Treat the Interviewer Like a Client

Your materials have been helpful in many different ways, from the psychologic preparation to the technical approach to solving the case. In my particular experience, your guidance was essential to me in revealing the personality behind the much-feared recruiter and interviewer. Let's start from my technical preparation in business cases, for the record I'm 24 years old and I hold a MSc in chemical and bio engineering, with no business background whatsoever.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

Management Consulted

KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. 1997 – First Global Prize, an annual business school case study competition for potential recruits, awarded. Chemicals. KEARNEY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. The interview process at A.T. However, as a general rule, there are two rounds of interviews. Within the first round of your interview, you will participate in two sets of interviews. consulting interviews


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AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Chemicals. 3 in the chemicals and pharma sector – brand eins. ALIXPARTNERS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING . By all accounts, interviewing at AlixPartners is pretty rigorous, to put it lightly. A phone interview with someone in HR to assess your skills and qualifications etc. A phone interview with a consultant. In office interview with fit and case interviews. consulting firm profiles consulting interviews

BTS Group Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. Chemicals. BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS. There is quite a bit of variety in the interview process for a consulting position at BTS; the process can take anywhere from two days to over three months. The AVERAGE interview process will take you four weeks and will consist of five interviews and a short quiz testing critical analysis (no calculator, so be sure to brush up on your Mental Math !).

Hay Group Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

Chemicals. HAY GROUP INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. Applicants will have two interviews; the first may be over the phone and will be with more junior staff members or on campus, with the second usually being in person with a director or a manager. Hay Group are unusual in consulting, in that they do not place as much emphasis on cases as other firms do. Acing the Mercer Interview. PwC Consulting Interviews and Culture. consulting interviews

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FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE. The firm has made up for its youth, however, by growing rapidly through innovation, famous cases and a lot of acquisitions. the consulting firm started off like a lot of American startups do – in a small, forgettable warehouse somewhere on the outskirts of town (in this case, in Annapolis, MD). Continuing their trend of high profile clients and cases, FTI assisted in the bankruptcy cases of Enron, WorldCom and Adelphia Communications.

The Science of Burnout: Interview with Dr. Sangeeta Pati

Consulting Matters

Interview Transcript: Betsy: Good afternoon. And those neurotransmitters are chemicals that affect the body positively. I can see the business case for it. I am Betsy Jordyn and I am so excited to have Dr. Sangeeta Pati here.

Capgemini Consulting Interviews – Tech, Business or Both?

Management Consulted

Consumer Products and Retail Automotive (OEM) Energy, Utilities & Chemicals Financial Services Life Sciences Manufacturing Public Sector Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment. CAPGEMINI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & RECRUITING. Capgemini Consulting’s interview process is fairly straightforward and slightly easier than those of other top firms. consulting interviews CAPGEMINI CONSULTING.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

Management Consulted

As the next installment in our popular Firm Profile series, we take a look at the evolution, reinvention, and current interview tactics of one of the world’s premier consulting firms – IBM. They were a management consulting firm whose clients were chemical and petroleum companies. Chemicals and Petroleum. IBM GBS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. If applying online or through staffing agencies, the average interview process time line averaged 2.5

Brews, News and Booz & Company: Interview and Culture Insights

Management Consulted

Booz & Company Interview and Culture. So you have a Booz & Company interview coming up, and you want to be the best candidate they see? The firm boasts a strong client portfolio including many of the world’s largest public corporations, and has been involved in high-profile celebrity cases dealing with areas including Hollywood and the American football league. Chemicals. BOOZ & COMPANY INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. consulting interviews

Case Study: A Founder Steps Back from Her Start-Up

Harvard Business

Existing products had touted their cleaning power, but their ingredient lists were long and full of nasty-sounding chemicals that irritated the dogs’ skin. “Another interview for a new you?” Peter Lourenco/Getty Images. Sitting on a bench in the dog park, Elena Pelc glanced at her phone. She’d hoped to escape from work for the morning, but as the founder and CEO of 2 Proud Pups, a maker of all-natural dog care products, she didn’t have much free time.

Focus on Happiness: Achieve Sucess - Tom Spencer consulting blog

Tom Spencer

Happiness releases dopamine, a chemical which stimulates the learning centres in the brain and enables you to operate with more intelligence, creativity, and energy than would otherwise be possible. Case Interviews. About. Book Shop. Archive. Definitions. Helpful Links. Quotes. Subscribe. Focus on Happiness: Achieve Sucess. by Tom Spencer on May 30, 2013 · 0 comments. in Business Strategy. Seize the happiness advantage.

Accenture Careers

The Resources Operating group is devoted to Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities. If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming a registered member (it's free) to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews , land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey. Members get access to 6 hours of video tutorials on case interviews , the actual frameworks I used to pass my interviews, and over 500 articles on case interviews.

The 6 Million Euro Man (or Woman): Sourcing Superior Talent

Confessions of a Consultant

Big Idea #1: Targeted Selection: Selection interviewing is a notoriously subjective process. A substantial body of research has indicated the reliability rate (the likelihood that two skilled interviewers will judge a candidate’s ability in the same manner) to be less than 50%. Targeted Selection: Targeting selection derives its name from the fact that interviewers ‘target’ specific competencies and focus on these.

Is Obama Another Bush Clone? Another Nixon Clone?


Case For Nixon. Case For Bush. Pater Tenebrarum makes an excellent case in Iraq and Other Interventionist ‘Success Stories’. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. intelligence officials conveyed the location of the Iranian troops to Iraq, fully aware that Hussein''s military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin, a lethal nerve agent.

How Organic Wine Finally Caught On

Harvard Business

Through historical research and many interviews, we found several ways in which early stumbles in the organic wine market created marketing problems that the industry still struggles to overcome. They refused to recognize organic winegrowers’ new industry associations, and cast doubt on the marketing claims they were making — that organic wine was of higher quality and free of potentially harmful chemicals. Kroeger/Gross/Getty Images.

Peace Must Be Stopped At Any Cost; Lies and Hypocrisy on Iran


I do believe that negotiation is better than war ," Paul told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie in an exclusive interview. WOMDs : Scuds, unusable chemicals buried in the desert, and virtually anything real or imagined, including paper air planes and pea shooters. It plays a critical role in the case for preemptive war against Iran. The Republican attack dogs were all over Rand Paul when made the statement " I’m going to keep an open mind " on Obama''s deal with Iran. "

The Future Economy Project: Advice from Sustainability Experts

Harvard Business

Harvard Business Review interviewed the CEOs and other business leaders who signed up to the Future Economy Project, our initiative spotlighting businesses’ sustainability agendas. We then virtually convened the project’s advisers for a roundtable discussion about what they viewed as the major issues raised in the interviews, and their own counsel for executives wishing to create long-term value through a sustainable business agenda. Future Economy. Future Thinking.

Warmongers Unite (As They Always Do); Boehner Caves In, Backs War; McCain Caught Playing iPhone Poker During Syria Hearing


Secretary of State John Kerry told House Democrats during a Monday conference call that they face a "Munich moment" as they weigh whether to approve striking Syria to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons, two sources with knowledge of the call told NBC News. Please consider Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack. led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S.

Saving the Planet from Ecological Disaster Is a $12 Trillion Opportunity

Harvard Business

Although technology is central to the exponential and abundance mindsets, much of the sustainability world remains distracted by incremental improvements to incumbent technologies, ranging from gasoline-powered automobiles to energy- and chemical-intensive air-conditioning systems. It has developed sophisticated tools to help companies build and test the business case for action, or inaction. How can we create $12 trillion a year in market opportunities by 2030?

Financial Blogger Profile of "Mish" on Equities.Com


Daniel Banas at Equities.Com interviewed me last week via phone for their profile series on " the most distinct and noteworthy voices in the world of financial blogging." The interview transcript follows. The interview kicked off with a question on how I got started. Interview with Daniel Banas EQ : What inspired you to start Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis? I was at Chase when Chase and Chemical merged.

Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

Harvard Business

In some cases, it pays to tailor the job to the candidate’s unique capabilities. For example, the CEO of a communications company we interviewed initially hired a capable, senior individual to head strategy, but he didn’t contribute many insights beyond those that the CEO was already getting from the chief information officer. alicemoi/Getty Images.

Bitcoin, Encryption, Drug Use, and the FBI's Own Bitcoin Wallet; What's the War on Drugs "Really" About?


Also consider Mish Interview With "Bitcoin Jesus". After shuttering the hidden site, law enforcement went to work confiscating the money and materials belonging to supposed drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht, but this usually routine procedure is proving especially troublesome in this case. For instance, it is no coincidence that marihuana use became illegal around the time chemical concerns such as Du Pont de Nemours introduced artificial fibers.

Internal Hires Need Just as Much Support as External Ones

Harvard Business

But just four months into his new job, as a business unit leader at a large specialty chemicals and plastics manufacturer, he was struggling with the challenges of handling a global business with more than 3000 employees. This was the case for Adrian, who was both promoted to a higher level and moved to a new business unit. Adrian had been working steadily toward this promotion for years.