Capgemini Consulting Interviews – Tech, Business or Both?

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CAPGEMINI CONSULTING. Today we continue our firm profile series with an in-depth review of Capgemini Consulting. Founded in Paris, and containing the spliced DNA of other major firms it acquired along the way (Ernst & Young Consulting being the most notable), Capgemini Consulting is a global player in today’s consulting industry. KEY STATS FOR CAPGEMINI CONSULTING. CAPGEMINI CONSULTING HISTORY. CAPGEMINI CONSULTING ORGANIZATION.

Analysis Group Interviews and Culture

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There are lots of informal training opportunities, classes and support if you’re applying for grad school. ANALYSIS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. About half of Analysis Group’s recruitment come from its presence on various campuses, with another large portion coming from online applications. Analysis Group recruits at a very small number of schools, and the schools are usually tied to the presence of a hot, fast-growing regional office. ANALYSIS GROUP CONSULTING.


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OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview and Culture

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OC&C Strategy Consultants aim to train and give you a taste of what consultants do throughout your internship; therefore, this means that the projects you engage in will be fast-paced, intensive and brief. OC&C STRATEGY CONSULTANTS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING . OC&C Strategy Consulting recruits from a significant number of top universities worldwide. However, they do recruit their applicants online too. In the USA, these are the schools they recruit from.

BearingPoint Interview Preparation – Mystery or History?

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” This is an international training week to learn more about the company and build a personal network within the firm. Like its counterparts such as Capgemini and Accenture, exit opportunities from BearingPoint are largely determined by the work you complete while inside the firm. Lots of excellent training is available and other co-consultants are very helpful. BEARINGPOINT INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. If BearingPoint comes to your school to recruit, let us know!