Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

In 2017, Accenture Health reported that the top 10 AI applications will produce an estimated annual benefit of roughly $150 billion by 2026 6 , with the following applications leading the way: Robot-Assisted Surgery ($40B). His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. This two part blog series will delve into arguably the two most important vowels in healthcare: A-I.

Driverless Cars Will Change Auto Insurance. Here’s How Insurers Can Adapt

Harvard Business

Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology indicates that as many as 23 million fully autonomous vehicles will be traveling U.S. Our forecast shows that the drop in individual premiums – due both to decreased private ownership vehicles and to safer vehicles — will begin in 2026, as large numbers of autonomous vehicles begin to appear, and could be as much as a $25 billion loss for insurers by 2035.