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Rethinking how we travel through our cities and towns means tracking the emissions we create as we do. The good news is that traveling may soon get cleaner. Automotive & Assembly Insights

Driverless Cars Will Change Auto Insurance. Here’s How Insurers Can Adapt

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Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology indicates that as many as 23 million fully autonomous vehicles will be traveling U.S. Business models Risk management Technology Transportation Automotive Financial Services Digital ArticleTim Evans for HBR. There is little doubt that the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles will have a huge impact on the automobile insurance industry.

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High Performance Cultures: What every organization can learn from Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini

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They have painstakingly thought through every aspect of the ownership process and engineered it to adhere to the automotive admonition “the thrill of the wheel seals the deal.”. It was one of the most thrilling moments in my life.

Simon-Kucher & Partners Interviews & Culture

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Automotive. Transportation, Travel & Tourism. Simon-Kucher also has a large client base in the automotive industry, and that is another next step for many ex-consultants from the firm. Travel is unavoidable at Simon-Kucher.

Study Says by 2030 1/4th of Miles Driven will be Driverless


A convergence of three trends – Ride Sharing, Autonomous Driving, and Vehicle Electrification—will offer big-city dwellers cheap, convenient transportation, transforming the automotive industry, says a report by the Boston Consulting group.

New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape (Part 1 – Artificial Intelligence)

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Industries such as travel, automotive, health and financial services, all of which are deeply tied to the insurance industry, have undergone significant disruptions of their own. Digital disruption is touching every aspect of the consumer market, including the insurance industry.

Top Consulting Firms

However, they tend to have an intense lifestyle with lots of travel, face-to-face engagements, and long hours as a result. If you are interested in a career with a lot of travel, this could be a good place for you. What are the Top Consulting Firms?

AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

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Automotive. Even for such a high travel firm, which we’ll discuss below, they all seem to be so gosh darn chummy with each other. Travel – Now don’t get us wrong, warning a prospective consultant about travel is a bit like warning trainee surgeon that they may see blood once in a while. The travel here is tough, and long, and the hours aren’t easy. ALIXPARTNERS CONSULTING. Today, we continue our Firm Profile series by looking at AlixPartners.

Employee Burnout: How to Stop the Working Dead Apocalypse

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As a way to deal with burnout, the Japanese government encourages people to leave work at 3 pm every last Friday of the month to spend time with their friends and family, go shopping, or travel. Daimler, a multinational automotive corporation, in attempt to secure employees’ private time, came up with an innovative approach. Thomas Cook India , a company that offers travel related services, has 24×7 jobs where its employees’ attendance is monitored.

Automation Makes Things Cheaper, So Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?

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More and more services are delivered by computers transacting with other computers, such as when we make travel reservations, when machines manage our investment portfolios by trading stocks on electronic exchanges, when we shop online, and when systems generate our news feeds and negotiate with other computers over what ads will be presented to us. Technology Transportation Labor Automotive Digital Article

Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots

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When people think of the automotive Factory of the Future, the first word that comes to mind is automation. But the reality is that any major leap forward on cost and efficiency will no longer be possible through automation alone, since most of the tasks that can be automated in an automotive factory have already been tackled. Today, two-thirds of automotive workers—the human ones—are in the general assembly section. CSA Images/Mod Art Collection/Getty Images.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

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During this same time, IBM and Coopers & Lybrand formed Meritus Consulting Services to provide strategic advice to businesses in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Automotive. Travel and Transportation.

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

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Automotive. Transportation & Travel. Summer Associates are given the opportunity to travel as they will be stationed both at client sites and in the office. Feldman - Board of Directors, JBT Corporation; Board of Directors Foot Locker, Inc; Former President & CEO, Midas (automotive service), Inc. KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. Kearney, which was the original split from McKinsey & Company, has a storied and impressive history.

BTS Group Interviews and Culture

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Aerospace and Automotive. Get ready to be flexible when working for BTS Group; you might be traveling for as long as 5 weeks at a time working 70-80 hours a week, and other times you may be in the office all week. BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE. 30 years old and long a mainstay in European consulting, BTS Group has been steadily growing since its inception in 1986. A strategy execution and implementation firm based in Sweden, today the firm counts 59 of the U.S.

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Buck Consultants Firm Profile

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Automotive Services. Travel. BUCK CONSULTANTS. Today, we highlight another one of those consulting firms you may never have heard of – yet another reason why MC is here! Insightful Thinking. Real-world solutions. That’s what Buck Consultants stands for – driving thinking-real-world solutions.

Alvarez & Marsal Interviews and Culture

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Automotive and Suppliers. While you can and should expect to travel a lot, they do try to keep travel regional, so you won’t be crossing time zones every 4 days. . ALVAREZ & MARSAL CONSULTING. Alvarez & Marsal have been making waves in recent years for the high profile, high quality work they did in the midst of the banking crisis. We’re sure most of you heard about Lehman Brothers filing for the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Robot Truck Convoy Tests in Nevada; Driverless Trucks Before Cars, and Before the End of the Decade


The technology, developed by Peloton Tech, uses radar and a wireless link so that the following trucks travel at the same speed, braking simultaneously for safety, and doing so on an automated system that doesn''t have the delays of human reaction time.

FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

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Automotive. It also means that interns are at times required to travel and interact with FTI’s clients. FTI can be a great place to learn some new proficiencies, find opportunities for travel, meet high profile clients and dive into cutting edge cases. FTI CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE.

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

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The American automotive industry looked rock-solid. Even with zero copays and deductibles and free travel for the patient and a chaperone for 1-2 weeks, insurers would save a lot of money. Tim Robberts/Getty Images. There was a time when the American steel industry seemed invincible. American consumer electronics industry seemed untouchable. In every one of these cases, global competition changed the game forever. Will the same happen to health care in the United States?

Industry-Academic Partnerships Can Solve Bigger Problems

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IIT-Madras and SGRI are researching scientific principles of sound travel to help muffle noise in highly occupied areas, such as company cafeterias and open office areas. Saint-Gobain, where I work, was founded by the French king Louis IV in 1665 to make mirrors for the nobility.

Return of the Buggy Whip; Streetcar Named Imprudent


At the peak of streetcar travel in the mid-1920s, some 800 streetcars covering 200 miles of track carried 97 million passenger trips a year. Its promoters seem oblivious to advances in automotive technology, showcased just down the street from them at the NAIAS, that could easily make streetcars and similar forms of mass transit obsolete. The goal is safer travel, fewer traffic delays, and a better understanding of how to automate vehicles.

Experienced Hire from Harvard breaks in to Healthcare Consulting (Part 1)

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Next, the firm has an in-house model, meaning no travel during the week, which all of these firms also have in common. So whether I want to explore other industries like aviation, automotive, or finance, and really broaden myself and be able to focus on other industries, I can do that, as well as bringing my strength in the life sciences.

Brews, News and Booz & Company: Interview and Culture Insights

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Automotive. They travel quite a bit, but their hours are slightly less than BCG or McKinsey and on par with Bain. Booz & Company Interview and Culture. So you have a Booz & Company interview coming up, and you want to be the best candidate they see? We agree! We want you to nail it. Where prestige, pay, exit opportunities and culture are concerned, Booz & Company ranks number 4 behind MBB.

How Mergers Change the Way Your Company Competes

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Incumbents may also strike deals to cope with disruption, as when today’s automotive companies invest in car-sharing services and autonomous vehicle technology. Some airline partnerships have gotten this immunity on the argument that their particular travel markets will remain competitive even with their cooperation. Jorg Greuel/Getty Images. M&A and partnership deals are at an all-time high. But what about competition? The U.S.

Why Every Company Should Consider Creating a “Cyber No-Fly List”

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Like air travel, enterprise networks play host to millions of “passengers” each day, in the form of information packets. These are communities of organizations, often aligned within a specific industry (for example, aviation ISAC, financial services ISAC, automotive ISAC), where members collaborate on cybersecurity topics and share intelligence. Luerat Satichob/Getty Images. We’ve all heard of the No-Fly List.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

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Networked smart vehicles, for example, can safely travel much closer together — a technique known as platooning. At the dawn of the first automotive age, laws were passed in some areas that required a person carrying a red flag to warn people that a “horseless carriage” was coming. Self-driving, autonomous vehicles — a topic of speculation, if not science fiction, just five years ago — are suddenly going mainstream.

Can Anyone Stop Amazon from Winning the Industrial Internet?

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Digital natives have already disrupted industries such as media, publishing, travel, music, and photography. Since electrification and driverless cars go together, other tech companies such as Google, Baidu, Apple, and Lyft will also be able to enter the automotive market. Alfred Eisenstaedt/Hayon Thapaliya/Getty Images.