trigger a political meltdown. Already viewed as a suspicious character, I made a gaffe that haunted me for weeks.

Management Consulting in Canada

Tom Spencer

Along with the prestige, a career in consulting is alluring to graduates due to well-known tenets of the job including exposure to C-level executives from day one, frequent business class travel, complimentary fine dining, and extensive training and mentorship.

Christine Lagarde Warns of Lord Voldemort, Hopes to Put Deflation Ogre in a Bottle


At a recent conference of economic wizards, Lagarde dares to speak the unspeakable: "Lord Voldemort is on the loose". I am pleased to again mention that John Hussman is a speaker and host of the second annual Wine Country Conference will be held May 1st & 2nd, 2014.

Tax Change…3 Things I Now Know

Women in Consulting

Luckily for the rest of us, WIC member Rebecca Cafiero organized a free conference call earlier this month for WIC members with her tax and legal expert, Scott Burnett. Even if you travel overnight to an event, only your personal meals are deductible.

France Collective Depression; Growing Demand for Protection from Immigrants; Only 35% Think EU is Good for France


I am very pleased that he is speaking at this year''s conference. Wine Country Conference II The second annual Wine Country Conference will be held May 1st & 2nd, 2014. We have an exciting lineup of speakers for this year''s conference.

Improve Business with Technology!

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Skype – Skype reduces the cost of calling mobile phones and landlines by letting you call and conference with anyone for free. Business Travel. TripIt – TripIt’s trip planner keeps all of your travel plans in one spot with a master travel itinerary.

Case Interview Prep Tips from BCG New Consultant

The last two rounds were via video conference. With video conference interviews, remember to look at the camera (rather than the screen) as far as possible. rather than interning during my summers, I had travelled, run projects overseas, etc.) Following are tips from a BCG new hire that you might find useful in your case interview prep. I would just like to thank you very much for the wonderful resources you have provided on your website.

The Hardest Thing About Being Self-Employed

The More Clients Blog

I rarely travel anywhere for business and meet all my clients by phone or video conference. Being self-employed isn’t easy. Not only do you have to develop, market, and deliver professional services at a very high level, you also need to accomplish all of this in relative isolation.

7 secrets for presenting to prospects you want to turn into clients

Rod Burkert

My story is how I started traveling in the RV. For example, do you think Roger Grabowski creates a new slide deck for every BVFLS conference presentation about the cost of capital? Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love.

Business Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

Emerson Consulting Group

Many of life’s major arenas and how we approach or practice them, such as environmentalism, writing, travel, war and peace, politics and rebellion, philosophy and introspection, are steeped within the life and legend of Henry David Thoreau. But too often the path to such a vision/mission is traveled in a backwards direction by trying too hard to be practical, reasonable or careful. By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his ongoing column in Money Inc.

Firing on all 4 pillars: How to excel at BVFLS practice development

Rod Burkert

The RV is resting just outside of Rapid City where Amy is holding down the fort while I attend and speak at the NACVA conference in Las Vegas. Enter my framework, which I will be unwrapping at the NACVA Annual Consultants’ Conference on Thursday, June 21 in Las Vegas.

China Fooled the World (But It Cannot Last)


Robert Peston travels to China to investigate how this mighty economic giant could actually be in serious trouble. Wine Country Conference II Want to hear a live discussion of what Steen Jakobsen thinks about Europe and China? Last conference, we arranged wine tours.

64 Proven Ways Consultants Can Generate Leads Online (Consulting Lead Generation)

Tsavo Neal

Attending Conferences, Trade Shows, or Other Networking Events. Speaking at a web conference. Hosting your own web conference. Speaking at a Web Conference. A web or internet conference is like a conference that’s done online.

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Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

Management Consulted

Consulting compensates with perks that banking does not offer – from better travel allowances to more generous health and retirement packages. Travel. Consultants – depending on firm – travel anywhere from 25-75% of their time.

Crude Headed to $80s? Massive Speculative Positions vs. It's the Economy Stupid


now) Safe travels, Steen Long Liquidation I pinged my friend Pater Tenebrarum at Acting Man for his thoughts and he replied. Wine Country Conference II Want to hear Steen Jakobsen''s thoughts on the Global economy in person?

David Stockman's "Contra Corner" Website Up and Running; Yellenomics and Pentagon's Swamp of Waste


Stockman at Wine Country Conference II Want to hear a live discussion of what Stockman thinks is the endgame of crony capitalism? Then come to the second annual Wine Country Conference which will be held May 1st & 2nd, 2014. We have an exciting lineup of speakers for this year''s conference. For speaker bios, please check out Wine Country Conference Speakers. Last conference, we arranged wine tours. Stay an extra day and golf or travel.

Want to be Successful? Learn how to Make Great Presentations

Confessions of a Consultant

Have laptop, will travel. So, the call to make a presentation on coaching to the Irish Midwives conference in Galway wasn’t particularly unusual. Become a Great Communicator! In this business, we get involved in all sorts of events.

Simon-Kucher & Partners Interviews & Culture

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Transportation, Travel & Tourism. Travel is unavoidable at Simon-Kucher. Every year the company pays for every employee to visit Germany for an all-staff conference. SIMON-KUCHER & PARTNERS INTERVIEWS & CULTURE.

Healthcare Branding: The Need for a Strong & Unique Brand

Tom Spencer

Hospitals should also be willing to send management and clinicians to conferences and other events that allow them to communicate the brand directly. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.

Job Hub: Airbnb Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

Funny enough, the idea for Airbnb came about because the founders had trouble making rent, and in a desperate attempt to solve the problem they decided to throw up a website and market the extra space in their kitchen and living room to conference attendees visiting San Francisco who could find no room elsewhere. They sought to create this type of connection experience for people everywhere when they traveled, and the idea for the bigger Airbnb was born.

How to Grow Old Disgracefully (and guilt free)

Confessions of a Consultant

A Travel guitar added to the collection. He argued (IBEC conference, 2016) that before wealth can be distributed, it first has to be created. Grow Old Disgracefully. Here’s the question. At what age should you stop celebrating birthdays? Perhaps when the candles cost more than the cake?

Want to be Happy? Then decide your ‘Purpose’

Confessions of a Consultant

There were some cul-de-sacs along the way… The Zero Direction Conference: In the mid 1990’s, I attended the Leicester Conference run by the Tavistock Institute.