Tips for Case Interview Mastery

There are lots of little things that separate a candidate who does a good job on a case vs. an excellent job. While it's not necessary to be perfect on every case, it is necessary to come pretty close most of the time. It is far easier to have a higher success rate and be more consistent if you have good habits and are using them in a disciplined fashion. By the time you master the case interview, will you have any interview opportunities left?

Introduction to Case Interviews

Tom Spencer

If you’re applying to a consulting firm, be ready to get acquainted with case interviews. Almost all consulting firms include the case interview as part of their recruitment process. Even non-consulting firms are utilizing case interviews as part of their process so you don’t want to be blindsided. What Is a Case Interview? Typically, it is a one-on-one interview but group case interviews are not unheard of.


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How to Dress for a Case Interview

Case Interview Dress Code. I often get questions about the dress code in a case interview. I cannot thank you enough for providing: The free case interview preparation videos on your blog. your frequent "insightful" emails sharing interview experience of other candidates. two "breakout" sessions of interviewer-led group case solving. For women, I have no clue about women's fashion.

What is a Case Interview?

What you will learn: Learn the basics of a case interview – what it is, how they are different from a regular job interview, who uses them, why they are used, and the types of case interview formats and the difference between them. Topics Covered: What is a Case Interview? What is the Difference Between a Case & Regular Job Interview? Who Uses Case Interviews and Why? What are the Types of Case Interview Formats?

KPMG Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Thankfully, everything stayed in a nice orderly fashion, the way accountants like it, after the audit portrayed Peat Marwick in a favorable light. KPMG CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & RECRUITING. You can expect things to go down like this, should you apply to KPMG: The first step is a phone interview or an interview on campus. Next come face-to-face interviews which are going to be conducted by panels of 2-3 staff members. consulting interviews

The Science of Burnout: Interview with Dr. Sangeeta Pati

Consulting Matters

Interview Transcript: Betsy: Good afternoon. I can see the business case for it. I am Betsy Jordyn and I am so excited to have Dr. Sangeeta Pati here. She is an integrative health doctor who completely was instrumental in helping my overcome my burnout.

Cracking Pricing Strategy Case Studies

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Therefore, you are likely to come across pricing problems in your case interviews. So let’s step through a helpful framework for pricing cases. Pricing Strategy Case Framework. Showing your interviewer that you know about the concepts laid out below will set you apart from other candidates. The luxury fashion industry often uses this approach. Pricing strategy is one of the easiest levers CEOs can pull to increase revenues in their company.

The consulting case study: What you need to know


Why are Case Studies used? Case studies are used to assess a range of skills which can broadly be summarised as your “commercial skill set” For consulting case studies, this will typically be assessing your ability to solve business problems in a structured, logical fashion, making reasonable commercial assumptions as you go along and using your mental maths ability to synthesise these assumptions to find the answer. How to answer the case study.

The Perfect Hypothesis Opening Statement

There's no way I would have been as confident as I was in the final round interview, if I had not used your Look Over My Shoulder ® Program. This was the language that you recommended in Look Over My Shoulder ® , and the interviewer cut me off and said, "perfect structure and excellent work on explaining your hypothesis.". I loaded them in my car and listened to them almost every day for a month before the interview, and they became second nature. Interviewers know this.

From Ad Agency & Non-Target School to McKinsey Offer

But after I made it past the impressive resume part and the first 30-minute personal experience interview , I had to face the unpleasant reality that I wouldn't just have this job handed to me as a result of my accomplishments. I had to learn how to do a case interview. to help them (plus the knowledge that case interviews require a lot more preparation than a normal experience interview with four questions that any smooth talker can quickly ace).

PM Interview Question – What’s Your Favorite Product and Why

Tom Spencer

Like a consulting interview, a product manager (PM) interview consists of multiple parts, including a case study and a behavioral portion, which looks for communication, management, and prioritization skills. Thus, it is vital to ask product-related questions in a PM interview. What’s the interviewer looking for? Are you exhaustive when talking about types of users and use cases? Describe use case scenarios. Interviews Product management

Top 10 Consulting Firms In New York

Management Consulted

To support the office’s growing employee base, Bain moved in 2015 to a new location in the fashionable Grace Building, which is located directly across the street from historic Bryant Park. Although Bain is a big revenue generating firm, this office also has a huge pro bono case practice area. consulting interviewsThis week, we bring you the Top 10 Consulting firms in New York – the power center of the world.

PM Career Paths

Tom Spencer

In case your next employer deals with larger product lines, you may be requested to have specialized degrees. A PM’s background may be based in another branch of education also, such as fashion in case the products are heavily focused on those types of industries. She also has experience in scaling product user cases at TD Bank and Overbond (fintech). Before the Interview Product managementBeing a product manager requires taking responsibility.

Competitive Advantage in Consulting and in Life

My thoughts on this topic are widely applicable to CIBs (Case Interview Beginners), F1Ys (Future first years), and CIFMs (Consulting Isn't for Me). No, I'm pretty sure I could beat him in a case interview competition! But, I'm half-decent at this case interview thing. It is far more prestigious to be an NBA champion than say a case interview champion.). She works for one of the major fashion labels.

Do Independent Consultants Still Need Résumés?

Successful Independent Consulting

With LinkedIn and personal websites widely used to promote careers, the idea of independent management consultants having a printable résumé may seem old-fashioned. However, in most cases it’s still necessary. It’s also likely that the person interviewing you is super busy, so they’ll want something they can easily skim before talking with you.

Options for Post Consulting Careers

In any case, I have a question for you regarding Consulting vs. industry. In which case, it's a human resources issue. In this case, the issue is a client service’s incorrect decision type problem. Work for one of the major fashion designers in NYC. If you went to work for a fashion designer on the design side, I think consulting would be a liability. a degree from the FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology (I think is the name) would be more credible.

Know Your Weaknesses

I’m terrible at attention to detail (it hurts my brain too much) and even worse at anything aesthetically oriented (anything from fashion to website design to creating visually impactful slides). If you find case interviews painful, you definitely don’t want to be a consultant.

Can Consulting Make a Positive Social Impact?

Tom Spencer

Let us look at an example as a sort of case study. Project Innovators provide the deliverables in a timely fashion by working with Project Managers ( PMs ). I wanted to learn about DISI from firsthand experience, so I interviewed its two Co-Presidents.

Final 2013 West Coast Adventures: Bain, Berkeley, and Stanford

Management Consulted

We arrived at the Bain office early in the afternoon; a partner at the firm had contracted us to do a fashion consulting project for their SF employees. The next day we spent 8 hours with students from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley, prepping students for the highly competitive internship interviews – below you can see a snapshot from one of our Hot Seats. Saturday, the last day of our trip, we went to Stanford to do a day-long session focused on case interviews.

Bain 109

Job Hub: Uber Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

” The first example that comes to mind when you think of the new sharing economy, Uber has fashioned itself as a quicker, cheaper and ultimately better alternative to taxis. Interview Tips & Tricks. Uber looks for and only hires the best, so be prepared to be asked what makes you stand out when you go in for your interview. First off, you can expect to connect with a recruiter for a general phone interview. Prepare for interviews.

Getting Buyer’s Journey Mapping Back On Track

Prudent Pedal

It’s just a good old-fashioned understanding of client needs, combined with intelligent segmentation, aligned with consultative selling, and assisted by technology. Once again, I’ve overstated my case. Well, we’ve reached the point where Marketing has ruined a good thing once again.

B2B 52

How to Pass the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

In the case interview process for McKinsey, one of the early evaluations is “Solve,” McKinsey’s digital assessment game (formerly called the McKinsey Problem Solving Game). It is unclear why this is the case.

Labour Retention: How you can create ‘Sticky’ Talent

Confessions of a Consultant

Management consulting can be likened to a ‘fashion business’, in the sense that new ideas fall in and out of vogue all the time. Talent Wars : As the ‘war for talent’ increases, there’s emerging evidence of systematic poaching, in some cases encouraged by headhunters who make a living from ‘executive churn’.Don’t Salary Expectation: Reaching the end of a job interview, a Human Resources Manager asks a young engineer fresh out of College about his salary expectation.

If Only It Was So Easy

Martinka Consulting

And how it’s used to bombard us with targeted messages, or, in worst case scenarios, how others can use it to terrorize people. A friend feels she recently dodged a bullet during an interview. When arriving at the company the first person she met said, “Oh, you’re here to interview for my job.” It appears the interviewer overheard at least some of the conversation, didn’t say anything, and then told the recruiter how she didn’t like that conversation.

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Business Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

Emerson Consulting Group

But there is indeed a case to be made in terms of business milestones achieved by Henry Thoreau in his lifetime. So inspired to uncover a solution to this, Henry took himself back to Harvard for a week to engage in an MBA-like “independent study” project, specifically aimed at how to fashion a “recipe” for pencil lead that would transform Thoreau pencils into an efficient product that everyone could use and love. By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his ongoing column in Money Inc.

Working From Home: Upsides & Downsides

Confessions of a Consultant

It sounds like a line from Father Ted – but this was actually the case. The Internet video that went viral (the guy completing the Skype interview in Korea) shows the importance of having boundaries. Outside one of the offices, I noticed a guy continually pressing the same key on an old-fashioned typewriter. Calvin Klein Boxers. Your only man for home workers! The call from RTE came at 18:00 on Thursday evening. Could I do a ‘slot’ on the following Saturday morning?

The Three-Question Rule - Tom Spencer consulting blog

Tom Spencer

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show: “I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. Case Interviews. About. Book Shop. Archive. Definitions. Helpful Links. Quotes. Subscribe. The Three-Question Rule. by Tom Spencer on September 24, 2011 · 2 comments. in Management Consulting. “I I Can’t Stand to Be Asked the Same Question Three Times” ~ Mustafa. Part 1: The Rule of Three. Part 2: Improve Your Speech Writing with The Rule of Three. Part 3: The Three Question-Rule.

Myths of the Gig Economy, Corrected

Harvard Business

Most workers are still grabbing extra hours the old-fashioned way — tending bar or temp work on the side — not by being digitally summoned. In many cases, you have jobs in which the worker is integral to a team or needs to be supervised. Quinn Mills, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, in an interview. Nattapol Poonpiriya/Getty Images.

Our Biases Undermine Our Colleagues’ Attempts to Be Authentic

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The term “authenticity” has become a buzzword among organizational leaders, with employers encouraging job candidates and employees to bring their whole selves to interviews or the workplace. First, consider the case of Chastity Jones , who received a formal job offer from an insurance claims processing center in 2010. And while this particular case led to litigation, you could see how subtler versions of it it might play out on a daily basis.

3 Ways to Make Time for the Little Tasks You Never Make Time For

Harvard Business

After one extended trip abroad during which he avoided email, he wrote that he had missed a large number of critical messages, including a fulfillment center crisis that caused him to lose more than 20% of monthly orders for his business, media interview opportunities that had expired, and more than a dozen partnership offers. We’d all like to spend our time at work on high-value activities: setting strategy, fostering innovation, mentoring promising employees, and more.

To Get Consumers to Trust AI, Show Them Its Benefits

Harvard Business

See More Videos > See More Videos > In order to understand how firms have systematically enhanced trust in applied AI, my colleagues Monika Hengstler and Selina Duelli and I conducted nine case studies in the transportation and medical device industries. Our semi-structured interviews, follow-ups, and archival data analysis was guided by a theoretical discussion on how trust in the technology and in the innovating firm and its communication is facilitated.

How to Make a Great First Impression

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The saying “You only have one chance to make a first impression” holds true in many situations, from job interviews to sales calls. Case Study #1: Do your homework on who you’re meeting and engage the person as a human. Case Study #2: Know what you’re good at and prepare a list of talking points. “I do not get nervous for interviews. ” Lane also researched the interviewers and found that one of them was a graduate of his university.

Rand Paul Walks Fine Line to Prove He is Not His Dad


Case Against The Fed. Mick Mulvaney, a close friend of Rand’s who jogs and plays baseball with him, said he believes what most significantly separates the senator from his father is his ability to crisply articulate his ideas in a marketable fashion. 2011-04-23: Syndicated Interview on Canadian Radio - My Segment Starts 29:31. This Week in Money Interview. 2011-03-29 - Sound Money Interview. Sound Money Interview on 91.5fm WNYE New York. MISHS.

What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)

Harvard Business

Conducting in depth interviews with 50 people who’d dramatically improved their self-awareness to learn about the key actions that helped them get there, as well as their beliefs and practices. The highly self-aware people we interviewed were actively focused on balancing the scale. But this doesn’t have to be the case. The human mind rarely operates in a rational fashion, and our judgments are seldom free from bias. Archi Trujillo/Getty Images.

How Volvo Reinvented Itself Through Hiring

Harvard Business

“Technically, cars today are very different from ten years ago,” says Sällström, whom we interviewed for our book, Talent Wins. He was creative and, in some cases, counterintuitive. He and Samuelsson looked to the fashion industry, hired craftsmen, and shook up the managerial ranks by hiring executives who had conceived and executed significant strategic shifts at bigger companies. Gerald Lord/Getty Images.

Everyone’s Network Should Provide Two Things

Harvard Business

When I interviewed people for a university research project 23 years ago about networking, many people weren’t familiar with the term. While it’s easy to think that vast technology-enabled networks aren’t as real or valuable as the old-fashioned, face-to-face variety, research doesn’t support that view. Do you need some examples of where a new technology is being used to bolster your business case? Marion Barraud for HBR.

Bitcoin, Encryption, Drug Use, and the FBI's Own Bitcoin Wallet; What's the War on Drugs "Really" About?


Also consider Mish Interview With "Bitcoin Jesus". After shuttering the hidden site, law enforcement went to work confiscating the money and materials belonging to supposed drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht, but this usually routine procedure is proving especially troublesome in this case. Adidas and Ralph Lauren already have hemp products, and Calvin Klein insists that hemp will hit the fashion industry full-force in the years to come.

Saving the Planet from Ecological Disaster Is a $12 Trillion Opportunity

Harvard Business

A few years after our visit, Kelly wrote an influential article on his personal blog that captures the conundrum of shifting to an exponential mindset: [W]hile progress runs on exponential curves, our individual lives proceed in a linear fashion. It has developed sophisticated tools to help companies build and test the business case for action, or inaction. How can we create $12 trillion a year in market opportunities by 2030?

Designing the Machines That Will Design Strategy

Harvard Business

Machines can now carry out tasks ranging from recommending movies to diagnosing cancer — independently of, and in many cases better than, humans. Within this machine, people and technology must each play their particular roles in an integrated fashion. But although conventional due diligence for a deal involves deep market research and repeated rounds of interviews with founders and key customers, Correlation focuses on documentary information.

3 Things Multinationals Don’t Understand About Africa’s Middle Class

Harvard Business

Now, branded items — from luxury cosmetics to fast food and fast fashion — are becoming widely available at the glittering new shopping malls scattered around the region’s fast-growing cities. Others also mentioned disappointing results, in some cases prompting them to deprioritize Africa in their global strategies , while others are keeping their heads down in the hope that business conditions will change and make it easier to hit their targets.