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Introduction to Case Interviews

Tom Spencer

If you’re applying to a consulting firm, be ready to get acquainted with case interviews. Almost all consulting firms include the case interview as part of their recruitment process. Even non-consulting firms are utilizing case interviews as part of their process so you don’t want to be blindsided.

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What is a Case Interview?

What you will learn: Learn the basics of a case interview – what it is, how they are different from a regular job interview, who uses them, why they are used, and the types of case interview formats and the difference between them. Topics Covered: What is a Case Interview? What is a Case Interview?


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How to Dress for a Case Interview

Case Interview Dress Code. I often get questions about the dress code in a case interview. I cannot thank you enough for providing: The free case interview preparation videos on your blog. your frequent "insightful" emails sharing interview experience of other candidates.

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Tips for Case Interview Mastery

There are lots of little things that separate a candidate who does a good job on a case vs. an excellent job. While it's not necessary to be perfect on every case, it is necessary to come pretty close most of the time. By the time you master the case interview, will you have any interview opportunities left?

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From Actress to BCG Consultant – Tips on How to Successfully Prepare for a BCG Case Interview

I recently received this success story from an actress (now a BCG consultant), and thought you would find her suggestions and tips on case interview prep useful. I did your maths drills daily, and can practically recite the fashion case-study - I listened to LOMS on the tube, while cleaning, on my morning jogs.

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Competitive Advantage in Consulting and in Life

My thoughts on this topic are widely applicable to CIBs (Case Interview Beginners), F1Ys (Future first years), and CIFMs (Consulting Isn't for Me). No, I'm pretty sure I could beat him in a case interview competition! But, I'm half-decent at this case interview thing. You see, CEOs do this all the time.

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Final 2013 West Coast Adventures: Bain, Berkeley, and Stanford

Management Consulted

We arrived at the Bain office early in the afternoon; a partner at the firm had contracted us to do a fashion consulting project for their SF employees. Saturday, the last day of our trip, we went to Stanford to do a day-long session focused on case interviews. 10AM – 11AM – Structuring the fit interview.

Bain 114