Building efficient IT organizations: Insights from our benchmarks


A focus on five high-level capabilities may help IT organizations reduce costs, improve productivity, and successfully pursue digital innovation. Our Insights

How to Assess Entry-Level Product Manger Positions

Tom Spencer

Associate Product Manager (APM) positions are well known in Silicon Valley as rotational, mentorship-focused programs designed to accelerate the careers of young aspiring product managers. how invested the company is in your product. Before the Interview Product management

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How B2B Software Vendors Can Help Their Customers Benchmark

Harvard Business

Mainstream software companies are beginning to hold “ data mirrors ” up to their customers, allowing scoring and benchmarking of their customers’ strategies. One of its business units, Fieldglass, provides insights and benchmarks to customers on external workforce management.

How the public sector fits in the productivity puzzle


A benchmarking study finds that governments could save $3.5 trillion a year by 2021 if they were to improve at the rate of their best peers. Our Insights

Crude Plunges Following OPEC Decision to Not Cut Production


Nonetheless, and in spite of falling prices and pleas from Venezuela to restrict production, OPEC decided to take no action. For five consecutive months OPEC produced over its alleged quota.

Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive

Harvard Business

How often do you consider the air quality in your office and how it affects employees and their productivity? Given these studies tying air quality to health, we wanted to see whether improved ventilation affects cognitive function, an indicator of worker productivity. These are exactly the skills needed to be productive in the knowledge economy. We used salary data as a proxy for productivity and selected data for knowledge workers, the same population as in our study.)

Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive

Harvard Business

Many companies are investing heavily to identify what leads to high engagement in order to motivate employees, thereby increasing their happiness and productivity. Working with two Fortune 100 companies, we looked to test the assumption that highly engaged employees are more productive. Both of these data points served as calls to action to senior leadership to invest more into creating a culture of both engagement and productivity.

ROI 44

Retail Bank Operational and Digital Leaders Reap the Rewards


BCG’s Retail-Banking Excellence benchmarking study (REBEX) profiles the operational and digital practices and performance of 20 of the world’s leading retail banks, a group of 40 institutions chosen for their size and the strength of their capabilities. Article Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

Increasing Workplace Culture and Morale Isn’t HR’s Job

Peter Stark

Create Benchmarks. The sole purpose of this team is to focus on creating an environment and products that will be the future of WD-40’s revenue streams. The only correlation that is uniquely consistent with all companies in the “Worst of the Worst” benchmark is poor supervisors. Communication Employee Engagement Leadership Leading Change Productivity culture morale productivity

4 Self-Improvement Myths That May Be Holding You Back

Harvard Business

Add in speeches, training programs, TV programs, online-products, coaches, yoga, and the like, self-help is a $10 billion industry per year , and that’s just in the U.S. Myth 2: We get better by benchmarking ourselves against others. In some cases, we benchmark against those who are more capable or accomplished, which can be counterproductive when we fail to match them. Why New Personal Productivity Efforts Don’t Stick.

The Best Companies Don’t Have More Stars — They Cluster Them Together

Harvard Business

That’s certainly what we thought before Bain & Company launched its in-depth investigation of workforce productivity. We benchmarked the practices of these organizations relative to companies widely regarded as best-in-class. We asked them to assess their workforce and to describe their people management practices, all with an eye toward understanding the drivers of workforce productivity. Talent management Productivity Managing organizations Digital Article

Bain 54

Five Ways to Spur Lean in the Office

Markovitz Consulting

If meeting takt time is not an issue—for example, in closing the books at the end of the month— then measure and benchmark the time it takes to perform those tasks and challenge the team to figure out how to do them faster. Do product developers every transpose style codes or prices in a product spec sheet?

How to Create and Sustain Financial Inclusion


The prevalence of transaction accounts, the availability of credit, and the willingness to save and buy insurance products are all positive markers of economic and social improvement. On the flip side, too much credit, high fees, and ill-suited insurance products are all counterproductive.

How Advanced Analytics Is Changing B2B Selling

Harvard Business

While there’s less buzz around business-to-business markets, these innovations are changing the game in B2B as well, even in old-line industries selling what might be considered commodity products. These elements are fundamental attributes of a company’s offering in their most essential and discrete forms – things like product quality, flexibility, and associated expertise; they lift value propositions above commodity status and benefit customers in particular ways.

B2B 32

Asset Managers Get Real with Risk


At industry forums, they have given voice to, and found agreement on, a number of risk management principles and priorities—consensus that was also evident in the results of this year’s Global Asset Management Benchmarking Survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group.

Asset Management – Valuation (Part 2 of 4)

Tom Spencer

As an illustration, a passive asset manager may have a very large AUM, but the fees that they earn on their product may be 10x lower than that of an equity mutual fund. The outperformance of the asset manager versus its benchmark – which can be looked at as alpha generated.

Asset Management – Client Segmentation (Part 3 of 4)

Tom Spencer

Large mutual funds have strong relationships with banks, where they are able to pay a trailer fee to bank investment advisors to market their product. For passive investing, Blackrock and Vanguard are able to get costs very low due to their scale and skill in replicating a benchmark index.

How to glean insights from data and where to start?

Tom Spencer

However, when I compared this with benchmarks (i.e. Turns out there was product cannibalization happening from a new promotion that launched in late October. People were taking money out of their existing accounts and moving to this short-term promo product to take advantage.

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Stop Chasing Likes: Social Media Success Start with Strategy

Joellyn Sargent

They crave “likes” as a benchmark for perceived success. In the case of Buffer, the decline in social referrals to their blog could be a by-product of their success. ” Are you benchmarking against competitors, past performance or a desired future state?

Media 172

How to Transform Positive Thinking into Positive Living

Rick Conlow

Networks subtly tell us we aren’t good enough with over 15 minutes of commercials per hour telling us how we can improve our lives if only we had their products. Do you want to benchmark your career with the habits of highly successful people?

Why Consulting: The 2019 Ultimate Guide


If you’re in doubt about how much you can earn, look at the benchmarks for your specific title and industry. Product Strategy and Launch. Product Development and Launch. How big will the market for product “X” be? Why consulting?

Our engineering ratchet

Seth Godin Blog

The internet shows engineers the state of the art immediately, so everyone is working off the latest benchmark. Markets are more open to levelling up… new innovations that translate to productivity are adopted more easily. Quietly, over the last thirty years, engineering has become dramatically more efficient and effective.

Can we rely on LIBOR? - Tom Spencer consulting blog

Tom Spencer

Bremmer highlights the importance of LIBOR by explaining that it is “a key benchmark rate that affects the price of $350 trillion worth of securities and loans around the world.” About. Book Shop. Archive. Definitions. Helpful Links. Quotes. Subscribe. Can we rely on LIBOR?

Saying Farewell to a Great Audience: The Final Blog…

Confessions of a Consultant

Final Countdown: For this final blog I’ve taken the liberty to select two topics (a) Improving your personal performance (b) developing a highly productive organisation. You benchmark best practices, stealing ideas shamelessly from clients and competitors. Saying Goodbye.

Mind Your Mission

Joellyn Sargent

Understanding your true mission enables you to benchmark key decisions and avoid the perils of getting off course. Have you taken on initiatives, products, partners or even divisions that don’t align with the mission of your organization?


Seth Godin Blog

So, which is more interesting: A vintage 1964 Porsche or a new Honda Civic? Which is a better car? If we think hard about the definition of 'better', it's pretty clear that on almost every measurable performance metric, the Honda is a far better car. More reliable. A better value.

10 Phrases that Good Managers Say Regularly

Rick Conlow

The best do this and their employee engagement and productivity soars. Do you want to benchmark your career with the habits of highly successful people? Good managers are different from other bosses.

The “Smart Society” of the Future Doesn’t Look Like Science Fiction

Harvard Business

To set an aspirational but realistic target, we created a benchmark that combines the best attributes of these advanced digital nations. Second, with the benchmark as a composite, no single nation achieves it and yet each of the five countries’ progress toward the ideal can be assessed in terms of performance against the benchmark. The benchmark is aspirational and yet feasible. These strengths show in the benchmarking analyses above.

Why Getting Your MBA Gives You Confidence

Tom Spencer

The skills gained from experiencing both successful and unsuccessful attempts to deal with leadership, management challenges, product launches and marketing if not defining a market itself are invaluable. It certainly allows you to use different benchmarks.

Are You Charging Enough?

Joellyn Sargent

Product Sales. When you’re selling products, pricing is relatively easy. If your offerings could be considered a commodity or comprise items that come from a manufacturer, you’ve got benchmarks. Advice on complementary products and services.

ROI 141

Your Company Needs a More-Radical Board of Directors

Harvard Business

And second, they need to ensure that – even with respect to strategy and operations – board scrutiny doesn’t result in an over-emphasis on conforming to benchmarks and industry norms. I’m not against benchmarking and norming.

Does your opinion matter? Should it?

Peter Stark

Companies in our Best of the Best Benchmark from our Employee Opinion Surveys rate almost 20 points higher than organizations in our Overall Benchmark regarding their ideas and opinions counting at work. Does your opinion matter? Yes, indeed, your opinion does and should matter.

Case Competition Tips & Tricks

Tom Spencer

Try not to propose a very similar strategy to what the company has actually undertaken because this risks your answer being viewed as “too-safe” (though benchmarking similar situations that happened in other industries works quite well).

Building a World-Class Personal Brand: Interview with Jahaan Blake

Consulting Matters

I probably would, but I don’t know that the product would have been as great as it could have been. But you had to sell your products or your approach, but now you have to sell the whole kit and kaboodle. So, you know, when I was in sports that’s all we did was benchmark and learn from each other and learn from different organizations who did it well, so why wouldn’t I do the same for myself? Interview with Jahaan Blake. Betsy Jordyn : Well hello everyone.

Friday Fusion: July 10, 2020

Tsavo Neal

Here’s an example of what he does taken from one of his services pages : I’ll make many recommendations, but the four areas we’ll examine the most closely are these: The first is benchmarking. Shift ALL of the focus of the call from you (or your product) to your prospect.

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