AlixPartners Interviews and Culture

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Even for such a high travel firm, which we’ll discuss below, they all seem to be so gosh darn chummy with each other. Travel – Now don’t get us wrong, warning a prospective consultant about travel is a bit like warning trainee surgeon that they may see blood once in a while. But where AlixPartners differs from a lot of other firms is the amount of Monday-Friday travel you’ll be doing as compared to Monday-Thursday travel that you can expect at even the very top firms.

FTI Consulting Interviews and Culture

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While the years up to 2002 were a time of growth for the firm, 2003 to 2011 brought a whole new meaning to the word “expansion”. The end of 2011 witnessed a new FTI Consulting emerge with clients in a wider range of industries and with dramatically expanded areas of expertise. 2011 saw FTI working for 97 of the top 100 U.S. FTI’s Summer Internship program has met with great success for the company and is fast becoming their main source for full-time recruitment.

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McKinsey International Offers

I think this internalization is one of the key reasons I came out of the recruiting process with an offer, so thank you for making it so much more accessible! I know that there is a lot of reading material available and that many people suggest traveling before starting but I really feel like doing something more impactful. McKinsey" (or any other firm) doesn't make recruiting decisions.

Brews, News and Booz & Company: Interview and Culture Insights

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Revenue: $1.3B+ (2011). He began by helping firms recruit competent executives, acquire new customers, and establish conducive office space. After 2 years, he recruited 2 friends from Chicago and formed the Business Research and Development Company with $500 borrowed from the bank. The team is made up of the “best and brightest” individuals from top MBA and MPP programs, as well as recruits from all of the Ivies. Management Consulting Recruiting Process.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: is it just me.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Girls who are hospitable and who have flair to serve people with the best fun services have been recruited by the New York escort agencies thus satiating every pleasure need of clients. Maybe you hope to find cheap airfare in the local newspaper's travel section. Finding the cheapest plane tickets is difficult because travel agents and Internet websites use the central reservation systems that are updated periodically throughout the day. January 2, 2011 at 8:16 AM.

IBM Consulting Interviews: Navigating the IBM GBS Maze

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Revenue: $20B+ (2011). Travel and Transportation. Travel to client locations are required. IBM GBS INTERVIEWS AND RECRUITING. IBM Global Business Services (GBS).

How Unilever Reaches Rural Consumers in Emerging Markets

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The initiative also provides incomes for women who have few opportunities to make money and cannot freely travel outside of their homes. Distributing goods to these mom-and-pop operations would be complicated and expensive, so about six years ago, Unilever landed on an idea: recruit some of the larger stores to do double duty as sub-distributors. Consumer markets in the developing world are an enormous but still-untapped opportunity for companies seeking new sources of growth.

What the Best Transformational Leaders Do

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The list includes a health care company that was once near bankruptcy (DaVita), a software firm whose stock price stagnated for a decade (Microsoft), a travel website that faced overwhelming competition (Priceline), a food giant that seemed to lose its focus (Danone), and a steel company that faced new pressure from lower-cost rivals (ThyssenKrupp). Companies that claim to be “transforming” seem to be everywhere.

How the Best Restaurants in the World Balance Innovation and Consistency

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Each cook is highly trained and selectively recruited, yet he or she will only be tasked with producing a few components, and will practice hundreds of times under direct supervision before achieving the necessary level of craftsmanship. Since the business was particularly slow during the winter, its owners, Ferran Adrian and Juli Soler, decided to close shop 2-5 months a year to travel and search for new dish ideas. pchyburrs/Getty Images.