2014: Off to a Running Start

Joellyn Sargent

What was most intriguing was our attitudes about 2014. Mine for 2014: Fit, Connect, Stretch. (I’ll Last night I was celebrating New Year’s Day with family friends and noticed something interesting in our little gathering.

Deloitte: Top 10 Technology Trends, 2014

Consultants Mind

Deloitte published its 5th annual Top 10 technology trends recently here. It’s 137 pages, but very readable. Even if you don’t specialize in technology (I don’t), it’s important to stay relevant. How do these technology trends apply to your clients, your … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Deloitte Innovation Management consulting Technology Trends

Oxford Inspires 2014

Tom Spencer

For those of you planning to be in the UK in March, we would like to share with you details of an exciting event being hosted at Oxford’s Said Business School. Oxford Inspires is an entrepreneurial conference taking place on the 8th and 9th of March this year.

Winter 2014 East Coast Tour Recap

Management Consulted

On our January 2014 Consulting Bootcamp tour, we travelled to several universities up and down the East Coast – Duke, Georgia Tech, UGA, Penn, Harvard, McGill, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Cornell. *.

Management Consulted West Coast Tour – Fall 2014

Management Consulted

” That wraps up our West Coast Tour recap for the 2014 season. We didn’t forget you West Coast folk!

Fall 2014 East Coast Tour Recap

Management Consulted

Over the last month, we kicked off our Fall Consulting Bootcamp tour and have trekked up and down the East Coast to several universities – after visits to Columbia, McGill, Duke, Georgia Tech, Yale, Harvard, and Wharton (UPenn), we finally hosted a private bootcamp in New York.

2014 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

Management Consulted

Welcome, welcome to 2014. Below is data on salaries for full-time positions from sources with offers starting in 2014 from the following firms: Accenture. If you’re a new hire for 2014, you can help us do that. To start the year out on the right foot, we’ll be continuing our series of posts on consulting salaries with compensation information for those starting in a consulting firm this year – the big 2-0-1-4.

Our 2014 Silent Auction is LIVE!

Women in Consulting

The Women In Consulting (WIC) Silent Auction is back for 2014! . By: Danielle Terrazas. We are excited to announce our annual silent auction that runs in conjunction with our Annual Best Practices Survey Results Presentation.

The Health Care Handbook, Elizabeth Askin MD, Nathan Moore MD, 2014

Consultants Mind

The post The Health Care Handbook, Elizabeth Askin MD, Nathan Moore MD, 2014 appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Interested in healthcare? Buy this book. Just held a talk for 25+ MBA who are heading into healthcare this summer and told them to buy this book.

2014 List of Strategy Consulting Firms in Sydney

Tom Spencer

The definitive 2014 List of Strategy Consulting Firms in Sydney. Below is our 2014 list of strategy consulting firms in Sydney. The firms on the 2014 list are: Nous Group. Source: Flickr ).

Best Business Books 2014


Our annual review of the year''s best business books


Labor Force, Employment, and Population April 2008 vs. April 2014


This post shows the first set, a comparison of April 2008 to April 2014. In a subsequent post we will take a look at the last two years (April 2012 vs. April 2014). I have two sets of interesting charts from reader Tim Wallace on labor force, population, and employment.

Loyalty Games

Tom Spencer

Our friend John Persico is leading the charge to help us transition into a new and exciting digital future with the 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championships, a free online competition that will test and develop your skills and understanding of gamification and loyalty marketing.

Data 108

Saxo Bank Outrageous Predictions for 2014 Steen Jakobsen - My Comments


Saxo Bank''s Outrageous Predictions for 2014 came out last month, but given that Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist for Saxo Bank will be speaking at Wine Country Conference II on May 1-2, a review of Saxo Bank''s predictions is in order. percent in 2014.

Best Business Books 2014--In Pictures


This slideshow is part of the article " Best Business Books 2014


Thank you to our 2014 Silent Auction Donors & Volunteers!

Women in Consulting

Your participation and collaboration helped make the 2014 silent auction a huge success. We also want to thank our dedicated volunteers who helped make the 2014 Silent Auction possible: Pamela Bender, Planning Showcase: planshow.com. 10% of the 2014 Silent Auction proceeds will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank! By: Danielle Terrazas. On behalf of Women in Consulting, thank you for your generous donations to the silent auction!

Best Business Books 2014--Innovation


Greasing the Skids of Invention


Best Business Books 2014--Economics


All Things Being Unequal


Best Business Books 2014--Sustainability


Tomorrow''s Bottom Line


Personal Income Tax Revenues Show Significant Softening in Q4 2013, Decline in Q1 2014


And in the first quarter of 2014, state income tax revenue actually declined. Early figures for the first quarter of 2014 indicate even further softening in state tax collections, and possible declines in personal income tax collections.

Activating the Global Operating Model (March 2014 ODC Webinar)

Kates Kesler

Click here to watch and listen to the 60 minute webinar originally presented on March 24, 2014 through the Organization Design Community. Amy and Greg share insights for bringing the global matrix to life. Blog Organization Design (General) Publications

What Do Seven Billion People Do? Top 10 Mega-Cities by Population 2014 vs. 2030 Estimate


Reader Bran who lives in Spain sent some interesting charts of population, expected population growth, the world''s largest cites, and what people do for a living. I don''t have links for the charts, but most show the origin. Seven Billion People Breakdown 4.30 Billion Work 1.90

Best Business Books 2014--Strategy


To the Nimble Go the Spoils

Amazon to Increase Robots from 1,400 to 10,000 by End of 2014; Day in the Life of a Robot


Please consider Bezos expects 10,000 robots at Amazon warehouses by 2015 Amazon.com plans to aggressively expand its use of robots at it warehouses in 2014, rolling out 10,000 of them by the end of 2014. Have a job moving stuff or filling orders in a warehouse?

Video 80

Jobs Recovery at the Periphery, Not the Core: April 2012 vs. April 2014


The first set was a look at Labor Force, Employment, and Population April 2008 vs. April 2014. Here is a second set of charts from reader Tim Wallace on labor force, population, and employment. This set compares the last two years, April 2012 vs. April 2104.

Best Business Books 2014--Marketing


Brand Diving

Activating the Global Operating Model (Article, Kates Kesler, August 2014)

Kates Kesler

Blog Organization Design (General) Publications

The Worn-out Consultant’s Guide to SEO in 2014

The Clever Consultant

Raise your hand if you’re fed up with the bazillion tweets and posts promising “SEO Secrets” like rubbing peanut butter on your blog to attract more readers from the myriad of “internet marketing enthusiasts”. Marketing a consulting business can be exhausting.

Five Retail Trends for 2014

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January tends to be a quieter month for retailers after the rush of the holidays. Not only are many consumers shopped out, but the receipt of credit card bills can be a rude awakening of holiday overspending.

Best Business Books 2014--Organizational Culture


The Nothing That''s Everything

France Fesses Up: "Deficit in 2014 Much Higher than Expected", Budget Needs Revisions Yet Again


For example, please consider this Reuters September 2014 headline: France Breaks 2015 Deficit-Cutting Promise. in 2014, before dropping back to 4.3% Flashback April 10, 2014 : Bloomberg reports France Must Meet 3% Budget Deficit Target for 2015, Sapin Says French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said his country needs to stick to a budget deficit target next year of 3 percent of gross domestic product to follow European Union rules. billion euros at the end of 2014, 4.3

"Fixed Income Only Positive Return Asset Class in 2014, 30-Year Treasury Yield Headed to 2.50%" Says Steen Jakobsen


From Steen via Email 2014 started with high expectations on growth. The IMF, World Bank and ECB were falling over themselves to upgrade growth forecast for 2014 in early January but by now Q1 growth in the US is expected to come in at +1.9%

Best Business Books 2014--Executive Self-Improvement


The Human Factor


Austerity In Spain? Where? Public Debt Threatens to Exceed 100% of GDP in 2014


EL Pais reports Spanish Public Debt Threatens to Exceed 100% of GDP in 2014 Via translation General government debt accumulated through February was 987.945 billion euros, an amount that represents 96.5% The 2014 budget is expected to be in the red by 60.7 In total, the public debt will grow by about 80 billion, eight points of GDP during 2014.

BCG: List of top 100 emerging market growth companies

Consultants Mind

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) just released a report called 2014 BCG Global Challengers here which lists the top 100 fast-growing and formidable companies from emerging markets. It’s their 6th study and argues these companies are not only growing, but reaching a new level of maturity. Jumping to … Continue reading → Learning BCG Consulting Management consulting

UK 2014 Consulting Bootcamp Tour Recap

Management Consulted

We’re excited to be back again soon (in April and October 2014) – if we didn’t see you this time, invite us for a visit! *. As if staying Stateside wasn’t enough, we decided to chase the Autumn weather to its last ends in the U.K.

Leadership Infographic on Leadership 2014 and Leadership 2015

Cheryl Cran

2014 has been a year of technological innovations, increasing speed of change and leaders working to stay abreast of changes while innovating, engaging teams and growing the business.

Ten Things Clients Taught Me in 2014

Henman Performance Executive Blog

The post Ten Things Clients Taught Me in 2014 appeared first on Henman Performance Group. This year my clients have made enormous gains, some hiring top performers into key positions; others executing demanding strategies; everyone challenging the ordinary. But not everything happened seamlessly. Here’s what my clients taught me this year: 1. Most clients don’t lose to the competition; they lose to the status quo. .

The Worst Customer Experiences of 2014

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Here are the worst customer experiences in 2014. As news outlets and blogs publish their lists of the good, bad, and ugly for everything from movies, songs, YouTube videos, celebrity couples, technologies, and sports moments, to tweets, Instagram posts, hacks, images, selfies, advertisements, and so on, I''m joining in with my lists of cheers and jeers in the customer experience world. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit www.1to1Media.com/weblog.

ECB Waters Down 2014 Stress Tests Second Time; Yet Another Sham Stress Test


Bloomberg reports ECB Said to Favor 6% Capital Requirement in Stress Test when it puts them through a simulated recession later this year, said two euro-area officials.